Season 1 (1992)Edit

Production of the first season of Barney & Friends began in late 1991, after Rock with Barney, the last Barney & the Backyard Gang episode, was released exclusively on video. Most of the cast from that series returned for the premiere of the TV series.

The first season aired new episodes from April 6, 1992 to May 15, 1992 with 30 episodes. 2/3 of them (20 episodes) were released on VHS by Time Life Video.

The Queen of Make-BelieveEdit

It looks like rain. But Min has decided to become the Queen Of Make-Believe. Suddenly, it looks like lots of fun! With Barney leading his Friends on a romp of games, songs and activities. They put on a pretend tea-party, build a robot with boxes, they even create some special "stretching exercises" for the imagination. Pretending, make-believing or imagining -- children learn it's always called fun.

This episode marks the debut of Shawn and Min, two of the many cast members who appeared throughout all of the first three seasons. It also marks the debut of the Barney Bag. Also, there's a lip-synch error on the first verse of the I Love You song, always sung at the end of almost every Barney video and episode.

My Family's Just Right for MeEdit

It's the eve of Family Night at school. A super time for Barney & Friends to celebrate all those wonderful folks (and even pets!) at home. With paintings, books, songs, and dances. There's just one glitch to the gala; Kathy's not sure her "small" family measures up. It's just her Mom, her grandmother and herself. But after Barney gets through with his fun and games, the children realize that a family is defined by love, not by size.

This episode features all four Backyard Gang kids, and Kathy herself as a main character. Derek also starts wearing glasses for the rest of the show. Baby Bop also appears on the set for the first time, making this her third appearance.

Playing it SafeEdit

Barney and his friends learn some fun lessons about playing it safe. The kids create cardboard-box cars to teach the rules about seatbelt use and crossing the street safely. To teach Baby Bop about strangers, a classroom version of Little Red Riding Hood is performed. Great music and special lyrics help reinforce the safety lessons. When Barney stumbles on a toy, the children learn that safety begins at home!

Hop to ItEdit

When Tina and Luci are playing basketball, Tina is disappointed when she can't play as well as her older sister or the other big kids. Barney stops by to show Tina all the great things she can do with exercise. Barney and the kids play games and sing songs about exercise and find out how fun it is to learn about their bodies. With new found energy and confidence, Tina ends up playing basketball as well as the others.

Eat, Drink and Be HealthyEdit

Barney and his friends discover they have plenty of "food for thought" as they learn about nutrition. Discovering the four food groups and the importance of eating healthy snacks allows Barney, Baby Bop and their friends to have fun together. An imaginative rhyming story tells about the perils of being a picky eater. A friend of Barney's sings a humorous song about meals that would "bug" most diners. Special songs and lyrics reinforce the lesson that eating healthy foods is the right thing to do.

Four Seasons DayEdit

Talk about the weather! The kids do much more than that as Barney squeezes all four seasons into one rollicking make-believe holiday. You won't believe how much fun you can have celebrating the wind, rain, and the snow. There's a barrel-full of songs about Spring's showers, Summer's warmth, Fall's leaves, and Winter's chill.

The Treasure of Rainbow BeardEdit

After the kids and Barney enjoy reading a scary pirate book, the book's character, Rainbow Beard, appears and gives them a treasure map of their own to solve. In order to find the treasure, the group must learn a variety of songs and games about colors and shapes. When they finally find the treasure the kids get a big surprise and learn a valuable lesson about sharing with others.

Going Places!Edit

After Luci and Tina leave for a plane trip to their grandmother's house, the other kids wish they could travel too. Barney drops by and takes them for a trip on ""Barney Airlines, Destination: Imagination City!"" Once in ""Imagination City,"" the group envisions a variety of sights to see and all the many fun ways of getting there: a car, a camel, a hot air balloon, and even just by walking.

Caring Means SharingEdit

Barney is a very large dinosaur -- but there may not be enough of him to go around when Min and Kathy quarrel over whose turn it is to play with their big purple pal. Coming from a big family, Min is tired of sharing -- but joins her friends in an exploration of ways to share fun and work. Baby Bop learns a lesson about being greedy; a puppet show of ""The Little Red Hen"" teaches that rewards and responsibilities are linked. And Barney has a magic gift for Min to help change her mind about sharing!

Down on Barney's FarmEdit

The kid's learn and draw pictures of farm animals, but Shawn is unhappy with his drawing when no one knows what it is. Barney pops in to cheer him up and show the children an imaginary farm firsthand. Barney's friend, Farmer Henderson, shows the kids all types of farm animals and Barney teaches Shawn that the beauty of classroom art is in the eye of the beholder!

The Barney Says segment in this episode has different music in it. The last frame of this segment shows Shawn's drawing of Barney.

What's That Shadow?Edit

A sudden thunderstorm chases the kids into the classroom, where they are frightened by the rain, thunder and lightning. Barney arrives and tells them how to use positive thoughts to change their fears into fun. The kids make silly monster artwork, and then pretend they are funny, friendly monsters. Barney also helps Shawn overcome his fear of dogs when he meets Min's canine friend, Molly.

Happy Birthday, Barney!Edit

It's Barney birthday and everyone is excited about throwing him the best party ever, using classroom materials and their imagination! Barney teaches his friends about birthday customs around the world and that receiving gifts is not the most important part of birthdays.

Most of this episode had Min, Tina, Kathy and Shawn in it, with all the rest of the Backyard Gang kids appearing at the end. The "I Love You" song here has the chorus sounding a lot different to the standard version.

Alphabet SoupEdit

When Barney arrives to play with his friends, Derek, plays ""alphabet fun"" by spelling a ""mystery word"" a letter at a time. The group plays games and sings songs related to each letter of the mystery word. Rhyming words, making alphabet soup, walking through the alphabet, and seeing how, many letters they can make with their bodies, gives the children many chances to play with letters and words. Children learn that having fun with letters and words and learning the alphabet are the first steps to reading.

Our Earth, Our HomeEdit

The school's "Earth Week" has Barney and his friends all abuzz about things they can do to protect the earth. Through fun-filled songs, the children learn the importance of recycling... how to make new things out of to conserve water, air and land clean. The children form a ""trashcan"" band performing a silly symphony song and do a skit about Johny Appleseed. Sharing and caring for the earth become a "fun thing" to do.

This is the second of four episodes to mostly have the Backyard Gang kids.

Let's Help Mother Goose!Edit

Mother Goose needs help! A bookworm has eaten the pages from her book of nursery rhymes, and Barney & Friends must help her remember the missing rhymes! Songs, dances, puzzles and puppets showcase more than 20 favorite rhymes...and Barney's friends learn how much fun a book can be!

Be a FriendEdit

Barney finds Tosha, a new girl at school, lonely and without friends. He introduces her to Michael, Derek, and Kathy. Together, they learn why doing things with friends is much more fun than being alone. At the same time, Derek and Michael must learn the true meaning of friendship and sharing when they cannot agree on who should get possession of a picture they made together.

I Just Love BugsEdit

Barney & Friends are really "going buggy" as they discover the world of bugs and insects around us. Tina gains confidence being a girl who likes bugs. Michael shares a story about ants and teaches his friends about good work habits. Stories and songs introduce other bugs and insects...and a surprising visitor ""drops in"" on Little Miss Muffet, to teach a lesson about accepting others who are different.

This is the third of four episodes to mostly have the Backyard Gang kids.

When I Grow Up...Edit

Getting big is a big responsibility -- and Shawn and the other kids are worried about doing a grown-up job. Barney guides his friends through the many careers there are to choose from, and shows how many jobs are linked to activities children are already familiar with. The children discover all jobs are important and begin to learn the concept of equal employment.

1-2-3-4-5 SensesEdit

Luci introduces her new friend, Patty (who is visually impaired), to Barney, Michael, Tina and Kathy. Patty comments that a beautiful day can be experienced through more of one's senses than just sight. Michael's class is studying the five senses, which leads to fun songs and activities related to each of them. Perhaps most important, Patty shows the group that a child with blindness can do many things for him/herself and play right along with the others. Patty teaches the kids a rhyme and its corresponding hand movements...and she reads a story to Kathy, using braille.

This is the last of four episodes to mostly have the Backyard Gang kids.

Practice Makes MusicEdit

Michael is scheduled to play a cello solo at the school concert in a few days and he is nervous about playing in front of all those people. Barney invites his friend Greg Murray to teach the kids about music and help Michael learn that "practice makes perfect." Barney and his friends learn to identify musical instruments and their sounds and appreciate all the different varieties of music.

Hi, Neighbor!Edit

Barney & Friends are in the mood for an adventure -- and they have one, when they all help Baby Bop learn more about neighborhoods! Imagination makes the journey magical with role-playing, an "invisible dog" chase, a scary visit to Dinosaur Days, and trips to make-believe versions of neighborhood points of interest! Even an ordinary neighborhood is filled with fun, songs, and surprises when it's explored "Barney-style."

A Camping We Will GoEdit

Min, Kathy and Tosha are studying nature in their class and wish they could go camping in the woods. Barney takes the group to an imaginary forest and camp site (our playground dolled up a little). Once there, the kids encounter polliwogs, a bullfrog, a duckling, a baby rabbit, a thieving raccoon, a bear scare, and a chorus of sunflower seeds...all just a vehicle for a good old-fashioned campfire sing-along. Activities depicted include: nature appreciation, in general; seed identification; recognition of similarly shaped, colored, sized, and textured objects; kindness to animals; campfire stories; and lots of singing.

A Splash Party, PleaseEdit

The kids have planned a picnic and Barney's invited. After enjoying some healthy fare, the kids have fun with bubbles. Baby Bop arrives and a "Splash Party" ensues, incorporating all sorts of water activities. The kids show they know their manners by being polite and curtious to one another.

Carnival of NumbersEdit

Barney & Friends enjoy a special day of fun, thanks to a magical "Carnival of Numbers" right at school! Songs, games and visits from surprising guests provide Barney's friends with lots of opportunities for number recognition, number matching, and counting. Baby Bop helps demonstrate that even the very young can have fun with "math-e-magic!"

A World of MusicEdit

The kids wish they could travel to other countries to see them first hand. Barney & Friends use their imagination to travel to Scotland, Israel, Africa, China and Mexico, where hosts expose them to different songs, costumes, and customs. The kids hear music played on interesting instruments and learn new dance steps. They also learn that several of their favorite songs have roots in other lands.

Doctor Barney is HereEdit

A scheduled visit to the doctor has Kathy feeling blue -- but a dose of purple soon cheers her up, when Barney & Friends guide her through a make-believe medical check-up. Afterwards, Barney's friends (and Baby Bop) learn the "feel good rules" which keep bodies healthy and strong. It's a special day of songs and activities about "feeling good."

Oh! What a Day!Edit

Tina's having a terrible day! Among other things, she thinks she's the cause of the family cat running away, and she's singing the blues. Barney and the kids try to restore her usually happy spirits. They try lots of things and Barney tells a story that shows how our feelings quickly change from moment to moment. The day has a happy ending when Tina lets the cat out of the bag!

Home Sweet HomesEdit

When Kathy and Tosha invite Barney to share their classroom studies about "homes" for people and animals, Barney helps bring the subject to magical life. The kids build a milk carton igloo, consider what life would be like underwater, learn about the different kinds of homes people occupy, followed by a lesson about hard work and safety courtesy of "The Three Little Pigs." Of course, when all is said and done, the most important lesson is home is always where the heart is!

Hola, Mexico!Edit

Luci receives a letter from her grandfather in Mexico detailing his recent birthday party. She wishes she could have been there. Barney and the kids decide to have their own fiesta by playing Mexican rhythm instruments, learning a Mexican folk dance, making tortillas and chalupas, and enjoying lots of songs and games. Luci gets a pleasant surprise when her grandfather shows up at the party!

Everyone is SpecialEdit

Every day is special when it's spent with Barney, but today, Barney's friends learn that they are special too! Min's whimsical attempt to "grow big and be special" is interrupted by the "special delivery" of a mysterious package for Barney! He saves his secret for later... but makes the time pass quickly by helping the kids explore all of the ways that they are special already. The kids try out the mechanical existence of robots, and discover that it's more fun to have differences. And since different people enjoy different things, Barney & Friends take time to dance, paint, and make music. Baby Bop learns the fun of trying something new. Luci and Tina share the special bond that sisters have. And when Barney's "special delivery" package is opened, each of the kids sees something different...and very special!


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Season 2 (1993)Edit

Production for Season 2 began in March 1993, and continued through August 1993, while three episodes of Season 1 were being released on VHS. Season 2 was announced with a new sponsor (Kimberly Clark) on August 23, 1993. These episodes originally aired from September 27, 1993 to October 20, 1993. Many things have changed -- the entire set (from the playground to the classroom), the Barney Bag, the Barney doll, and the costumes of Barney and Baby Bop. There is also a new main character -- B.J. Most of the entire cast from Season 1 also returns. There's some new songs, like "I Like Autumn", "My Yellow Blankey", "The Library", and several more others.

Falling for Autumn!Edit

It's time for the annual Fall Festival. Barney and the kids use the Barney Bag to prepare for the party. Lots of fun activities are done here, like spreading peanut butter on pinecones and rolling them in birdseed, a "peanut race", and building a scarecrow.

Grandparents are Grand!Edit

The children learn a valuable lesson about how important family is. Derek's grandfather and Kathy's grandmother are featured as the gang learn a family is love. In this episode, we get to hear a radio show from the time of Derek's grandfather.

May I Help You?Edit

Barney teaches the children about being "good helpers" and good manners. The kids take turns at school being the classroom helper. They also learn about good manners when they act out the "Three Billy Goats Gruff."

Red, Blue and Circles Too!Edit

The focus is shapes and colors. Barney shows the children they surrounded by a variety of interesting shapes and beautiful colors. Flags, hoops and sponge painting help the kids learn while having fun. In this episode, Tina breaks her arm after climbing a tree and falling off.

Honk! Honk! A Goose on the Loose!Edit

Shawn is playing in the classroom when he spots a large furry friend in the hallway. The kids quickly learn Clarence the Goose has run away from Mother Goose. Mother Goose and the gang recite their favorite rhymes to lure Clarence back. Derek comes up with a plan that has everyone help catch Clarence so Mother Goose can get her book to the library. The same old Mother Goose from "Let's Help Mother Goose!" returns in this episode.

Hoo's in the Forest?Edit

Kathy is reading the book "Good-Night, Owl" and wishes she could visit the animals in the forest. Barney uses his magic to whisk the children away to the woods where they see a bear, birds and of course a friendly owl! This episode contains the story "Good Night, Owl!".

I Can Do That!Edit

Barney teaches the children that are many things you can do if you just try. The story "Mama, Do You Love Me?" is featured in this episode.

Grown-Ups for a Day!Edit

Barney and the kids talk about different jobs that they may have when they grow up. They learn that being grown-up will teach them responsibility. This episode could be a possible sequel to "When I Grow Up".

Picture This!Edit

Barney and gang are spending the day doing arts and crafts. Guest star Tomie dePaola drops by to help out.

Look at Me, I'm 3!Edit

Baby Bop celebrates her third birthday as Barney and his friends learn about the number 3. Barney and the gang build Baby Bop a very special pink and green tricycle to show they love her. This episode marks the first appearance of B.J.

The Exercise CircusEdit

Tina's ready to play in a big way after getting her cast removed, and the kids suggest staging a playground circus. Michael, the Ringmaster, introduces Barney, the Balancing Dinosaur; Derek, the Juggler and the Tightrope Twins, Terrific Tina and Magnificent Min. Special Guest Joe Scruggs sings the song that really sets off the silliness, but, in the end the kids learn that exercise is good for your body and can still be lots of fun. Barney also reminds us that hugging is an exercise that's good for the heart!

My Favorite ThingsEdit

The children spend the day sharing their favorite things. They know that Barney loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and their common love of song and dance. This episode marks David (Kenny Cooper)'s first appearance, and also stars guest Joe Ferguson.

The Dentist Makes Me SmileEdit

The children learn about how important it is to eat healthy, exercise and make regular visits to the doctor and dentist.

Stop, Look and Be SafeEdit

Barney teaches the children safety rules for the playground and around the neighborhood. They learn to never talk to strangers, hold hands when crossing the street and to always wear a seatbelt in the car. This is the only time in Season 2 where B.J. appears without Baby Bop.

An Adventure in Make-BelieveEdit

When BJ needs to learn to use his imagination Barney & Friends help him imagine a pretend jungle. They even save the fair princess Baby Bop! This episode marks David's second appearance, and has only three kids.

The Alphabet ZooEdit

The kids decide to turn their classroom into a pretend zoo. They add animals with names starting with all the different letters of the alphabet. They make masks and pretend to be different animals as play several animal games. The highlight is when Julie's Aunt Molly stops by for a visit and tells a wonderful story about a boy and a hopping rabbit! Features storyteller Aunt Molly, who is actually Julie's aunt, and a cameo appearance by Jason, who later becomes a cast member in Season 3.

Having Tens of Fun!Edit

The kids are in for "tens of fun" when Barney's friend, Mr. Tenagain, visits. His passion for all "things 10" leads to the reading of "Ten, Nine, Eight" and an account of Mr. Tenagain's trip to the moon. Snack time generates some antics in the kitchen, and a delightful picnic -- visited by some rather unusual ants! Finally, Mr. Tenagain leaves surprise instructions on the "nicest way to count to 10." 

A Very Special DeliveryEdit

Tosha has a big surprise for Barney and the gang. Her mom just gave birth to twins! The children learn about families and make presents for the new borns. This is also David's third and final appearance.

Love to Read, with BarneyEdit

This episode, only available on video in libraries when first available, features clips from Season 2 of Barney & Friends. It contains the Season 2 funding credits (but no PBS logos). The clips are from the episodes Grandparents are Grand, May I Help You, Honk! Honk! A Goose on the Loose, Hoo's in the Forest, Look at Me I'm 3, My Favorite Things, An Adventure in Make-Believe, and Having Tens of Fun!.

If you have a VHS tape containing a Season 2 episode of Barney & Friends, after the credits, you'll see the words saying "This episode of Barney & Friends was produced with financial assistance from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the Public Broadcasting Service and the Kimberly-Clark Corporation."

Season 3 (1995)Edit

In this season, there's even more new stuff -- a treehouse, Stella the Storyteller, and some new cast members that only appear for this season, due to the fact that the returning cast members from the past season will also appear for the last time here. The third season started off with 15 new episodes from February 27, 1995 to March 17, 1995, and the last five originally aired from October 2–6, 1995.

Shawn and the BeanstalkEdit

Barney and his friends learn a lesson all about sharing. Shawn is featured in his a version of "Jack and the Beanstalk."

If the Shoe Fits...Edit

B.J. and Baby Bop decide that it is time for them to get new shoes. Barney and the gang help them out by coming up with an idea to make their old shoes look new again.

Room for EveryoneEdit

Barney and Friends spend time together learning how everyone is special in their own way.

I Can Be a Firefighter!Edit

B.J. decides that he wants to become a firefighter and announces it to his friends. Firefighter Frank visits the gang and teaches them all about fire safety in the home.

Shopping for a Surprise!Edit

Someone is having a surprise party in the classroom and Barney and Baby Bop go shopping for different items that they need.

Anyway You Slice ItEdit

All of the kids are helping to put on an International Festival at their School. Barney goes to each of the booths with them and they sing songs about different countries. Even Stella the Storyteller stops by to share a tale.

Twice is Nice!Edit

Barney and his friends get to meet some new friends, who happen to be twins! Their names are Ashley and Alissa. All of the kids get to know each other better by helping out with a scavenger hunt.

On the MoveEdit

Barney and B.J. welcome new children to the classroom. Kenneth joins the gang for songs and games and gets to play with the Barney Bag. Derek and Tina pay their old friends a visit to make the day complete.

A Welcome HomeEdit

Barney and his friends need to find someone to adopt a cute little puppy. They learn that taking on a pet in your home requires a lot of responsibility.

Classical CleanupEdit

Baby Bop is dancing around the classroom to some music and accidentally makes a big mess. Barney and his friends all pitch in to help her clean up. Then the kids share with Barney some of the household chores that they do at home.

Our Furry Feathered Fishy FriendsEdit

It's show and tell day at school and the kids get to bring their pets to school. They each get tell how their pet is special to them and how they help out by taking care of them.

Gone Fishing!Edit

The theme for today with Barney is the sea and the creatures that live there. They also learn about taking turns while singing different fishy songs.

At Home with AnimalsEdit

A rainstorm is on the way, so Barney and his friends go up in the treehouse where they discover a bird's nest. This leads to a lesson on animals and their different types of homes that they live in.

It's Raining, It's Pouring...Edit

It's raining outside today, so the kids are inside playing when the author, Tomie dePaola comes to visit. Tomie likes to draw pictures of his favorite things, and the kids share what they like to do on a rainy day.

Camera SafariEdit

Barney magically transforms the playground into a jungle! Everyone gets to go exploring and some of the kids bring their cameras to take pictures of some of the wildlife that they get to see. Baby Bop gets confused between a tiger and a kitty cat, so Barney teaches everyone that there are different species of "cats" living in our world.

Who's Who on the Choo-Choo?Edit

Barney and his friends keep hearing trains passing through the playground, but they can't seem to get outside in time to see them. Stella the Storyteller stops by to tell one of her wonderful stories about trains.

Are We There YetEdit

The children use their imaginations to create a car for Barney. They use the car to take an imaginary trip and learn safey rules as they sing along with the radio.

Ship Ahoy!Edit

Stella the Storyteller stops by and is anxious to tell them a story about pirate. They all pretend to sail aboard a ship that takes them to a faraway island. Following the clues that Stella has prepared, they finally find the lost treasure!

Hats Off to B.J.!Edit

B.J. comes running to the playground and announces that he lost his very favorite red hat! The children decide that they need to help him find it. Along the way, B.J. tries on some different types of hats, but he really misses his baseball cap. Luckily, at the end, B.J. gets a package from the mailman and inside is his long lost hat!

Up We Go!Edit

Barney and the gang are playing outside on the playground when some rhymes written on paper airplanes mysteriously appear from the sky. They each get to take turns reading the rhyme and ask Barney what they mean. In the end, Barney has a special flying surprise for B.J.!


  • During most of late Season 1 (after Tosha's debut), none of the four kids who appeared in one episode would appear in another one.
  • When the first 15 Season 3 episodes originally aired, they had end credits that were as long as Seasons 1-2, and the funding credits were a lot similar to the 1992 version. Then starting on September 11, 1995, one week after Labor Day, they used longer fundings and a short 20-second version of the end credits for all 20 episodes.
  • Starting in the 1996-1997 season, further reruns of the Season 1 episodes contained end credits only 20 seconds shortened, and looked MUCH like the Season 3 end credits since September 1995.
  • The first three seasons ceased broadcasting in 1999, to make room for new shows such as Dragon Tales, more episodes of Arthur, and especially a new generation of Barney & Friends, which began in November 1997.

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