Tails was surfing on the Internet watching streaming media, when he suddenly saw a new advertisement for the grand opening of a brand-new space museum.

"Hey, astronomers and fans of outer space, come on down to the brand new opening of the Station Square Space Museum! First, explore the stars of our solar system through the Giant Telescope! Then watch and learn how the planets rotate around their axes and the sun!"

Tails was so thrilled about the opening of this ad, he quickly forgot about the streaming media he was intending to originally watch.

"Have a look around the cool space shuttles and airplanes from the old times! And the fun doesn't stop there. You can also enjoy the grand premiere of the three-dimensional motion picture, A Trip to the Stars, only available in theaters in the Station Square Space Museum. Tickets for admission to the museum are currently priced at $7.99 for a limited time offer, so hurry and come on down immediately if you want to buy a ticket for a very low price!"

"I must call my friends and invite them over right away!" Tails thought. He quickly dialed everyone's phone numbers, starting with Tuff, Tiff and Buto's.

Buto answered the phone when he heard it ring in the living room. "Hello?"

"Hey, Buto! Listen, I was watching this ad on my computer while trying to access streaming media, but then I got attracted to that ad."

"What's it about?"

"It's about the grand opening of the Station Square Space Museum!"

"The Station Square Space Museum?"

"That's right. It's got lots of cool stuff based on astronomy and space vehicles. And because I'm a fan of mechanical things like airplanes, I'm inviting all my friends including you guys to come over to that museum."

"How much are the tickets?"

"I don't know, about eight dollars per person, but they said only for a limited time, so if we go there now, we can buy those tickets and explore space like we've never seen before."

"That's a great idea! I'll bring Tiff, Tuff and Kirby as well."

"Sounds like a plan. Okay, we'll all meet at the city park at 9 o'clock."

"Got it! See you later, Tails!"

Buto and Tails hung up their phones, then Tails dialed his old friends' phone numbers in order to invite them as well.

At 9:00 a.m., Amy, Tiff, Sonic, Kirby, Buto, Tuff, Tails, Cream and Cheese met at the city park. "So what's our plan, Tails?" asked Tiff.

"We're going to go to the Station Square Space Museum today to explore all kinds of space and astronomy," Tails said.

"I've seen that museum on a commercial on TV before," Amy said. "I saw it just last night! Only that was the time when they announced it was coming tomorrow."

"And that 'tomorrow' is today," Tails continued. "So we're in luck! Before we go, though, we'll split up in pairs of three so it'll be easier to know where we want to go. Tuff, Buto, you two can come with me."

"All right!" Tuff said.

"I'll go with Tiff and my sweet darling Sonic," Amy said. Sonic blushed when he heard her. "Yeah, me too," he said.

"And Cream, you'll take Cheese and Kirby with you," Tails said to the young rabbit.

"Okay," Cream said.

"And remember, Kirby," Tiff explained. "I won't be with you, so you better listen to what Cream says and don't ever wander off. Can you do that?"

"Poyo," ("Sure,") Kirby nodded.

"That's my Kirby."

"Okay, everyone, follow me!" said Amy. She led her eight friends across the city. They walked 4 miles to the north side, and found the Station Square Space Museum in a wide open area.

"Is that the space museum you've been talking about, Tails?" asked Tuff.

"It sure is," Tails replied. "Come on, guys!"

The friends ran to the museum, excited to see the astronomic nature of outer space and airplanes. They stopped running as they approached the front doors of the museum.

Amy opened the door and held it to let everyone inside. Upon entry to the museum, the friends saw a place with lots of open space up ahead.

"This place is so cool," Buto said. "I've never even been to or seen outer space before in my whole life!"

"Why would you say that?" Sonic asked.

"Well, Sonic, in my old hometown, we never had any space museums, and the only way we could see space is through our old telescopes that are like, totally unusable in modern times like today."

"Did your old people own a telescope like the ones you mentioned?" Tails asked.

"My grandfather offered me his old telescope when I was seven, but I kept telling him I didn't want it, until he forced me to take it. Then after he died, I gave it away in a yard sale originally for $50."

"Did anyone buy it?"

"Yeah, but it took me a lot of price deductions. People complained to me that $50 is too expensive for an old telescope, so I deducted the price each time someone came over to buy some of our old stuff in the yard sale. I chopped $10 off the price of the telescope on my first attempt, but $40 was still too expensive, so I kept on chopping the price down to a mere $5, which was sadly 90% off the price I started with."

"Was it hard, having to deduct the price down several times to make sure you didn't want that telescope anymore?" asked Tiff.

"Yeah, but I was sure glad I no longer wanted to own that thing."

After the friends bought their tickets, for a total of $60 (including sales tax, with Cheese and Kirby getting in free), Tails told everyone, "We'll meet back here when it's time to see the movie 'A Trip to the Stars'. Remember to watch the clocks, and when it's time, we'll all return to the lobby immediately. Okay?"

"Got it!" said Amy, Tiff, Sonic, Buto, Tuff and Cream.

"Great," Tails replied. "All right, everyone, let's split up. Go!"

Amy, Tiff and Sonic started going in one direction to the left. Tuff, Buto and Tails went in another direction to the right. Cream, Cheese and Kirby went straight forward.

The first place Tuff, Buto and Tails went to within the space museum were the airplane exhibits. Some of the planes were hanging high up in the ceiling. Others were displayed from on the ground.

Each airplane exhibit contained a sign that contained the name of each craft, a description of the planes, and histories of them. Some looked humongous, even larger than the biggest limousine ever made, while others were as small as the cheapest automobile cars.

"Hey, guys, check this out," Tails said. He pointed at a plane that looked almost exactly like his X-Tornado. It was gliding high up on the ceiling.

"What kind of plane is that?" asked Buto.

"It looks just like my X-Tornado! In fact, it's been around for at least 50 years. I think they call it the X-100."

"That's a funny name for a plane!" Tuff laughed.

"But that's what it's called," Tails told him. "See? Look, it says here on the sign -- 'X-100'." He pointed at the display sign. It showed the true name of the plane, its description, and its history.

As they kept on walking in the exhibition area, there were more air vehicles rather than just airplanes -- jets, rockets, space shuttles, and spaceships. Along the way, they took pictures using Buto's camera that he got on his 13th birthday.

For pictures that they wanted all three of them in, they asked other people to help them get those pictures. They even took pictures without any of them inside, just the exteriors and interiors of the air vehicles.

Meanwhile, Cream, Cheese and Kirby were getting ready to take the elevator up to the exhibition tower. Right now she was standing in a long line behind lots of kids and their parents.

Cream felt nervous, not only because she couldn't wait to see what the tower would look like in there, but she was also uncomfortable with heights.

They stood in line for about 15 minutes. Then, finally, it was their turn to ride the elevator. There was room for up to ten people to fit inside -- Cream, Cheese, Kirby, and 7 other people, 3 of them adults.

"Don't be afraid, Cream -- it's only an elevator," Cream thought to herself. The elevator she and her two little companions were riding traveled higher and higher.

The ride only took 20 seconds. It went at a speed of 10 miles per hour. Finally, it stopped at the 9th floor -- the highest floor of the space museum, but it definitely did not have as much room space as the lower floors.

As everyone got out of the elevator and carefully walked out to the exhibition tower, Cream started to feel a little afraid. But she kept her bravery intact and did not turn back.

She held on tight to Cheese. Kirby also stayed with her at all times. Inside the tower room, the windows were huge and filling up the entire wall. Down below was the nearly entire view of the world.

"Look, Cheese! I can see my house from up here! Hi, Mommy!" Cream waved her hand from high up in the tower. She could even see Amy's house from another distance away.

"Poyo! Poyo!" ("Cream! Look!") Kirby squealed.

"What is it, Kirby?" Cream asked. Kirby pointed at another view down below. It was Cappytown -- and the beach beside it.

"Now I see it!" Cream said. "That's Cappytown! And look over there, that's the King's castle! I wish he could let me live there!"

Around 10 minutes later, all the people were recalled so the next people in line could visit the exhibition tower. The next stop for those who already visited the tower was the 8th floor, which was the second-highest floor of the space museum -- the Big Telescope.

Everyone took the elevator to this floor, including Cream, Cheese and Kirby. The elevator ride only lasted for 5 seconds this time. When everyone got out, they found themselves in a room with absolutely no windows at all, but also a giant telescope that was blocking the only window in the room. It was the exact same shape as the big end of the telescope.

The seven people that went with Cream and her two little pals looked through the telescope first, then Cream took her turn, then Cheese, then Kirby. They each saw the same stars shining bright in the black sky. They even saw the moon! It was full and round, as it always is once every month during the night.

"Poyo poyo po poyo," ("I liked seeing those stars,") Kirby said.

"I'm glad you did, Kirby," Cream replied. "But there's a lot of other things I wanna see around this museum. Wanna go look with me?"

Kirby nodded. He followed the girl rabbit, still holding on to her Chao pet, back down the elevator to the first floor.

As for Amy, Tiff and Sonic, they started off at a gift shop, which was a 2-floor shop. Amy and Tiff enjoyed this part of the trip, but not Sonic. He wanted to see the exhibits, but most of all, he wanted to take a ride in a space shuttle for make believe.

"Amy, can we go take a ride in the shuttle, please?" Sonic pleaded as hard as he could.

"Later, Sonic," Amy replied. "Tiff and I are trying to look for some gifts."

"How long is it going to take?"

"Just wait," Tiff told him. "We promise it won't take very long. In fact, if you help us, it'll make things go even faster."

Sonic thought for a few seconds. Then he said, "All right. If I want to ride on the shuttle right away, I gotta do what I'm told." And with that, Sonic helped Amy and Tiff find some gifts.

"So what exactly are you looking for?"

"I don't know, but maybe you can help us decide what to buy," Amy said.

Sonic tried to think. Then he offered Amy a hat. "Hey, Amy, you wanna buy this hat? It'll look good on you."

"No way, Sonic," Amy replied. "I'm happy just wearing this headband at all times. Besides, it makes me feel like a princess."

"But princess don't wear headbands," Sonic said. "I thought they wear golden crowns."

"Who cares? Girls like me don't prefer to wear masculine hats like those. Why don't you go look for something else that you think I would like?"

Sonic sighed with disbelief, and put the hat back on the shelf. Then he went to another shelf and took out an astronomy textbook. "Tiff'll love this," he thought.

He went back to where Amy and Tiff were. "Hey, Tiff, I think you'll love this," he said, offering Tiff the book.

"Looks like a great choice, Sonic," Tiff told him. "But I think I already have this book."

Sonic was frustrated. He still couldn't find the perfect gift for Amy and Tiff. He looked hard everywhere in the gift shop, from Floor 1 to Floor 2. He was about to give up until suddenly, he saw something brand new next to the door. It was a Full Moon Bracelet. Each one contained a small, shiny, blue, round moon. Sonic's eyes widened with loveliness.

"It's... beautiful!" Sonic thought. "Amy and Tiff will definitely love those!" Then he looked at the price tags. He was lucky today was a 50% off sale, because the bracelets were originally priced at $59.99, thus the new sale price would be $29.99 for each one. What he was even luckier about was the fact that if a customer bought two, it would be "2 for $50" (normally "$2 for $100).

Then Sonic realized that Amy had a lot of money since her epic win against King Dedede in the Hammer Wrestling Tournament, so he chose to go for the bracelets. He ran back to Amy and Tiff's side.

"Tiff, Amy, I found something that you two are SURE to love," he said, then revealed the bracelets. "Ta da!"

"What are those?" Tiff asked.

"They're bracelets. If you wear them, not only they'll bring you good luck, but they're also a symbol for eternal love for your boyfriend."

Amy and Tiff looked really hard at the bracelets. They were just too beautiful to even look at. "I think they're lovely," Amy said. "Let's buy them!"

Amy, Tiff and Sonic went to the front desk and bought what they had, then they left the gift shop a minute later. "Okay, Sonic, now that we're done shopping, are you ready to go for a ride in that shuttle?"

"I sure am," Sonic said. "Let's go!"

The three friends went over to the make believe space shuttle. They saw a long line in front of them -- about 20 or 30 people. To make matters worse, only 6 people could fit in at a time. The next people in front of the line were, believe it or not, Tuff, Tails and Buto.

"How's it going, guys?" Sonic asked.

"Just fine, Sonic," Buto replied. "We're next in line for a ride in this shuttle."

All the people in line saw the shuttle move from one direction to another. It swayed and swayed. One minute into the ride, it started to move like crazy. Most of the people (usually the ones who were not into riding space shuttles) were nervous about the ride.

5 minutes later, the ride was over. The people came out of the ride with dizzy heads. Then it was Tuff, Tails and Buto's turn to take a ride inside. "Tell us how it was inside there when you come out!" called Amy.

"We will!" Tails replied.

The three boys entered the make believe space shuttle, followed by another three people. Then the doors closed. Sonic felt even more nervous by the minute. But he did not hear any screams from inside the shuttle.

When the ride ended, the people and the boys came back out. "How was the ride?" asked Tiff.

"It was fantastic," Tuff said. "You guys are gonna like it too! See ya later!"

Amy, Sonic and Tiff waited in line for another 20 minutes until they reached the front of the line. "Finally!" Sonic thought when the previous ride before theirs was over.

Then he and his two friends entered the shuttle. "I don't know about this, Amy," Sonic said to his girlfriend. "I've been in the X-Tornado before, but never in a space shuttle."

"Don't worry, Sonic," Amy told him. "You can sit between me and Tiff. We're not afraid of rides like this one." Sonic agreed to sit in the middle, right between his two friends.

Three more people were also going for a ride in the shuttle. Just after they got in, the doors closed. Then a screen appeared in the front of the shuttle. It showed a picture of clear ground under a sunny sky.

"Welcome, astronomy fans, to Space Shuttle F-256. Please fasten your seat belts as we count down for takeoff for exploration of the nature of outer space. 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... liftoff."

The screen was then shown to look as if a real shuttle was taking off at thousands of miles an hour, high up into the sky, which got darker and darker until it turned completely black with stars shining.

Next was a tour around the solar system. It displayed images of satellites, a real astronaut, and some of the planets in the solar system. For the second half of the trip came the 'dangerous' parts of space -- flying comets, meteors, and asteroids, which were giant rocks heading straight for the view of the space shuttle!

"Whoa!" Sonic yelped. He was afraid that he would get hit.

"It's okay, Sonic," Tiff comforted him. "The ride's almost over, and not only that, you're forgetting that we're in a make believe shuttle."

"Sorry," Sonic replied.

Then the screen showed as if the shuttle was landing back home. "We hope you enjoyed your ride in Space Shuttle F-256. Please exit the shuttle to your left. Thank you and have a great day."

"Finally, it's over!" Sonic thought as he, Amy and Tiff hopped off the space shuttle.

"So how'd you like the ride, Sonic?" asked Tiff.

"Eh, it was fine."

"Yeah, right. I bet you were scared when we came to the part where those asteroids attacked us!"

"No, I wasn't!"

Then there was an xylophone sound coming everywhere in the space museum. "All space fans and astronomers, the premiere of the feature film 'A Trip to the Stars' will start in 20 minutes, so please come to the cinema immediately if you want to purchase a ticket to see this movie."

All the friends heard these words no matter which place they currently were. They all headed straight back to the lobby and took the straight forward path from there, where Cream, Cheese and Kirby went in the first place.

They walked past the elevator to the exhibition tower, and there was the cinema. Hanging on the wall were five posters, each representing coming attractions for other space films.

The friends stood in line near the ticket counter. When it was their turn, Amy said, "We'd like to buy 9 tickets to 'A Trip to the Stars', please."

She paid another handful of money to the clerk, then she and her friends headed towards the entrance doors to the cinema. Amy gave the tickets to the ticket holder, and the friends each got 3-D glasses in return.

As they all got inside, Amy, Tiff, Sonic and Buto took four empty seats in one row. Tuff, Tails, Cream, Cheese and Kirby took five empty seats right in front of that row.

"What's with these glasses?" asked Buto.

"I think they're for when you see movies exclusively in 3-D," Amy told him. "It's a good idea to wear them throughout the movie because if you don't, the picture will look all blurry."

The friends tried on the 3-D glasses. "Hey, Tails, I can't see you," Tuff said.

"I'm right here, Tuff," said Tails.

"Is it just me, or did you suddenly just turn blurry?"

"That's 'cause you're wearing the 3-D glasses. When you put them on, the view of your eyes gets reversed. Just wait until the movie starts, and you'll know what I mean."

Just moments later, the cinema's deadline occurred. The doors closed, the lights dimmed, and the movie was preparing itself to be shown by hundreds of people.

Luckily, unlike most other cinemas, this one had no coming attractions; instead, there was a 4-minute long introduction for the ultra high video quality and sound format. It was as long as two film trailers, but finally, the film began to play.

"SSSM Pictures is proud to present its 10th feature film -- 'A Trip to the Stars'," said a man from the movie.

"This is gonna be really exciting," Buto said.

"Yeah, I wonder if there's gonna be any aliens," Tuff added.

"Oh, come on, guys, there's so such thing as aliens," Tiff told them.

"Shh! Movie's playing," Amy shushed everyone.

The ultra big screen, comprising of at least two floors, filled up the entire wall in front of the whole audience. The film contained images of bright little stars, followed by all the planets in the solar system.

The narrator from the film said, "Welcome to outer space. Here, we will take a tour around the galaxy and have a look at the stars up close."

Sonic examined the view of the film with his glasses. He took them off and the picture turned blurry again to him. Then he put the glasses back on and the film redisplayed its proper quality.

In the film, a spaceship appeared in outer space. "This is Space Shuttle 342-B. Before we explore the scientific nature of outer space, let's look inside and see what the crew does around the ship."

The camera was now facing the spaceship's interior. It showed various people doing their duties, as well as the captain giving out orders.

"Meet Captain Neptune, the expert of all astronomers. He will be your host and guide throughout this movie."

The movie then cut to Captain Neptune preparing to 'guide' everyone in the audience around space. "Fellow space explorers, don't forget to wear your helmets and air tanks. It is essential because there is no oxygen outside this world's atmosphere."

"I wish I could visit outer space myself," Sonic thought. "The way I see it, it'd be neat to be an astronaut and fly around everywhere!"

Captain Neptune and his companions began their journey inside the ship with one of the oldest stars, at least 12 billion years old, which was the closest observed age of the universe.

"This is the oldest Red Giant Star, estimated at an age of 12 billion years. Because of its old age, it is now producing a greater pressure on their cores, which will make this star burn its hydrogen in the speed of light."

"That must be the grandfather of all stars," Tiff thought. "I wonder if it's ever going to die eventually."

"As the core inside the star gradually collapses, by the time it has completely disappeared, the star dies with a big explosion, creating a supernova."

When the supernova 'hit' everyone in the audience, most of them could feel it. "Now I can tell why visiting outer space can be dangerous sometimes," Sonic thought.

"Watch now as Captain Neptune's spaceship travels at 200 million miles per hour," said the narrator in the film. The 342-B flew faster than any other spaceship could. It stopped at another star, this one only 100 million years old. It was also one of the youngest stars in the entire galaxy.

"Our next stop is the newest star ever discovered, the MPC-512. This star is only 100 million years old, which is ten times less than the minimum majority age of 1 billion years."

"That star is as small as our own planet," Tails thought.

"The MPC-512 is half the size in length as the Sun in our solar system," the narrator continued. "And due to its age, this star is also one of the brightest."

"Not so bright to me," Sonic said.

"That because it's a movie, Sonic," Amy told him. "So just watch it!"

Throughout the movie, the audience also saw some more dangerous obstacles, including balls of dust and gas, and black holes. The film eventually turned out to look like a sci-fi film, despite being really non-fiction.

Later, when the movie was done, everyone returned their 3-D glasses and despoited them into a container so other people could use them.

"That was fun!" Tuff said.

"Maybe we should come back again another day," Buto added.

"You think?" asked Amy.

"I like that," Tiff said. "Only next time, let's watch a movie that isn't as scary as the one we just saw."

"Why?" Sonic asked.

"Those balls of dust and gas and that black hole freaked me out. I felt like we were all going to be sucked in there forever!"

"You got a point there, Tiff," Amy replied. "Even I don't want to see a film that mentions endangering people's lives."

The friends left the space museum and started walking back home. "So what should we do now?" asked Cream.

"Let's all go to my house tonight and see some stars in my front yard," Amy said.

"Great idea, Amy!" Tiff replied.

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