Released in August 2002, this Nintendo Power magazine features "Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse" on the cover.

Get It While It's Hot!Edit

For a limited time, until the end of October 2002, the Super Mario Sunshine Bundle Pak was available. It consisted of the original video game, an official player's guide, a Memory Card 59, a Wireless Controller, and a one-year subscription to the Nintendo Power magazine. This bundle pak is advertised on page 3.


On the top left corner of page 21 is an ad for the e-Reader. Back then, they announced that Donkey Kong Jr. was going to be one of the classic NES games available for playback on the Game Boy Advance, and also showed how e-Reader cards work.

Super Mario, Travelin' ManEdit

On page 29 is a game where you fill the letters in the blanks to reveal words that are all based on Mario-affiliated stuff. All the letters except the ones in Mario's name are replaced with blank spaces.

The Wavebird Takes FlightEdit

More of the Wavebird Wireless Controller is revealed on pages 52-53.

Kirby: Right Back at Ya! ComicEdit

The second half of "Kirby Comes to Cappy Town" (episode 1)'s comic strip is seen on pages 134-140. Here, the NME Salesguy's character profile is finally revealed, and we also get to see Kirby's first copy ability in the cartoon (Fire Kirby).

This is only the first half of the comic strip, by the way.

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