There are 25 shows in this list.

Programs in alphabetical order

Title Original channel Original release date Rating
Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Syndication September 6, 1993 TV-Y/Y7
Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 NBC September 8, 1990 TV-Y7
All That Nickelodeon April 16, 1994 TV-Y7/G
The Amanda Show Nickelodeon October 16, 1999 TV-Y7
Barney & Friends PBS April 6, 1992 TV-Y
Full House ABC September 22, 1987 TV-G
Jeopardy! Syndication September 10, 1984 TV-G
Kidsongs Syndication/PBS December 3, 1985 TV-Y
Kirby: Right Back at Ya! FOX September 14, 2002 TV-Y7
Legends of the Hidden Temple Nickelodeon September 11, 1993 TV-Y
The Magic School Bus PBS September 10, 1994 TV-Y/G
My Little Pony (G1) Syndication April 14, 1984 TV-Y
My Little Pony Tales The Disney Channel August 2, 1992 TV-Y
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic The Hub October 10, 2010 TV-Y
Peanuts CBS December 9, 1965 TV-G
Pokemon WB Network September 8, 1998 TV-Y/Y7
Shining Time Station PBS January 29, 1989 TV-Y
Sonic Boom Cartoon Network HD November 8, 2014 TV-Y7
Sonic the Hedgehog ABC September 18, 1993 TV-Y7
Sonic Underground UPN August 30, 1999 TV-Y7/G
Sonic X FOX August 23, 2003 TV-Y7
Super Mario Bros. Super Show Syndication September 4, 1989 TV-Y7
Super Mario World NBC September 14, 1991 TV-Y7
Thomas & Friends PBS September 4, 1984 TV-Y
Wheel of Fortune Syndication September 19, 1983 TV-G


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