Pocahontas was first released on DVD on June 6, 2000, rather than on July 4, its originally planned release date.


"Pocahontas" is the enchanting musical tale of a brave, compassionate, and dynamic woman who listens to her heart and follows her own path. Accompaned by two hilarious cohorts, Meeko, a mischievous raccoon with a hearty appetite, and Flit, a spirited hummingbird, Pocahontas befriends a handsome British soldier, Captain John Smith, and learns she must choose between duty and destiny.



Bonus material

  • Trivia Game
  • Read-Along Storybook
  • Music Videos: "Colors Of The Wind" and "If I Never Knew You"
  • Fun With Nature Booklet
  • Theatrical Trailer


Video Creation date
1 Blue warning screens April 2000
2 Walt Disney Gold Classic Collection logo March 2000
3 Video preview for Toy Story 2 November 1999
4 Video preview for The Tigger Movie March 2000
5 Trailer for Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins April 2000
6 Trailer for The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea February 2000
7 Promo for the Walt Disney Gold Classic Collection

March 2000

8 Trailer for Discover Spot March 2000
9 Feature Presentation November 1999
10 Full Screen Format Disclaimer January 1994
11 Pocahontas June 1995

In Other CountriesEdit

Country of origin Release date
Japan February 21, 2003
South Korea May 22, 2003



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