After production ended in 1990, Very Silly Songs was released on VHS in January 1991. While this happened, any further re-prints of all Kidsongs videos contained a promo for all 12 titles up to date.

This was the first Kidsongs music video episode that was filmed at Universal Studios, Hollywood.


Join the Kidsongs Kids on a magical trip to places where everyone and everything is silly. Meet a whale with a polka dot tail, a pig with a wig, and a goat in a boat. Dance along with a comical orangutan and a cute and friendly purple people eater who wants to be a rock star. Giggle along with a cast of silly characters and sing along with the fun.


  • Tyler Andreassen (second appearance)
  • Rebecca Andreassen (first appearance)
  • Ori Blumenfeld (only appearance)
  • Daniell Bosette (only appearance)
  • Portia Bowman (only appearance)
  • Miyoko Chilombo (first appearance)
  • Timothy and Patrick Cool (only appearance)
  • Jenna Dickman (first appearance)
  • Darlene Garcia (only appearance)
  • Veena Goel (only appearance)
  • Patricia Gonzalez (first appearance)
  • Sean Gowers (second appearance)
  • Jason Haskel (only appearance)
  • Hillary Hollingsworth (fourth appearance)
  • Teddy Lee (only appearance)
  • Cara LeJuene (only appearance)
  • Thomas Mattson (only appearance)
  • Mac May (first appearance)
  • Rashona and Shalana Miller (only appearance)
  • Jamie Mutter (only appearance)
  • Katie Polk (third appearance)
  • Garrett Quillin (only appearance)
  • Janessa Ray (first appearance)
  • Ariki Rice (only appearance)
  • Brian Rosenstein (second appearance)
  • Andrea Schuette (third appearance)
  • Bre Seltzer (first appearance)
  • Miles Young (only appearance)
  • Terrence (T.) Williams (third appearance)


  • Silly Willy - Russ "Pete" Fremin
  • Silly Jilly - Mary Bartram
  • Wife - Claudia Saldivar
  • Junkman - Stan Yale
  • Professor Quackenbush - Kerry "Sloan" Fischer
  • Mrs. Daffodilly - Lillian Byrd
  • Michael Finnegan - Gaston la Franche
  • Mailman - John David
  • Farmer Phil - Don Mincey
  • Old Man with a Watch of Gold - Silenus Honey
  • Baker - Gary J. Raymond
  • Man on Stilts - Gary Morgan
  • Painter - John Stark
  • Flower Lady - Judi Stewart
  • Cop - J.R. Patterson
  • Mom - Carol Huth


  1. The Name Game
  2. Down By The Bay
  3. Rig-A-Jig-Jig
  4. Mail Myself To You
  5. Purple People Eater
  6. Fiddle-I-Dee (a.k.a. "I Bought Me a Cat" or "The Barnyard Song")
  7. The Thing
  8. Jim Along Josie
  9. Michael Finnegan
  10. Do The Silly Willy


In the album, the arrangement is in its very special order:

  • Some of the instruments like the piano, sax, xylophone, and horns are moved to the center.
  • The drumset and percussion have more boost.
  • In the 2002 CD version of "Down By the Bay" the tune has a lower pitch of -1.
  • The bass drum's smack was heard at the very end of the fourth track: "Mail Myself to You".
  • The Roland D-50 Patch Breathing Pipe was used for the fife, in which it is mixed louder unlike the other instruments.
  • In "Fiddle-I-Dee", the words "Yee-haw" were eliminated.