(Narrator: Amy)

On one hot summer day, King Dedede was pacing around in his throne room, looking bored because he was no longer able to buy any more monsters to drive Cappytown insane. Then he got a phone call. 

"Who is this?" he answered. 

"It's Eggman, you fool!" 


"Dude, why don't you just calm down?!" Eggman yelled back, took a deep breath, then continued, "Listen, I'm sorry for what happened that night, but I've decided... you're hired again as my partner."

"Really?" A sudden grin appeared on Dedede's face. "Thanks, buddy!" 

Eggman said, "I had to do this. My robot minions and I have just built new monsters, but since I couldn't use them myself, I have chosen to sell some of these monsters for you, and they'll be just like the monsters you used to buy from Nightmare Enterprises. But the only thing that's different is... they're free of charge." 

"Free of charge!" Dedede's eyes widened with even more joy. "All right! Thanks, Egg-dude! You're the best partner I've ever had!" 

"No problem, big guy," Eggman replied. 

Moments later, Escargoon showed up inside. "Sire!" Dedede quickly hung up, but Escargoon noticed he was on the phone for a second. "Who were you calling?" 

"Uh... nobody," Dedede stuttered. "But I got some great news." 

"What news?" Escargoon asked. 

"I'll tell you what it is. My partner Eggman has just started selling his own monsters to me free of charge!" 

Escargoon was suddenly overjoyed with Dedede. "That's fantastic, sire! Now those Cappies ought to be taught a lesson!" They both laughed. A new Nightmare Enterprises was back in business! 

Meanwhile, I was watching TV in my house. I was watching a program with love and romance. Between me and the television set was an electric fan. 

Suddenly the phone rang. I walked over to answer it, leaving the TV and my electric fan still on. "Hello?" I answered. 

"Hey, Amy," said Tiff, who appeared to be sweating from the hot weather. "My goodness, it's a hot day today!" 

"It sure is, Tiff," I replied. "I'm so glad I got my electric fan near me; I'm getting hotter myself the way I just moved away from it." 

"Tell me about it. I'm up in my room, and even with the window open, it's just not helping at all." 

Then I had an idea. "Tiff, I just thought of something. Why don't we go to the Emerald Coast for a swim?" 

"That sounds like a great idea!" Tiff said. "But... who's gonna take us? Isn't the Emerald Coast a long distance from where we are?" 

"That's okay, Tiff; I'll just call Tails, and he'll take us to the Emerald Coast." 

"Good plan," Tiff replied. "I'll bring some of my friends with me, and I'll meet you later. Make sure Tails parks his X-Tornado outside the castle." 

"I'll do that. Bye," I said, then hung up. I went back into the room where the TV was, turned it off, and I also turned off the electric fan. Then I went upstairs to Sonic's room door and knocked. 

Sonic opened the door. "Amy! What do you want?" he asked. "Wanna go to the beach with me?" I asked in my sweetest voice. "I'll give you swimming lessons." 

"Well, since I'm not enjoying the heat in my room... all right, let's go!" 

"Thanks, Sonic!" I hugged Sonic, so happy that it would be the first time we'd be going to the beach together. 

We started packing our stuff -- our swimsuits, sunblock, towels, slippers, sunglasses, an underwater mask, and some snacks. Sonic also took his red and white swimming tube, and some of his own magazines. 

As Sonic and I got ready, Tails arrived in the X-Tornado with Cream and Cheese. "Hey, guys! I just got news that the Emerald Coast Resort has been rebuilt good as new!" 

"Is that true?" I asked. 

"You bet it is! I told Cream about this news, and to celebrate, we've decided to go to the beach with you guys!"' 

"That's great!" Sonic said. "We're going too. I seriously can't take the heat in my room." 

"Hey, Tails, before we go, let's make a brief stop to Dedede's castle," I said to my younger-brotherly fox friend. 


"My friend Tiff wants to come too. She hasn't gone to the beach with us yet." 

"Okay," Tails said. Sonic and I put our belongings into the trunk, got inside the vehicle, and buckled ourselves up. Then Tails began acceleration, and took off. 

Meanwhile, Kirby and Tiff were already all packed up and waiting outside. Inside Tiff's big pink and green bag were her swimsuit (it's almost like mine, except hers is pink on the top and green on the bottom like her main dress), some sunblock, her sunglasses, a towel, their snorkels, some snacks of her own, and a waterproof camera to take pictures along the way. 

"Are you excited, Kirby?" Tiff asked. "We're gonna have a great time at the Emerald Coast Resort!" 

Kirby nodded. Just the thought of going to a beach bigger than the one in Cappytown was much more refreshing to him. 

Moments later, the X-Tornado apppeared and landed on the ground near King Dedede's castle. 

"Hey, guys," Tiff said. "My friend Kirby wants to come too, he hasn't been to the Emerald Coast before." 

"Then be my guest; you're invited," Tails said. Excited, Kirby jumped into an empty seat of the X-Tornado. Tiff put her bag next to mine in the plane's trunk, got into the plane, sat next to Kirby, and the two of them buckled up. Then Tails closed the cockpit. "Everyone buckled and ready to go?" he asked. 

"Ready!" everyone replied in agreement. 

"Then hang on tight! Here we go!" Tails started the engine and the plane took off again. It went as fast as a speeding bullet. 

Tiff and Kirby looked out the windows. "I've never been on a plane before," Tiff thought. She watched as Cappytown got smaller and smaller until it disappeared behind the clouds. 

The plane went higher. The ocean below became smaller and smaller to see. Soon, the plane was so high up, it was over a hundred feet above ground. 

"Kirby, I have the feeling we're not gonna be in Cappytown anymore for a while," Tiff told her pink puffball friend. 

Due to the speed of the X-Tornado, it took us almost half an hour to get to the Emerald Coast exterior, seeing as though planes weren't allowed to be parked on the island itself. As we got there, Tails slowed down his plane and landed safely on wide open ground. 

"We're here! Everybody out!" Tails told everyone. We all unbuckled our seat belts and got out of the X-Tornado. Tiff and I took out all the bags and put them on the ground, then we claimed our own bags and started walking. 

The place looked quite amazing. All the people were in their swimsuits, some of them were relaxing on the beach, and some were in the ocean. 

"Have you been here before?" Tiff asked me. 

"Of course I have," I replied. "I remember when Eggman came to this place and captured Sonic with one of his monstrous robots. I had to rescue him, but then things got uglier. His robot almost destroyed my hard work on my good-luck bracelet I made for Sonic, so I gave Eggman what he deserved. Then Sonic had to dive underwater to rescue me from drowning." 

"Whoa, that was life-threatening, wasn't it?" 

"Well... sort of. After Sonic rescued me, they brought me to Chris's villa and I stayed there until Cream told me to wake up. Then I noticed that my bracelet disappeared, but what I didn't know is that Sonic took it from me for good luck." 

"I sure was lucky, wasn't I?" Sonic asked. 

"I'm sure you were," Tiff replied. 

We walked across several streets far from the beach until we came to a dock, and far away across the sea was the Emerald Coast.

"Let's take a boat ride to the Emerald Coast," I said. Sooner or later, the ferry arrived and took us across. The ferry went slow as a turtle, but was also big as half the size of the Titanic. 

When the distance of the hotel got smaller and smaller, Sonic was excited, and so was everyone else. But to me, the hotel looked a bit different to as it was when she and everyone else but Sonic came to the beach in the first place. The colors were painted the same, but the building was not completely identical. 

"Something looks familiar with that hotel," I thought. "I have the feeling someone's up to something." 

When the ferry stopped at the island of the Emerald Coast, Tiff, Kirby, Sonic, Tails, and Cream ran as fast as they could to the hotel, but I stopped for a moment as I got off. 

"Amy, come on!" Tiff called. I ran to catch up with them. As we walked through the entrance and into the hotel lobby, it was filled with many people walking around the halls. "At least it doesn't look so bad," Sonic said. 

"Of course it doesn't," said a strange voice from the front desk. "Who said that?" Cream asked, in a sort of shaky voice. 

Behind the front desk was a man dressed in professional clothing. He was also about the same height as King Dedede. "I did," he said. The friends turned to the man who was speaking to them. 

"Who are you?" Tiff asked him. 

"My name is Dede Duncan, the new manager of the Emerald Coast Resort. Some of my fellows have rebuilt the hotel last week, and so far it's been open for business for two days." 

"You sound a lot familiar to me, Mr. Duncan," Tiff replied. "Are you a relative of King Dedede?" 

"Who? Me? No way!" the man laughed. "I've hardly even known about him before." Then he cleared his throat. "Now, allow me to show you around the hotel." 

He led Tiff, Kirby, Sonic, Tails, Cream and me all across the entire hotel. We took a 20-minute tour around several places in the Emerald Coast Resort -- the cafeteria, a gift shop, the swimming pools, shopping centers, and even the beach. Almost everyone was astonished about everything, but Tiff and I were feeling suspicious about the hotel and its manager, and most of all, the name he gave himself. 

The manager then showed us to one of the richest hotel rooms of all on the top floor. "Since there are six of you, this here will be your room for three days and two nights. Enjoy your stay!" And he quickly closed the door behind him, leaving us behind in the hotel room. 

Then 'Mr. Duncan' returned back to the main lobby. He immediately took off the head of his disguise when he got there. He was really... King Dedede! 

Dedede called Eggman on the phone. "Hey, Egg-dude, those twerps fell for it. Everything's gonna go according to plan," he laughed. 

"Perfect," Eggman replied. "I'll send over one of my own monsters by tomorrow night for you, free of charge, like I said. It's gonna be a BLAST!" 

Then Dedede heard indistinct footsteps. He immediately hung up the phone and put back on his 'Mr. Duncan' disguise, right before a news group arrived. 

"We're here live with Mr. Dede Duncan, our new hotel manager at the Emerald Coast Resort," said the reporter. She turned to Dedede. "Tell us, Mr. Duncan, how's it like to have the Emerald Coast Resort back to normal again?" 

"It feels great!" Dedede said as the microphone was pointing at him. "I love having my commoners -- I mean, customers to visit this hotel so they can enjoy swimming and fishing and eating out for a few days." 

"That was Mr. Dede Duncan, live from SSNN, the Station Square News Network," the reporter announced. 

We looked around the room. There was a table that could fit all six of us (in other words, it has six chairs), a widescreen plasma television set that looked much bigger than Tiff's and my TV sets (and with different channels), two soft chairs on the opposite side of the TV, and a door that led to two more rooms. Both rooms had two large beds, big enough to hold three people each. Between these two rooms was a bathroom with a bathtub, one toilet, and two sinks. 

"This place sure has everything," Tails said. "Mr. Duncan was sure nice to have us stay in this room." 

"That's true," I told him. "But I still think there's something a bit suspicious about him. Oh, well, at least we got a hotel room all to ourselves." 

"So what do you wanna do, Amy? Wanna go for a swim in the ocean?" asked Sonic. 

"Well... okay, I think we have time," I replied. Everyone cheered, even Kirby. "Beach party!" they shouted. 

Sooner or later, we all got into our swimsuits, and we all went out to the beach near the hotel. Sonic took his red and white tube, and so did Kirby with his little orange tube with yellow stars. Tiff and I also took some sunblock and our towels with us. Tiff even took her camera. 

"I'll let you borrow this camera. Don't forget, it's waterproof," Tiff said to me as she handed it over. "With this, you can take pictures underwater for souvenirs." 

"Cool!" I said while holding Tiff's camera in my hands. 

"Come on, let's go swimming! I'll race ya!" Then we raced towards the ocean. 

From somwhere else, Cream, Cheese and Tails were playing on the ocean surface.

Kirby was relaxing on his little orange tube.

Sonic was learning to swim with his much bigger red and white tube. 

Tiff and I explored underwater. Tiff was wearing her snorkel, and I had my underwater mask on. Down below we could see fish swimming, their habitats, coral reefs, and other sea creatures.

We took pictures of everything with Tiff's camera -- clownfish, starfish, blue tangs, whales, reptiles, corals, manta rays, jellyfish, octopuses, shrimps, and even ocean sunfish -- except for Kine, because he couldn't come to the Emerald Coast.

After exploring beneath the ocean for a long time, we went back to shore. "I can't wait to show my family these pictures we took underwater!" Tiff said. 

"Me, too. By the way, where's Sonic? I almost forgot, I'm supposed to be teaching him how to swim!" 

"There he is!" Tiff pointed at one far distance where Sonic was. He was still swimming inside his tube, tasting the waves coming from the ocean. 

"Sonic, there you are!" I ran towards him. "I was looking everywhere for you. You seem to be having trouble with your swimming. Well, I'm gonna teach you how." 

"Hey, Amy, while you teach Sonic how to swim, I'm gonna print out these pictures from my camera," Tiff said. She ran back into the hotel. 

For an hour long, I taught Sonic lesson by lesson -- kicking, bobbing, floating and gliding -- but Sonic wasn't paying attention much. In fact, he was still using his tube to swim. 

"Sonic, you're not supposed to use your tube while you swim!" I cried. "If you're not gonna cooperate, you can just have fun all by yourself!"

Giving up, I climbed out of the water, went back to where I put down my towel, and sat under the sun. I spread sunblock all over my body, put on my sunglasses, and lied down for several minutes. 

While lying under the sun, I started dreaming about Sonic finally mastering his swimming lessons and us enjoying the beach together. "If Sonic can learn how to swim, he'll eventually be as good as me someday..." 

Then suddenly, gray clouds appeared from nowhere and it gradually began to rain. People quickly ran out of the ocean and huddled for shelter to avoid hypothermia. 

I called out, "Kirby! Sonic! Tails! Cream! Let's go, it's raining!" They all got out, took all of their stuff and ran back into the hotel. As the rain got gradually bigger, thunderstorms developed. 

Back inside, in the hotel lobby, Dedede, still disguised in his 'Mr. Duncan' clothing, was reading a brochure. One of the customers, who seemed to be a teenage boy, walked up to him and said, "Excuse me, Mr. Duncan, I was about to get ready to go to the beach. It was sunny like, thirty minutes ago, and now it's raining. What's going on?" 

"Well, sonny, I'm quite aware of the fact that the weather's gone crazy today. But don't worry, it'll be sunny again tomorrow. If you really want to swim, then go find yourself a swimming pool." 

"Sheesh! I wonder what's wrong with him..." The boy walked away, disappointed. 

Dedede grabbed the phone and called Eggman. "Good work, Egg-dude, but how'd you do it?" he asked. 

"It wasn't easy. Took me all week on the Internet to figure out how to replace your ol' salesguy from the past. But nonetheless, using my new Eggman Monster Summoner, which comes with a wireless connection to your castle, your delivery system is back in business!" 

Dedede laughed. "You are indeed the new salesguy, Egg-dude! So what's one of the monsters you just revived?" 

"Why, your ol' minion Kracko, of course," Eggman snorted. "And this time, it's got even more voltage and additional rain power." 

"Kracko, eh? This summer's gonna be the best one ever!" Dedede laughed out so loud, all the customers could hear him. Quickly, Dedede hung up, cleared his throat, and said, "Don't worry, people, it'll be sunny again tomorrow before you know it." 

Meanwhile, the friends were bored in their hotel room. I looked out the window. "It's still raining," she said sadly. "I wish the weather was sunny again." 

Sonic was reading some video game magazines he brought with him. Cream and Cheese were watching educational programming from the satellite TV. Tails was in one of the bedrooms eating some snacks he packed for the trip. 

Then Tiff arrived with some photos. "Hey, everyone, take a look at some of these pictures Amy and I took underwater!" 

We all gathered to see the pictures. Tiff put them on a table so everyone could look at them. "Those pictures look cool, Tiff," Tails said. "How did you get them?" 

"I used my waterproof camera to take these pictures underwater. I'm gonna take them home and create an album out of them. After all, marine biology is my favorite subject." 

Soon enough, it was dinnertime. The six of us took the elevator down to the first floor, then ran down a long hallway towards the cafeteria. 

"I wonder what they're gonna serve for us," Tiff thought. 

As they got there, they found Escargoon with his black bowtie on near the entrance. Tiff stopped suddenly, then walked over to the old snail. 

"Hey, Escargoon, what are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be in Dedede's castle?" 

"Well... I was, but His Majesty kicked me out of his castle because I wasn't loyal enough to him. So I got hired by Mr. Duncan, who owns this hotel. He hired me as the new cafeteria manager. Anyways, please seat yourselves, and best of all, serve yourselves to all the foods you want. It's a free buffet!" 

Excited, Sonic, Kirby, Tails and Cream ran to get their foods. Tiff and I, however, felt even more suspicious about what was going on in the hotel, so we walked much more slowly to the cafeteria interior. "Is it just me, or do I have the feeling something weird's happening, Amy?" Tiff asked. 

"Beats me," I replied. "How this hotel got restored in the first place, I'll probably never know." 

We each served ourselves two plates of fresh fruits and vegetables. Cream had various kinds of dessert. Sonic and Tails each ate hamburgers and fries. And Kirby had everything! We all sat together in a table that could hold six people. 

While they ate their foods together, I asked Tiff, "So where did you attend school?" 

"Well, I didn't really go to school; after all, I grew up in Dedede's castle, and I was self-taught. It's sort of like home schooling, except your parents don't teach you. Another way to say it is called autodidacticism, or learning on your own. That's what I did since I was little. Say, I could teach you someday. You can be my private student." 

"No thanks, Tiff," I said. "I'm not really into marine biology that much." 

"Are you sure?" 

"Yeah, I haven't done much studying in school since the time I had to save the world from danger." 

"That's fine with me," Tiff replied. "Whenever we're together, I'll do the answering to the questions for you in this case." 

Meanwhile, back in the castle, Tuff and his parents were having dinner by themselves. "I wonder if Tiff's having fun with her new friends," Sir Ebrum said.

"I'm sure she is," Tuff said. "The Emerald Coast is a long way from here!" 

"But where's His Majesty Dedede and Escargoon?" Mrs. Ebrum asked. 

"I haven't seen them for two days," Sir Ebrum told her. "Did they go on vacation from the castle or something?" 

"Perhaps they did," Mrs. Ebrum replied. "I hope they'll come back by tomorrow." 

All the Cappies who were eating at Kawasaki's restaurant also wondered where the King was. No one was aware that the King went on vacation to the Emerald Coast for at least two days so far. 

That night, it was still raining, but not as hard as it was when the storm began earlier in the afternoon. I looked out the window again and sighed. 

"What's wrong with the weather? It was supposed to be sunny, but the weather's been acting crazy all day." 

"Don't worry, Amy, Mr. Duncan did say it will be sunny again by tomorrow morning," Sonic told her. 

"Yeah, but something tells me I shouldn't be trusting him," I replied. "He did sound like King Dedede, unless... he really IS King Dedede! I'm gonna get him once and for all!" 

But before I could storm out of the room, Tiff stopped me. "Wait, Amy! I'm aware of this fact too, but right now, it's time for bed. We can investigate what's going on in the morning." 

I calmed down and said, "Fine. But we're all going to investigate together!" 

"Good idea," Tiff said. 

Because there were six of us, we had to take turns taking baths and brushing our teeth. Only two of us at a time could fit in the tub, and the sink could only hold an additional two people for teeth brushing. 

When we were all done, Sonic, Tiff and I went into one room, while Kirby, Tails and Cream went into the other. Both rooms had their lights turned off at the same time. 

As we all slept, some of us were a bit scared about what was going to happen when we find out that Mr. Duncan is really King Dedede. 

Tiff even thought in her sleep, "This hotel business is starting to become one of Dedede's schemes!"

I thought to myself, "If Mr. Duncan is really King Dedede, then who and where is the real hotel manager?" 

What is Dedede up to, and what bad things will happen in the vacation to the Emerald Coast?

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