It was a beautiful, sunny day. Birds were chirping, and the bees were buzzing. Cream was out skipping in the meadows in the Green Hill Zone. She danced her way up a hill filled with wildflowers.

At the top of the hill, Cream started picking the flowers, then danced some more. She was so happy, she decided to sing.

"I love to sing, I love to dance, I feel like I'm in a quick romance..."

Then she heard a rumbling sound. It came from the skies. As she looked in the distance, dark clouds were approaching directly where she was. In front of those dark clouds was an enormous shadow.

Cream could feel the ground shaking. It felt like an earthquake, but to her, it was WORSE than an earthquake. The shadow got closer and closer to reveal... King Dedede, only now, he was the size of King Kong! Even his hammer was as big as an

"Get off my meadow!" shouted giant Dedede.

Frightened, Cream dropped her flowers and took off running as fast as she could. Giant Dedede chased after her.

As Cream kept on running, the sky was filled with loud thunder. The clouds were so dark, they turned daytime into complete darkness.

Eventually, Cream came to a bottomless cliff. There was nowhere to run. Cream was trapped! She started to panic.

Giant Dedede was fast approaching. Soon, he was only a few feet away from Cream. "You're dead meat!" he yelled as he lifted his humongous hammer.

Cream had no choice. She jumped into the bottomless cliff. "Aaaaah...!" she screamed as she plummeted down the pit.

It was past midnight. Inside her room, Cream was still screaming in her sleep. Vanilla woke up as she heard her daughter's screams. She opened her room door.

"Is something wrong, dear?" she asked.

"I can't sleep, Mommy!" Cream cried. "I keep having nightmares about this ugly king, and I don't know why!"

Vanilla walked into Cream's room. She looked next to her bed. "Well, I know why you keep having nightmares," she told her daughter. The night light was not plugged in. "You forgot to plug in your night light before you went to bed."

Vanilla plugged in the miniature lamp. It was shaped like an ice-cream cone. "There, now you won't be afraid of the dark so much," she said, then went out of Cream's room and back to sleep. Cream did the same thing. She felt better, but still a little bit scared.

The next morning, Cream could hardly eat her breakfast. She was miserable after having a bad dream last night. Vanilla was also in the kitchen, sitting on the other side of the table.

"Eat your cereal, Cream," she said. Cream tried to take a spoonful, but the spoon was too heavy for her to lift. Her head was hanging down.

"Are you okay?" Vanilla asked. "Maybe you need to see the doctor."

"I'm fine, Mommy," Cream replied. "I just... had a bad dream last night."


"The bad dream. I'll tell you about it. It started off when I was minding my own business, skipping in the meadows, and picking flowers. Then this HUGE king sized monster came from nowhere and chased me! I ran as fast as I could, until I came to a bottomless cliff. Then, as the monster got closer and closer, I jumped off and fell down the pit! It was horrible!"

"I see. Well, after you finish your breakfast, why don't you go walk outside and get some fresh air? You'll feel better once you do that."

Hearing her mother's words, Cream ate up more of her cereal, but didn't finish the entire bowl. Then she left the dining room and went ouside.

As Cream stepped out of the house, taking Cheese with her, she could hear the morning birds chirping, and she could see the sun rising above the hills.

She began walking along the road. There were no monsters in sight. With a big sigh of relief, Cream passed by a field of wildflowers, which looked almost similar to the ones in her dream. Cream didn't feel like picking them, so she moved on.

Meanwhile in Amy's house, Amy and Tiff were having a best friends' conversation in the dining room table. They each had a cup of hot tea.

"And then I almost fell in love with Commander Vee, until suddenly, her helmet fell off, revealing that she was the real Princess Rona, and all along, it was she who was disguised as Commander Vee," Tiff said.

Cream arrived to this house, and rang the doorbell.

"Who could that be?" Tiff asked.

"I'll get it," Amy said. She walked towards the front door and opened it. Cream stood outside, feeling pretty sad. "Oh, hi there, Cream. Is something the matter?"

"I had a nightmare," Cream replied.

"Oh, I'm sorry about that. Well, come on in, and make yourself feel comfortable." Amy invited Cream inside her house. Cream followed her to the kitchen table where Tiff was. She sat down in a chair between Amy and Tiff.

Amy poured a third cup of hot tea and set it on the table. "Have some tea," she offered.

Cream took a sip, and felt much better. "Thanks, Amy," she said. "I feel a lot better now."

"But why were you feeling miserable in the first place?" asked Amy.

"Like I just told you, I had a nightmare last night," Cream said.

"So what did you dream about?" Tiff asked.

"I could tell you... but it'd be too scary if I explained the whole thing." Cream sipped her tea to make herself stay fresh.

Amy continued, "Well, what can we do if you don't tell us? You'll just get that bad dream again."

Tiff interrupted, "Hey, Amy, maybe it would be a good idea if Cream didn't tell us about the bad dream she had. That would just make her feel afraid again."

"Then how can we make sure Cream overcome her fears?"

"I have an idea," Tiff told Amy. "Why don't we let Cream sleep with us tonight, and we can all have a sleepover together -- you, me, her, and Sonic."

"Actually, Sonic and I sleep in different bedrooms."

"Oh yeah, I forgot."

"But tonight, we're gonna let Cream sleep with us. She can sleep in my room tonight."

Cream was pleased to hear these words. "Oh, thank you, Amy! Thank you, Tiff!" She hugged her best friends. "But... wouldn't my Mom mind about that?"

"Don't worry, Cream; I'll call her to let her know that you can sleep with us tonight," Tiff told her.

Tiff approached Amy's phone and dialed Vanilla's phone number.

Vanilla heard her phone ring. She picked up and answered, "Hello?"

"Is this Vanilla speaking?"

"Yes, it is," Vanilla answered. "Who is calling?"

"It's me, Tiff. Just about 10 minutes ago, we saw Cream coming over to Amy's house because she was feeling miserable since that bad dream of hers she had. So, if it's okay with you, can Cream have a sleepover with us tonight?"

"Yes, she can," Vanilla said. "I'll send her sleeping bag and her night light over right away."

"Thanks," Tiff replied. "Bye!"

She hung up, then turned to Cream. "Your Mom is on her way. She's gonna bring over your sleeping bag and pillow, and most importantly, your night light."

About 20 minutes later, Vanilla arrived to Amy's house, carrying a vanilla colored sleeping bag, a chocolate colored pillow, and Cream's ice cream cone shaped night light. She delivered them all to the front door.

"Here you are, Cream," she said. "Don't forget to turn your night light on before you go to bed tonight!"

Cream picked up her night light and stared at it for a few seconds. She didn't know how important it was to use it if she was ever afraid of the dark.

As the afternoon went by, thick clouds began to cover the clear blue skies. At around 6 p.m., it started to rain... really heavily. And to make matters worse, an hour later, thunderclaps joined in.

But Cream didn't hear it because she and Cheese were watching Cream's favorite TV show on Amy's television set. They were having so much fun, Cream gradually started to forget about her bad dream.

Later at bedtime, it was still raining outside, and the thunder still hasn't subsided either. Cream was still brushing her teeth while Amy and Tiff were getting prepared for their sleep. First, they set up Cream's sleeping bag on the floor to the side of Amy's bed. They placed the pillow above the sleeping bag.

After Cream finished, she went into Amy's room. "There you go, Cream; your sleeping bag is all finished, so you can have a good night's sleep all night."

Cream gulped nervously, and slowly walked towards her sleeping bag. "Is something wrong, Cream?" Amy asked.

"I... don't know about this," Cream replied.

"Don't worry, Cream," Tiff encouraged. "Once you get a good night's rest, it'll be a whole new day tomorrow!"

"All right," Cream said, is an even more nervous tone. She opened her sleeping bag and shoved herself inside, then put her head on the pillow.

Amy headed towards the light switch. "Are you sure you can handle this, Cream? 'Cause I'm about to turn the light off."

"I... think I'm ready."

Amy went ahead and switched the light off, then she and Tiff climbed into Amy's pink bed. "Good night, Tiff. Good night, Cream."

"Good night, Amy," Tiff said.

Amy and Tiff covered their whole bodies except their heads inside the pink bedsheet, then put their heads on the two pink pillows next to the bed's head.

Thunder rumbled outside the window of Amy's bedroom. Cream began to toss and turn in her sleep.

In another of her dreams, Cream dreamt about having a picnic with her mother. They were enjoying their favorite foods -- sandwiches, fresh carrots, Granny Smith apples, and chocolate pudding.

"Mmm," Cream mumbled. "This is the best picnic I've ever had!"

"Cream, dear, chew your food and don't talk with your mouth full," Vanilla told her.

Cream swallowed her food down her throat. "Oops, sorry, Mommy," she said.

Then from nowhere, the same dark clouds from that other dream Cream had appeared from a long distance. Again, the ground shook like an earthquake. The same old dark shadow came from those dark clouds.

Cream could recognize who that was. "It's that ugly giant monster again!" Cream cried.

"Get off my lawn before I pulverize y'all!" the giant Dedede's voice boomed.

"Run, Cream!" Vanilla said. "I'll take care of the picnic stuff."

Again, Cream ran as fast as she could, while her mother quickly packed all the picnic stuff back into her wooden basket. Immediately after she closed the lid, she went after Cream. They hid behind a bush.

"Mommy... I'm scared!" Cream trembled.

"I'm right here, Cream," Vanilla comforted her. "Everything will be okay."

But everything was NOT okay. Giant Dedede got closer and closer. In fact, he could actually smell the two rabbits hiding in the bush. "I know you're in here. You can't hide!"

With his giant-sized hand, he snatched Cream from the bush. Vanilla gazed in horror as the giant was getting ready to eat her daughter.

"Meet my stomach, my prey!" the giant Dedede roared. He opened his gigantic mouth and began putting Cream inside.

"Aaaaaah!" Cream screamed.

Back in reality, she was still screaming when she woke up to find herself in Amy's room. Amy and Tiff also woke up to hear Cream's screams.

"What's going on?" Tiff asked.

"It looks like Cream has had another bad dream," Amy told her. She looked around the room. There were no lights anywhere! "And I think I know why," Amy continued.

She found Cream's night light lying on the ground. "You forgot to plug in your night light," she said. She picked up the little lamp and plugged it in the plughole. The ice cream shaped lamp turned on instantly with a bright white light.

"That better?" Amy asked.

"I... guess so," Cream said in a tiny voice.

Amy climbed back into her bed. "Now go to sleep," she told Cream. "As long as you leave that night light on, you won't have any more nightmares."

Cream went back into her sleep. She didn't have the bad dream anymore, but she was still a little frightened by the sound of thunder outside.

Then it was morning again. Sonic was sitting on the couch eating varities of junk food for breakfast and watching Channel D.D.D. Amy, Tiff and Cream sat in the dining room table enjoying whole grain and fruit cereal.

"Sonic, come sit with us," Amy called from the dining room.

But Sonic didn't listen. He just chewed on the crunchy, crispy potato chips that his friend Knuckles gave him. Amy was frustrated. "I'll be right back," she told Tiff and Cream, then got off her chair and went out of the dining room.

She headed towards the den, where Sonic was. "Let me ask you a question, Sonic," she said. "Why are you so attracted to eating junk and watching rubbish?"

"This isn't junk," Sonic replied. "This is action! 3-D Man is the coolest superhero I've ever seen on TV!"

Amy snatched Sonic's bag of potato chips. "Hey, those are my chips! Knuckles gave 'em to me! Give 'em back!" Sonic complained.

"No way, Sonic," Amy said. "You're gonna eat something good for a change. Wait right here."

She walked back to the kitchen and poured some cereal for Sonic to eat. Then she took the bowl and put it down on the table between the couch where Sonic was sitting and the TV. "Here you go, Sonic. A well-balanced meal just for you!"

"Thanks," Sonic said sarcastically. He really wanted to taste the oiliness of the potato chips that Amy hid in a place where Sonic couldn't find them.

Then Amy went back and sat in her seat in the dining room table. She turned to Cream. "So what's this 'bad dream' you had last night?"

"Well, it's almost like the one I had that other night. Me and my mom were outside having a picnic, when all of a sudden, this scary giant with a star studded hammer appeared and shook the ground!"

"Was it King Dedede?" Tiff asked.

"It looked like him, yeah," Cream continued. "But anyways, he warned us to get off his lawn, though it wasn't really his lawn. Other than that, my mom and I had to run for cover, so we both hid behind a bush. Then the giant found me hiding and he grabbed me from the bushes, and at the moment of being eaten by him... I woke up."

"My, that was an unpleasant dream," Amy said.

"Hey, Amy, I got another idea," Tiff chimed in. "To help Cream chase her bad dreams away, why don't we do something special with her?"

"What special thing?"

Tiff whispered into Amy's ear so that Cream couldn't hear her.

"That's an excellent idea, Tiff," Amy told her. Then she spoke to her rabbit friend. "Cream, Tiff and I have decided on what we can do to overcome your fears of the dark. All three of us are gonna take a walk outside tonight."

"Really? Are you kidding?"

"No, we're not kidding. If we take a walk outside at night, it might help you get rid of your fears of the dark."

"Okay," Cream said nervously.

So later that night, the three girls went out for a 'nature walk' in the neighborhood. Cream held on tight to her Chao pet, Cheese. The sky was filled with bright stars and a slim crescent shaped moon. The crickets chirped in the night skies. Nightingales fluttered their wings in the air.

Amy and Tiff each held an extra-large flashlight. Tiff also carried a backpack with spare batteries inside. "Are you afraid yet, Cream?" she asked.

"N-not yet," Cream said.

"Well, just relax," Amy told her. "These flashlights that Tiff and I have can help you see where we're going. It's a good thing too, because tonight isn't a full moon."

Soon they walked off the road and onto the grassy fields to visit nocturnal nature. They took a path into a nearby forest.

"Do we have to go in the forest?" Cream shuddered.

"It's okay, Cream," Tiff said. "It's not as serious as Whispy Woods, and even if we make a wrong move there, we can still find our way out."

They sneaked into the forest. As they did so, the only light Cream could see was from Amy and Tiff's flashlights. And there weren't as many trees as there are in Whispy Woods.

Cream gradually started to feel afraid. "I... don't like this forest. Let's turn back!" she cried.

"But, Cream, we just got here," Amy said. "And besides, if we turn back now, your fears will stay in your head all the time. If you feel too afraid, just hold on to me."

Cream put Cheese down and held on tight to Amy's left hand. "Thank you, Amy," she said. Then the three girls resumed walking. Cheese followed after them.

They walked further into the forest. Cream heard a loud caw echoing everywhere. "MONSTER!" she screamed, while letting go of Amy's hand at the same time, and started running off.


Amy ran after her and stopped her by grabbing her dress. "What were you thinking?" she yelled.

"I'm sorry," Cream said. "I'm just... afraid of the dark."

"There's no reason to be. You're just imagining things, aren't ya? Come on, Tiff's waiting for us."

The four continued walking along the path. Up in the darkness, Cream saw a pair of large, round eyes. She was frightened by the sight of whoever had those eyes. "W-w-what's th-that?"

She heard a hooting sound from the creature with the big eyes.

Tiff pointed her flashlight at the creature. "It's just an owl, Cream," she said. "They always come out at night and sleep in the daytime."

Cream sighed with relief. "I'm so glad it's not a monster! But... I still don't like the dark. What am I gonna do?"

"Hmm..." Amy stopped and thought for a moment, then had an idea. "I got it! Cream, what are your favorite things?"

"Well, I like ice cream and candy, and I like rainbows, too."

"Then while we're walking, why don't you try thinking of those things you like, and your fears will go away. And another thing -- remember to think to yourself, 'There's no such thing as monsters. There's no such thing as monsters.'"

"I'll try," Cream said nervously.

Then the friends resumed walking in the woods. While they were doing so, Cream began to forget about the dark and remained thinking about ice cream and beautiful rainbows. She also thought to herself, "There's no such thing as monsters. There's no such thing as monsters!"

Soon, a smile spread over Cream's face. Her fears were starting to fade away from her mind.

"I think it's working, Amy," Cream said to her hedgehog friend.

"Good job, Cream," Amy replied. "You're starting to become a brave girl!"

"I knew you could do it," Tiff added. "It just takes a lot of courage and nerve to make your fears go away."

Moments later, Amy, Tiff, Cream and Cheese found themselves out of the forest. Cream was relieved even more. "I made it!" she cried, letting go of Amy's hand.

"Chao! Chao!" Cheese squealed. Amy and Tiff turned off their flashlights.

"We're so proud of you, Cream," Tiff told her.

"It was kind of a rough start, but in the end, you were indeed a brave girl to us," Amy added.

Tiff took off her backpack. "And as a reward for being braver than you were in the past, you deserve this." She dug in the pack and took out a glow in the dark badge.

"What is it?" Cream asked.

"It's a special badge that glows in the dark. You can use it anytime whenever you feel afraid again."

She gave the badge to Cream. "Oh, thank you, Tiff!" Cream hugged Tiff, and Tiff hugged her back.

Cream put the badge on her dress, next to her cobalt duel-flap tie. Then she lifted one of the flashlights that laid on the ground.

She turned to her friends. "Amy, Tiff, after all those things you've taught me, there's something I want to show you in return."

"And what is that something you want to show us?" Amy asked.

"Just look," Cream said. She held onto the flashlight below her head, with the light source positioned directly at her head. At the same time, she made a scary face with the flashlight turned on.

"Whoa!" Amy and Tiff were terrified by Cream's look.

Cream turned the flashlight off. "Now there's someone who's afraid of a girl who doesn't like the dark," she said.

The girls all laughed at Cream's joke.

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