Kirby to the rescue! Dream Land is in peril! An evil king has stolen the magic Twinkle Stars. If they're not recovered, the people of Dream Land could starve. Meet Kirby, a roly-poly little hero, as he runs, jumps, floats, and swims in search of the treasured Twinke Stars. He'll puff his way through castles, caves, dungeons, and forests. In his path are many wicked and greedy enemies, but Kirby has a special way to defeat them! It's non-stop action all the way to the top of Mt. Dedede!

In Other LanguagesEdit

Language Title Translation
Japanese 星のカービィ Kirby of the Stars

Release timelineEdit

Console Country of origin Date
Game Boy Japan April 27, 1992
Game Boy USA August 1992
Game Boy UK August 3, 1992
Game Boy (re-release) USA 1997
Nintendo 3DS Japan June 7, 2011
Nintendo 3DS USA/UK June 30, 2011

As a .GB ROM fileEdit

September 12, 1999 U.S. version
October 17, 1999 Japanese version


Sequence Title Original MIDI Release Date
1 Title Screen February 9, 2001
2 Level 1: Green Greens April 18, 1999
3 Level 2: Castle Lololo October 24, 1999
4 Level 3: Float Islands June 27, 1999
5 Level 4: Bubbly Clouds April 30, 2000
6 Boss Battle May 24, 2002
7 King Dedede Battle April 18, 1999
8 End Credits August 27, 2000
9 Boss Clear December 26, 2000
10 Candy Invincibility May 24, 2002
11 Fire Invincibility April 30, 2000
12 Death Q3-Q4 2000
13 Game Over May 24, 2002
14 1-UP October 4, 2002

Digital MP3s of this soundtrack can be found at Kirby's Rainbow Resort as of May 7, 2006.



All screenshots were uploaded to Kirby's Rainbow Resort on August 6, 2004.


Nintendo eShop - Kirby's Dream Land Trailer (2012)00:36

Nintendo eShop - Kirby's Dream Land Trailer (2012)

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