Play Along Songs, the 14th Kidsongs video, was released in the spring of 1993. It was the second music video episode taped at Universal Studios, Hollywood.


Come play along with the Kidsongs Kids and Professor Majorchord on a musical adventure. March along with the band and play the cymbals, guitar, drums, trumpets and tambourines. Laugh it up with a silly tuba player, watch the whales splash, and take a sing-along ride on an old steam engine. Hop, skip, and jump along with the musical fun.


  • Rebecca Andreassen (second appearance)
  • Tyler Andreassen (third appearance)
  • Timothy Alan Barber (only appearance)
  • Christian Buenaventura (second appearance)
  • Jahi Chilombo (second appearance)
  • Miyoko Chilombo (third appearance)
  • Jenna Dickman (second appearance)
  • Patricia Gonzalez (second appearance)
  • Bermina Jackson (only appearance)
  • Lauren Jackson (second appearance)
  • Stephanie Koyano (second appearance)
  • Michael Lubin (only appearance)
  • Mac May (second appearance)
  • Tino Michaels (first appearance)
  • Michelle Montoya (second appearance)
  • Briahnna Odom (second appearance)
  • Anabel T. Poblador (only appearance)
  • Katie Polk (fifth appearance)
  • Janessa Ray (third appearance)
  • Shira Roth (second appearance)
  • Bre Seltzer (third appearance)
  • Chad Seltzer (first appearance)
  • Eric Stretch (second appearance)
  • Danielle Wiener (second appearance)
  • Sabrina Wiener (only appearance)
  • Danny Zavatsky (second appearance)


  • Professor Majorchord - Sloan (Kerry) Fischer
  • Dr. Smithsonian - Mary Bartram
  • Pierre - Jack Frey
  • Fooba-Wooba John - Gary J. Raymond
  • Mail Carrier - Sharon Marlowe
  • Policeman - Michael Bennett
  • Mom - Vicki Andreassen


  1. Come On and Join in the Game
  2. Fooba Wooba John
  3. Down by the Station
  4. Oh Dear, What Should the Color Be?
  5. Bumpin' Up and Down (in My Little Red Wagon)
  6. Three Little Fishies
  7. The Green Grass Grows All Around
  8. Chickie Chickie Beat
  9. Ten in the Bed
  10. Join The Band