When re-printed in mid-1987, a promo for all eight Kidsongs titles shown above was seen on every video. This promo marked the last appearance of Mary Ann, as she did not appear in any further promos after this one.

Originally, this video was titled The Wonderful World of Sports, but from the second generation onwards, it was retitled Let's Play Ball.


Sportsmanship, teamwork and sticking with it are the themes that run through this energetic collection of music videos for kids! Pull on your uniform and join the team as the Kidsongs Kids conquer the baseball diamond and basketball court. Be dazzled by the young gymnasts who show what they can do on the balance beam and tumbling mats. Cheer for the runners as they race for the finish line and share the excitement as the Kidsongs Kids go sailing and surfing. You'll enjoy this fun-filled kids' world of sports!


  • Todd Alyn Durboraw (first appearance)
  • Steven Brooks (fifth appearance)
  • David Chan (fourth appearance)
  • Kelly Chan (first appearance)
  • Ingrid Dupree (first appearance)
  • Tiffany Bailey (only appearance)
  • Tina Marie Espinoza (sixth appearance)
  • Bradley Dean Fox (third appearance)
  • Mandie Fox (third appearance)
  • Julie Ann Gourson (second appearance)
  • Heather Green (fourth appearance)
  • Sh'Vaughn Heath (fourth appearance)
  • Nicole Mandich (fourth appearance)
  • Poochie Puett (first appearance)
  • Robby Rosellen (fourth appearance)
  • Tajh Abdul-Samad (only appearance)
  • Jamie Weins (only appearance)
  • Mike the Dog (fourth appearance)


  1. It's Not If You Win Or Lose
  2. Practice Makes Perfect
  3. Bend Me, Shape Me
  4. I Get Around
  5. Over the River
  6. Footloose
  7. Rah, Rah, Sis, Boom, Bah
  8. Catch A Wave
  9. Centerfield
  10. You Know That You Can Do It