Moana Waialiki is a sea voyaging enthusiast and the only daughter of a chief in a long line of navigators. When her island's fisherman can't catch any fish and the crops fail, she learns that the demigod Maui caused the blight by stealing the heart of the goddess Te Fiti. The only way to heal the island is to persuade Maui to return To Fiti's heart, so Moana sets off on an epic journey across the Pacific. The film is based on stories from Polynesian mythology.


In Other LanguagesEdit

Spanish Moana: Un Mar de Aventuras
Portuguese Moana: Um Mar de Aventuras
Japanese モアナと伝説の海
Chinese 海洋奇缘
Korean 모아나
Thai ผจญภัยตำนานหมู่เกาะทะเลใต้

Production timelineEdit

  • October 20, 2014: The film was announced for a theatrical release on November 23, 2016.

Release timelineEdit

Format Country of origin Date
Teaser trailer Worldwide June 12, 2016
Theatrical trailer Worldwide September 15, 2016
Original theatrical USA November 23, 2016
Original theatrical Argentinina/Chilelan October 14, 2017
Digital HD USA February 21, 2017
Blu-ray Disc/DVD USA March 7, 2017
Blu-ray Disc/DVD Argentinina/Chilelan August 10, 2018

Home video releaseEdit




Moana Official US Teaser Trailer

Moana Official US Teaser Trailer

The teaser trailer for Moana, as seen on Finding Dory and the first half of Season 6 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic on DVD.

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