To promote the release of Return to Never Land in theaters (February 15, 2002), a Special Edition DVD was released for this 1953 classic on February 12. It went into moratorium on January 31, 2003, with online sales continuing until Summer 2003, between July and August.


Let your dreams take flight as you experience this glorious Special Edition of Walt Disney's 14th animated masterpiece -- the magical story of the boy who never grows up - now fully restored and remastered for picture and sound that go above and beyond the film's original brilliance.

Your imagination will soar to new heights as you discover all the breathtaking wonders of Never Land, including previously unseen footage! Travel back in time and learn how this timeless tale came to be, in "The Peter Pan Story." Thrill to the all-new Audio Commentary hosted by Roy Disney, featuring Walt Disney and his veteran animators. Tour a virtual gallery and view rarely seen images of preliminary concept art, designs and storyboard drawings. Or, if it's pirate plunder you're after, hunt for hidden treasure throughout Never Land in a thrilling new game. Then, join in the fun with a "Following the Leader" sing-along!

Bursting with fantasy, adventure, memorable songs -- and pixie dust! -- Peter Pan defines Disney Magic, reminding us all again and again that childhood dreams live forever.



Video Creation date
1 Blue warning screens April 2000
2 Walt Disney Home Entertainment logo May 2001
3 First trailer for Beauty and the Beast: Platinum Edition November 2001
4 Video preview for Monsters, Inc. November 2001
5 Trailer for 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure December 2001
6 Trailer for The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (25th Anniversary Edition) December 2001
7 Promo for Disney's American Legends December 2001
8 Feature Presentation September 2001
9 Full Screen Format Disclaimer June 2000
10 Peter Pan (restored version) January 1998
11 Trailer for Peter Pan: Return to Never Land November 2001


Bonus material

  • "The Making of Peter Pan" featurette
  • Original 1952 theatrical promotional featurette "The Peter Pan Story"
  • Audio commentary
  • Exclusive look at Return to Never Land
  • Still frame gallery
  • "Following the Leader" Sing-Along
  • Interactive storybook "Peter's Playful Prank"
  • Pirate treasure hunt game

In Other CountriesEdit

Country of origin Release date
South Korea June 20, 2002
Japan May 23, 2003

Television broadcastsEdit

During the DVD's sales, Peter Pan aired on ABC on August 11, 2002.



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