At the House of Cream's Mom, Cream and Cheese were watching one of Cream's favorite television shows. This one was about a white rabbit named Jimmy.

Jimmy woke up one morning to see a rainbow appear in the sky outside from his bedroom window. It was a real one, too -- with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet colored curly stripes.

"Wow, what a beautiful rainbow! I want to go touch it!"

So he quickly hopped out of his house and into the sunny fields, for an attempt to touch the rainbow. But when he got to the closest he could get, the rainbow was still too far away to be touched. Jimmy was disappointed.

So were Cream and Cheese. Even they wished for Jimmy to touch the rainbow shining bright in the sky. The young girl rabbit went into the kitchen, carrying Cheese with her. There, Vanilla the Rabbit was looking at a cooking magazine.


"What is it, honey?"

"Is it possible to touch a rainbow?"

"Why would you ask that?"

"Because I saw this rabbit on TV and he was dreaming about touching a real rainbow after seeing one outside from his house. I am wishing to be just like that rabbit."

"That's very nice, Cream, but I don't think it's possible for anyone to be able to touch a rainbow."

"Why not?"

"Because they're just colorful light from the sky, and everyone knows that light can never be touched. Your hand will just go right through it. That's why it's impossible to touch a rainbow."

Cream sighed in disbelief. "Is something wrong, dear?" Vanilla asked.

"I love rainbows, but I love it more if I could touch one."

"Why don't you go color a picture of a rainbow in your room? It'll help you feel better."

"Yeah, right..." Cream sadly walked out of the kitchen and went upstairs to her room. She put Cheese down on her bed, then sat down in her desk. She took out a sketchbook, and a big box of crayons. There were 64 different colors, including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, and non-rainbow colors like white, black, brown, carnation pink, and many others.

She drew a picture of herself using an apricot-colored crayon, and made her dress scarlet colored. It was drawn to make her look like she's touching something. Next to her, she drew Cheese, with the turquoise blue crayon. Then she drew some green bushes and pink and yellow flowers, and colored the sky sky blue. After that she drew and colored a yellow sun.

Next, she drew a rainbow -- first red, then orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and finally, violet. The violet curled line was positioned to Cream's touching hand in the picture. Lastly, she wrote her name on the top right corner of the picture. How beautiful the picture was!

But when she looked at it for one whole minute, another depressed look appeared on her face. This meant that the only thing Cream wanted to do for once in her whole life was to touch a real rainbow in person.

Suddenly the doorbell rang. Vanilla walked to the front door and opened it. There stood Amy, Tiff, Buto, and Kirby. "Hello, Miss Rabbit," Buto said. "Is Cream there?"

"Yes, she is. I'll call for her right away. Cream! Your friends are here!"

Cream took the picture she just drew with her, and went out of her room. Cheese followed her downstairs to the front door. "How's it going, Cream?" Amy asked.

"I don't feel very good," Cream replied.

"Is something wrong?" Tiff asked. Cream said nothing else. She handed her the picture of her and Cheese and the rainbow.

When Tiff and her friends saw the picture, they didn't feel sad or bad at all. "This is a nice drawing, Cream. But what's the matter?"

"All this day I've been dreaming about touching a real rainbow. Wouldn't it be great to feel all seven colors?"

"It would be pretty nice, but there is really no way you can touch a rainbow with your two hands."

"Tiff's right, Cream," Amy added. "Rainbows come from many different places where white light is produced. That's because white light is filled with all the colors of a rainbow -- red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet."

"And because white light is light, you can't touch a beam of light no matter how hard you try. Your hand will just go right through the light. Plus, real rainbows are so high up in the sky that no person will ever be able to reach them, even with the tallest ladders."

"But I still want to touch a rainbow of any kind," Cream said.

"We know that, Cream," Tiff replied. "Tell you what, let's look around everywhere and we'll show you. I'm sure Kirby will like it too."

"Poyo poyo," ("Yeah I will,") Kirby said.

"Okay. Wanna come with us, Cheese?"

"Chao," ("Yeah,") Cheese said.

Later, Amy, Tiff, Buto and Kirby took Cream and Cheese with them on their walk outside. "Do you see any rainbows yet, Cream?" Amy asked.

"No," Cream told her.

"Well, let's keep looking. There's many different kinds of rainbows around us," said Buto.

They continued walking down the road, until they reached the city park. Some of the children were playing with balls. And they weren't just toy balls -- they had all 7 colors of the rainbow!

"What do you see now, Cream?" asked Tiff.

Cream saw the children playing with the rainbow colored balls. "I see... some kids playing with toy balls," she said.

"That's not all, Cream. What else do you see?"

Cream tried to answer. "I... don't know."

"I'll give you a hint: it starts with the letter 'R' and has 7 letters and colors in it." Cream finally understood what else she was seeing... "A rainbow!"

"That's correct!" Amy said. "It's toy balls that are colored all the colors of the rainbow. You found your first rainbow!"

"Yay!" Cream cheered.

"Chao!" Cheese cheered with her.

"This is fun," Cream said to her friends. "A rainbow scavenger hunting game!"

"Want to go look for some more rainbows?" Buto asked.


The friends looked through the buildings in the main city area of Station Square. Along the way, a man was hanging up a huge painted picture of a rainbow on the brick wall of an apartment building.

"Do you see anything else, Cream?" asked Tiff.

Cream saw the man hanging the picture up. "I see... another rainbow!"

"Great job, Cream!" Amy encouraged her. "That's a man hanging up a picture of a rainbow his daughter painted so everyone can see it."

"It sure looks lovely," Cream said.

Then they went to the grocery store. They started off at the fruit aisle. "Can we buy some snacks, please, Amy?" asked Cream.

"Later, Cream," Amy replied. "We're still on our rainbow scavenger hunt. So far, you've found two rainbows. After you find ten, you're going to get a special surprise."

"A special surprise? Oh, goodie!"

"Speaking of surprises, if you want one, then we must look for some more rainbows," Buto said. "Do you see any around this grocery store?"

Cream looked around. "I see lots of fruit, like apples, oranges, bananas, watermelons, blueberries, and grapes, but I don't see any rainbows."

"I think you actually do, Cream," Tiff told her.

"What am I seeing? I said I see lots of fruit, but no rainbows."

"That's what I'm trying to tell you -- the fruits are making a rainbow. See? The apples are red, the oranges and orange, the bananas are yellow, the watermelons are green, the blueberries are both blue and indigo, and the grapes are violet. When you put the colors all together, you make another rainbow!"

"So I found my third rainbow?"

"You sure did!"

"All right!"

Then the friends continued further through the store. They came to a chart that consisted of a colorful triangle. On the bottom of that triangle were many kinds of foods.

"What do you see now, Cream?" asked Buto.

Cream looked at the chart. "It's a triangle," she said.

"This isn't just a triangle," Amy told her. "It's the food guide pyramid! And it's got 6 of the 7 colors of the rainbow. Let me show you. Red is for fruits. They're the sugarlessly sweet tasting foods that grow from trees and are a good source of vitamins. Orange is for grains, such as rice, pasta, and bread. It is most important to eat whole grains because they're healthier than refined grains, which have more fat and carbohydrates."

"Why is that yellow part so thin?" asked Cream.

"I'll tell you why -- yellow is for fats, oils and sweets, like ice cream, potato chips, and other foods that don't belong in any of the other five food groups. It is best that you eat these foods sparingly -- in other words, don't eat too much of them in one day."

"I'll try to do that."

"Good. Now, I'll show you more. Green is for vegetables. They come from plants. Vegetables have lots of vitamins and they're very low in fat and calories. Then there's blue, which stands for dairy products, including milk, cheese, yogurt, and stuff like that. Even though they can be high in fat and cholesterol, there is an alternative for those kind of things -- skimmed products, which reduce all that stuff and make the food a healthier choice."

"And what about the purple -- I mean, violet one?"

"That portion of this pyramid stands for meat and beans. Meat can include beef, chicken, pork, shrimp, fish, and even eggs. They're a great choice for protein. And when you put all the colors together, what do you get?"

"A rainbow?"

"You got it!"

"Yay!" Cream and Amy gave high fives. Up to now, Cream has found four rainbows.

Next, the friends went to the cookies and candy aisle. On the way Cream picked up a bag of Frittles candies. "Hey, Tiff, can I have this bag of candy, please?"

"Okay, settle down, Cream. I'll let you buy it, but before you can buy it, here's something I want to show you. You see this candy bag? It's another rainbow -- your fifth one. But, now your job is to name the flavors of each color of the candies. Can you try to name them without looking?"

"I... think I can."

"That's a brave girl! Okay, name the colors, and you deserve this candy bag."

"I'll try. Let's see... red is for cherry, orange is for orange, yellow is for lemon, green is for green apple, blue is for blue raspberry, and violet is for grape."

"Perfect!" Tiff and Cream gave high fives for Cream's awesome efforts. Then Tiff gave her the candy bag. "Here you go," she said.

"Thank you, Tiff! Can I eat them now?"

"Not yet, Cream," Buto told her. "We still have to pay for them first."

"Oops, sorry," Cream said, a little embarrassed.

Soon everyone left the grocery store, and went to the mall. Cream was now snacking on her rainbow colored candy. She even shared some for Cheese and Kirby.

Inside the mall, there were many different colors, but none of them were quite like a rainbow. "You see anything yet, Cream?" Buto asked.

"No, but I'm not giving up; I've already found five rainbows so far and there's only five more left to find."

The friends went into a toy store. It was filled with stuffed animals, plush toys, action figures, toys for babies, girl-oriented dolls, outdoor playing balls, and lots more.

"Now do you see any rainbows?" Buto asked again.

Cream looked around the toy store. Even though she was a bit too old (she's seven years old; no longer six), she decided to look in the babies' toys section for a change. "I see something," she said.

"What is it?" Tiff asked.

"It's a stack of toy rings," Cream said. "See? Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet, from the smallest on the top to the largest on the bottom."

"Well done, Cream! You just found your sixth rainbow!" said Amy.

"Thank you, Amy!"

"But I think you can put the toy back now," Amy continued.


"Well, you're too old for someone who's younger than everyone else to play with a toy designed for babies."

"I'm not a baby!"

"That's right, and it's also why you have to put the toy back. Besides, our rainbow scavenger hunting game isn't done yet."

Cream put the stacking ring toy back on the shelf, and the friends left the toy store. Their next stop was the Beauty Queen jewelry store.

"I don't know if this is the right place to find a rainbow, Amy," Tiff said.

"Trust me on this, Tiff," Amy told her. "If we buy a piece of jewelry from here, maybe a rainbow might shine from it!"

As the friends got inside the jewelry store, they saw Rouge the Bat buying even more jewelry for herself. At this rate, Rouge was now addicted to jewelry!

Amy waved her hand at the female bat. "What's up, Rouge?"

But Rouge wasn't paying attention to Amy and her friends' entry to the store. "Who said that?" she asked.

"Over here, Rouge," Amy said. When Rouge finally got her attention, she asked them, "What are you guys doing here?"

"We're on a rainbow scavenger hunting game for Cream. So far we've found six rainbows, and we still have to find four more. Can you help us find another rainbow within this jewelry store?"

"Aren't you guys too old for that game?" Rouge asked.

"What are you talking about?"

"Rainbow hunting is for little kids. Real women like me prefer to find jewelry rather than play children's games. Wanna look at some of the cool jewels I bought?"

"No, thanks, Rouge," said Buto. "Even though I'm a teen boy, I'm still gonna help Cream find some more rainbows so we can give her a special surprise."

"Whatever," Rouge said. "Have fun with your little scavenger hunt! I'm gonna show these jewels to some of my best friends! Bye!" And she flew away, carrying the jewels in a white box.

"Is Rouge mean or what?" Buto asked.

"She's not really mean," Amy replied. "We're just rivals, she and I."

Amy, Tiff, Buto, and Cream browsed through the jewels. Cheese and Kirby just watched, still sharing the candy Cream bought for them and herself. Tiff saw a special jewel inside the glass cabinet. "Guys, look at this!"

Her friends gathered around to see the jewel. "What is that, Tiff?" Amy asked.

"I think it's called a Rainbow Diamond."

"I don't think that jewel is showing any rainbow colors. All I see from it is white glitter and glass."

"Well, like you said, Amy, if we buy this piece of jewelry, maybe a rainbow will shine from it. So what do you say, want to buy it?"

"Okay," Amy agreed. The friends bought the Rainbow Diamond jewel, then walked over to the nearest bench in the mall. "So how does it work, Tiff?" asked Buto.

"Just watch," Tiff said. She opened the piece of jewelry, then something amazing happened. A rainbow shined right out of the jewel like a huge flashlight! Cream was amazed by the pretty sight.

"Whoa! Now I can see why it's called a Rainbow Diamond! It's even got all seven colors of the rainbow in it!"

"You're right, Cream," Tiff told her. "Like this Rainbow Diamond, all rainbows come from white light. And because this diamond has white light from the outside, there's a rainbow in the inside."

"So this is the seventh rainbow we've seen so far?"

"Yep, it is."

Then Buto felt his stomach growling. "I'm getting hungry," he said. "Anybody want to buy some lunch?"

"Can we still look for rainbows while we're eating?" Cream asked.

"We sure can," Amy said. "In fact, maybe there's some rainbow colored foods being sold right now in the food courts."

Amy, Tiff, Buto, Cream, Cheese and Kirby went to the food court. When they got there, Buto ordered a bacon cheeseburger with a side order of French fries. Amy and Tiff bought salads. Cream, Cheese and Kirby ordered two Kiddie Meals.

"Don't forget that there's a special toy inside each Kiddle Meal," said one of the people who worked in the food court where the Kiddle Meals were sold.

"A toy?" Cream thought. "Maybe it's another rainbow!"

While her friends were chowing down on their lunches, Cream took out the toy that was included in her Kiddle Meal package. It was a key chain, and it wasn't just a key chain -- it was a flat circular toy that was colored just like another rainbow.

"Amy! Tiff! Buto! Come see this!" Her friends stopped eating, and came over to see Cream's toy. "What is it, Cream?" Amy asked.

"This toy key chain -- it's my eighth rainbow!"

"That's cool, Cream!" Buto said. "I wish I had a toy like that, but I don't eat Kiddie Meals anymore, which is unfortunate for me."

"Keep up the good work; you've only got two more rainbows to find now," Tiff added.

After lunch, they all left the mall and walked a long distance to Cappytown. But they didn't see any additional rainbows yet. "Let's look underwater," Tiff told her friends.

"But we didn't bring our swimsuits, Tiff," Amy told her.

"We don't have to go swimming," Tiff replied. "We can ask Meta Knight if we can use his submarine to explore the ocean depth."

Suddenly they heard a deep voice coming from nowhere. "Did you ask for a ride in my submarine?" The friends turned around to see the blue masked warrior.

"Meta Knight!" Tiff exclaimed.

"I see you're going on a rainbow scavenger hunt," Meta Knight said to the friends.

"How'd you know that?" Buto asked.

"If we look carefully under the ocean, I'm sure we're find something colorful as a rainbow in there."

"That's great!" Cream said. "But... I don't think there's going to be enough room for all of us in your submarine. You see, we just ate lunch an hour ago."

"Not to worry, my friends," Meta Knight replied. "I have built an even bigger submarine that's big enough for at least ten people. It took me two years to build it, but it's finally complete. Want a ride?"

"Sure!" everyone said in agreement.

Later, the friends and Meta Knight started taking off underwater in his submarine. "It's beautiful," Amy said. "Even prettier than the ocean in the Emerald Coast."

"I don't see any rainbows," Cream said.

"Keep looking," Meta Knight told her. "Like I told you earlier, you might find something colorful as a rainbow underwater."

They traveled across a coral reef that was the most colorful anyone could ever see. "Do you see anything yet?" Meta Knight asked.

"No," Cream replied. "I can see a coral reef, but I'm not sure if it has all the colors of a rainbow."

"Then look even harder," said Meta Knight.

Cream looked even more carefully at the coral reef. Now she could see the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violetness of the sea structure. "Now I see it! My ninth rainbow!"

"Well done," Meta Knight said. "That is the Rainbow Coral Reef. Sea creatures live here to protect the reef from being in danger. Ever since his Majesty King Dedede came here to destroy it, the sea creatures have worked hard to help rebuild their home."

"Only one more rainbow, and my rainbow scavenger hunt's finished!" Cream thought. "I can't wait to see my surprise!"

Several minutes later, the submarine went back up to the surface. As everyone got out, Kine the ocean sunfish appeared from the sea with a special seashell he found. "Hey, guys! I found something that you could use for your rainbow scavenger hunt! Catch!"

He threw the seashell, and it landed into Cream's hands. Cream was even more amazed when she looked at the colors. Amy, Tiff, Buto, Cheese and Kirby looked at the seashell with her.

"What kind of seashell is that?" asked Amy.

"That must be a Rainbow Seashell," Meta Knight replied. "It's really rare, and are often buried deep under the sand in the ocean.

"And it's my tenth and last rainbow!" Cream said delightfully. Her friends cheered. She cheered. Even Kirby and Cheese cheered. They found 10 rainbows in one day!

"So what's my special surprise?" Cream asked.

"You won't see it today," Tiff said firmly. "But it's okay, Cream. I am 100% confident that your special surprise will come tomorrow."

"Really? When?"

"Why don't you go home right now, and when you wake up in the morning, you'll see your surprise."

"Okay," Cream said. "Bye, everyone!"

"Bye, Cream!" her friends called back as she skipped back to her house. Cheese flew after her.

Then Amy whispered to Tiff and Buto, "Now that we've helped Cream find a lot of rainbows, I think it's time we made a rainbow just for her. Here's what we're gonna do -- we're gonna go to my house and we'll need some red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet paint, and a huge piece of cardboard. Come on!"

Amy, Buto, Tiff and Kirby ran to Amy's house and got to work right away. They cut an extra large piece of cardboard into a king sized shape of macaroni, then they painted it the colors of a rainbow -- from red for the outermost part to violet for the innermost side.

"I hope Cream will love this," Buto said.

"She will, Buto," Amy said to him. "She's always dreamed of touching a rainbow, and I'm sure she'll be happy to finally touch one."

The next morning, Cream saw a note lying on the cupboard beside her bed. She picked up the note and read these words:

"Dear Cream: Roses are red, violets are blue. Look out your window. There's something awaiting you! Your friends, Amy, Tiff and Buto."

Cream got out of her bed and opened the windows. It was the rainbow that Amy, Tiff, and Buto painted just for her! "A rainbow! A rainbow that I can touch!" Cream sticked her hand out the window. It collided with the beauty of the colors from the rainbow.

"I can even touch it!" Then Cream heard her friends say, "Cream, come down here!" Amy called.

Cream, still in her pajamas, ran downstairs and outside to the backyard. "Did you make this rainbow for me?" she asked.

"We did," Tiff replied. "We wanted to make you happy, so we made this rainbow as a reward for being the best scavenger hunter of all rainbows."

"Thanks, everyone!" Cream hugged her friends, and they all hugged her back. "Did you learn something since yesterday, Cream?" Buto asked.

"I sure did -- real rainbows only come from light, and they can never be touched."

"That's right, Cream; you can never touch a real rainbow... unless it's made out of paint!"

Amy, Tiff, Cream and Buto laughed at Buto's little joke.

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