In this game show, one of six teams compete for the quest to retrieve an artifact from a temple protected by Mayan temple guards. The show stars an Olmec statue head and is hosted by Kirk Fogg.


  • Host - Kirk Fogg
  • Olmec, Announcer - Dee Bradley Baker

Game Rules

  1. The game always begins with six teams. In the first round, they attempt to cross the moat to the other side. The first four teams to successfully cross and ring the gong move on to Round 2.
  2. The next round is called "The Steps of Knowledge". After listening carefully to a story told by Olmec about the missing artifact, the teams answer questions from the story, and the first two teams to answer three questions correctly move on to the Temple Games.
  3. In the Temple Games, the last two remaining teams compete to win Pendants of Life. The first two games are each worth half a pendant, and the third and final game is worth a whole pendant. The winning team always picks up the value of the pendants, or in the case of a tie, both teams can also win the value of the pendants in each game.
  4. The team with the highest value of pendants at the end of the Temple Games move on to the Final Round, the Temple Run. However, if there is a tie, the Tiebreaker Pedestal is brought in, and one more question is asked about the missing artifact or the person who owned the artifact. The team who answers correctly earns the right to enter the temple.
  5. The Final Round, better known as the Temple Run, is where the last standing team takes their Pendants of Life into the temple in search of the missing artifact. Inside the temple, they must unlock doors to open new paths. There are Temple Guards in three different locations as well. If a Temple Guard appears, one Pendant of Life is given to that guard so the team member can move on. If a second Temple Guard appears, the team member will then be taken out of the temple, and the second team member goes inside. If the second team member has a half pendant, the other half pendant is hidden somewhere inside the temple. That half pendant can be obtained to make it a full Pendant of Life. But if the third Temple Guard appears and the team does not have a full pendant, the game is over. If the artifact is obtained, all the doors are unlocked, and the Temple Guards are eliminated from the game themselves. The team has three minutes to get out of the temple with the artifact.

List of episodes

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