(Narrator: Tiff) It was early at dawn. The six of us -- Amy, Sonic, Cream, Tails, Kirby and I -- were still sleeping in our huge hotel room. 

Dedede, who was still in the lobby, took off his disguise and chuckled quietly. He took out the master card that allows entrance to any room of the hotel, and sneaked upstairs into our room. 

He grabbed my camera, took pictures of everyone in the room and himself, and quickly ran out the door with the camera before anyone could notice, leaving behind the photos on the floor. 

Dedede ran back downstairs to his desk, hid the camera in a safe place and locked it inside. Then he put back on his 'Mr. Duncan' disguise and phoned Eggman. 

"Hey there, Egg-dude! How's it goin'? Is the monster ready yet?" 

"Just about. When those fools wake up in the morning, they'll be shocked about the weather for the rest of their lives!"

They both cackled so loudly, some of the people who were trying to sleep came out of their rooms and began shushing at Dedede. 

He started to yell, "Get back in your rooms--" 

Then immediately, he talked softly, "I mean, everyone, please stay in your rooms and don't stay up too late. Tomorrow's gonna be another good day!" 

Few of the people began to realize that Mr. Duncan, or Dedede, was up to something. 

The next morning, Amy looked out the window. She was shocked to see that thick gray clouds were still covering the sky. 

"Everyone! Wake up! WAKE UP!!" she yelled so loud, we woke up in just a few seconds. 

"What is it, Amy?" I asked, barely awake. 

"Look outside!" Amy shouted. When we looked out the window, the skies were not sunny or clear. 

"I wanna go swimming!" Cream wailed. "But the weather's so awful!" 

"Maybe the weathermen predicted wrong," I said. "Or could it be... that Mr. Duncan, who IS Dedede, was up to something?" 

I walked to the table. My camera was missing! "Hey... where's my camera? I put it right there!" 

Then I noticed the photos that Dedede left behind. I was a bit aware that Dedede actually took the pictures. "Hey, I think I found some clues of who stole my camera," I said to everyone. 

My friends looked at the photos and gasped. They even looked at Dedede's whole face covering up one of the photos. "It WAS Dedede! He really did take my camera! We must go investigate what he's up to!" 

Sonic's stomach growled. "Shouldn't we stop by for breakfast first?" he asked. 

"This is no time for breakfast!" Amy said. "Tiff's right. I think there's something going on with that King!" 

We ran out of the hotel room and into the lobby. But Dedede/Mr. Duncan was not there. "Where's Mr. Duncan?" Tails asked. 

"You mean Dedede," Amy corrected him. "He's probably out for breakfast because he was hungry." 

"Like I am now," Sonic said, holding his empty stomach. 

"Sonic! Fine, I'll buy you a snack, but that's all you'll get," Amy told him. She went into a snack shop and bought some chips for Sonic. 

"Here. This ought to keep you full," she said as she handed the chips to him. 

Five minutes later, Dedede/Mr. Duncan finally came back to work. Tails immediately turned to him. "Mr. Duncan, we want to have a word with you," he said. 

"What? You wanna talk with me? Why don't you guys just go along and get somethin' to eat?" Dedede/Mr. Duncan asked. 

"I knew it was you!" I said, pointing to him. "You were the one who stole my camera, weren't you?" 

"Me? I'd never do a thing like that!" Dedede laughed. "Oh, really?" Amy retorted.

She walked around one side of his desk. Dedede tried to stop her. "Hey, you don't have permission to look in my desk!" he said.

But Amy ignored him. She looked in the cabinets and found my camera in one of them. "Tiff, I found your camera!" 

"Hey! Give that camera back!" Dedede yelled. 

Thinking carefully, Amy took as many pictures of Dedede's motions as she could. They showed him tripping on the ground, and falling down on his belly. His disguise even fell off. 

The six friends gasped. "King Dedede!" I said surprisingly. "You were Mr. Duncan all along?" 

Dedede lifted his head, looked up at the group, then quickly stood up. "How dare you figure out who I was!" he yelled. 

"It was you from the beginning!" Amy stood up to the King. "You were the one who rebuilt this hotel, made it your way, and tricked everyone to getting into it!" 

"And you're the one who's starting the insane weather outside!" Sonic added. 

"And you promised you wouldn't treat us like this anymore!" Amy yelled. 

I pointed at the King again. "We're gonna report you to the cops at once!" 

"Not so fast!" Dedede said. "I just got some calls from Eggman. We're partners again!" 

We all gasped, hearing this. "That's right. Eggman just revived me some monsters, but he couldn't use 'em all my himself, so he called me and now... a new Nightmare Enterprises is back in business!" 

"A NEW NIGHTMARE ENTERPRISES!!??!" we yelled in a shocked voice. 

"If you don't believe me, why don't you go outside and I'll prove it," Dedede told them. 

We went outside the hotel. The winds were blowing so hard, it made the waves of the Emerald Coast go faster than usual. The waves were so big, they soaked the entire beach. 

Amy, Sonic, Cream, Tails, Kirby and I looked up at the sky. It was not raining, but it was much worse than that -- there was thunder LOUD! 

"Ahh!" Amy shrieked, barely dodging one of the electric bolts formed from high up in the sky. 

Then more electric bolts surged, causing everyone to run around in circles, fearing for their lives. 

The people inside the hotel closed their windows and curtains to avoid getting hit. Some of them called 911 for help. 

"I recognize those thunder bolts!" I cried. "It must have come from one of the monsters that was revived by Eggman!" 

A few of the clouds slid back to reveal a puffy white cloud with one eye and spikes around it. "Kracko!" It let out a huge lightning bolt, directly at Kirby, injuring him. 

"Kirby! Are you all right?" I tried to wake Kirby up. He could barely move. 

Meanwhile, the people of Cappytown were watching TV. Some of them were still curious about King Dedede's absence. Their programs suddenly got interrupted. 

"We interrupt this program for a special news bulletin from SSNN, the Station Square News Network," a voiceover said from the TVs. 

The same female reporter from last time said, "Up until recently, it was falsely reported that there was going to be clear skies, but right now, we seem to be having severe weather conditions from nowhere. The Emerald Coast is in the most dangerous situation right now at this time. We have also gotten report that Mr. Dede Duncan is actually an impostor as hotel manager. To further exacerbate the situation, we have some victims of the storm trying to save their own lives." 

Tuff and our parents watched in horror when they saw me, Kirby, and our friends trying to run from the electric bolts from Kracko. 

Sir Ebrum could not stand the horror. "Tiff! Our daughter's in danger! We're coming, Tiff!" 

But to make matters worse, they couldn't use King Dedede's car because he took it with him to get to the Emerald Coast. So they asked Meta Knight if he could take them instead. 

"You're saying Tiff is in danger?" Meta Knight asked. 

"Yes," Mom replied. "If we just stay here and don't do something, Tiff and her friends will lose their lives!" 

Meta Knight thought for a moment, then said, "Okay! Get in my car and let's go!" 

They all got into his car, and buckled themselves. Meta Knight set the destination to the Emerald Coast with his new navigation system. "Hang on tight!" he shouted. 

The car went zooming, not into the speed of sound, but very fast, at least around a hundred miles per hour. 

Back in the Emerald Coast, we were still running from danger. Then I had an idea. "Kabu! Send the Warpstar!" I called as loud as I could. 

"Warpstar!" called Kabu. The mouth of the statue slid down. A glowing star shone bright inside, and flew fast out of Kabu's mouth. The Warpstar flew all around Cappytown and past Meta Knight's car.

"Look, Tiff just summoned the Warpstar to save Kirby's life!" Tuff exclaimed. 

The Warpstar continued its way across Station Square, and into the Emerald Coast, where we were still put in danger. 

Kirby quickly woke up as the Warpstar flew by him, and he immediately hopped on. He flew up high into the sky and through the hole in the clouds where the electric bolts came from. 

"Kirby, suck up those clouds!" I called. Kirby, still riding on his Warpstar, began inhaling at the clouds.

They got thinner and thinner. Kirby continued on inhaling his way to the cloud monster. 

All the people from the Emerald Coast could see what was going on. They looked from their apartment buildings. 

"Look at that! It looks like some kind of pink alien is inhaling something!" said one of the people. 

"I can't believe what I'm seeing! Maybe it's an alien hero who's trying to save our lives!" said another. 

When he finally reached Kracko, Kirby was now face to face with it. Kracko let out even more electric bolts at Kirby. The Warpstar helped Kirby dodge every attack summoned by the cloud monster. 

"Kirby, suck up the lightning!" I shouted. 

Quickly, Kirby inhaled one of the lightning bolts from Kracko. Instantly, he transformed into a swordsman with a long green hat that looked just like Link's hat (from The Legend of Zelda series) and a sword. A Copy Ability!

"All right! Sword Kirby!" We gazed in amazement. "How did he do that?" Amy thought. 

"It's called a Copy Ability," I told her. "Kirby can inhale his enemies and transform into things. Because he inhaled those lightning bolts, he transformed into Sword Kirby." 

"Amazing!" Sonic said. "Even I forgot about how he's done that before." 

Kirby carefully maneuvered his sword and began to fight off Kracko. The monster continued letting out even more thunderbolts, especially down to the ground. 

A news reporter said from far away, "My, would you look at that? A Star Warrior has come to save our lives! He's riding on some star-shaped platform, and he's trying to get the clouds out of the sky." 

We watched as Kirby continued fighting Kracko. I suddenly thought of the technique Kirby could use to defeat the monster. "Kirby, use the Sword Beam!" I called out. 

Hearing this, Kirby used a powerful sword move that Meta Knight taught him. "SWORD BEAM!" he yelled. As his high voice echoed, the sword went right through Kracko, slicing it in half. 

Soon enough, the spiked cloud monster disappeared in a humongous ball of white light. As it did so, sunlight broke right through the hole of the dark clouds. 

Dedede and Escargoon looked out through one of the hotel windows. "I don't believe it! That cream puff just got rid of my precious Kracko!" 

When the clouds finally dissolved, people walked over nearby and applauded to us. Kirby, who no longer had the Sword ability, flew down to the ground. He hopped off the Warpstar. 

Dedede and Escargoon ran out of the hotel. Dedede yelled at us, "Hey! How dare you get into the bottom of this--" 

But he was interrupted by police officers, with their guns drawn. "Freeze!" one of them commanded. "Hold your hands up in the air!" 

The two goons stopped, and lifted their hands. The news reporter, along with a tall man in a blue hotel manager's uniform, also showed up. "We're here at SSNN, the Station Square News Network. We just got a report that our hero, the Star Warrior Kirby, has just turned the weather from stormy back to sunny." 

She placed the microphone in front of him. "Tell us, Mr. Kirby, was it easy changing the weather back to normal?" she asked. Kirby shook his head. "Poyo," ("No,") he said. 

"And also with us are some friends of our hero," the reporter continued. She turned to us. "Were your lives in danger?" she asked. 

"Well, Kirby can save anyone's life," I spoke into the mic. "Whenever someone needs help, he's always there." 

Amy said, "I'm so glad to have a friend like Tiff, who also helped save our lives. She has the ability to summon Kirby's Warpstar." 

The reporter then announced, "Our real hotel manager, Mr. Davy Duncan, has now returned to the Emerald Coast after one week of vacation. As for the imposter, whose name appears to be King Dedede from Cappytown, along with his sidekick Dr. Escargoon, they will be serving a jail term for a short time. And as for the Emerald Coast Resort itself, it will be closed for a week's reconstruction. This has been SSNN, the Station Square News Network. Back to you, Tom." 

The police pinned the goons onto the ground and put handcuffs on them. "This isn't the end, girlie! I'll get ya next time!" Dedede yelled as he and Escargoon were being taken into custody. 

"Yeah, just you wait! The King's not gonna give up, ever!" Escargoon added. The police threw him and Dedede in the back of the police car, then they drove away. 

Meanwhile, the real Mr. Duncan ran back into the hotel and found our stuff. "I believe these are all yours," he said to us. 

"Thanks, Mr. Duncan," Amy said. "By the way, why were you out of duty for one week?" 

"My family needed me to go on their vacation outside of Emerald Coast. My kids were whining and pleading me to come with them. They were like, 'Daddy! Please come with us! It's no fun without you!' and all that. So I went with them, but until I saw what was going on with the Emerald Coast when I saw the news, I had to come back immediately." 

10 minutes later, Meta Knight and my family arrived. I noticed them coming. "Mom! Dad! Tuff! I'm so glad you're here!" 

I ran towards my family. Dad hugged me. "We're glad you're okay too, Tiff," he said. "So how was your vacation with your friends?"

"It was fine at first, but then things got really scary," I said. 

"Yeah, we were attacked by some lightning monster from up in the sky," Sonic added. 

"It was a shocking disaster!" Amy shuddered. 

"I was scared to death!" Cream squealed. 

"But we were okay, all thanks to Kirby, our hero," I said proudly. 

"What a relief!" Mom sighed. 

Meta Knight got off the car and turned to Kirby. "You did well, Kirby. You proved yourself as a true swordsman without my help. With that, you get a reward." 

He gave him a small piece of jewelry shaped like a sword. "This is a Sword Badge. It is only given to the bravest and strongest heroes of all who can defeat any enemy with just one sword." 

Excited, Kirby grabbed the badge from Meta Knight and hopped around with it. 

"Well, it's time we all got back home," Sir Ebrum said. 

"Aw... but I wanna go swimming!" Tuff whined. 

"Don't worry, Tuff," I comforted him. "Don't forget that we got our own beach in Cappytown." 

"Great!" Tuff exclaimed. 

"In fact, why don't we all go swimming together? My whole family... and you guys can come, too!" 

We all cheered. We still got a place to swim again! 

So we all went back to Cappytown and enjoyed our vacation like always. Tuff, his Cappy friends, as well as everyone else but my parents, we went swimming in the ocean. As for my parents, they enjoyed their time sunbathing. We all had a great time at the beach, in a monster-free environment.

But Dedede and Escargoon spent a week in the local jail center in Station Square. It was even worse than Chief Bookem's plain old jail cells. 

"It's all your fault, Escargoon!" Dedede yelled. 

"ME?" Escargoon yelled back. "You were the one who built the hotel resort!" 

The two argued with each other, beating each other up inside the cell. "KEEP IT DOWN THERE!" yelled a policeman outside the cell. 

Instantly, Dedede and Escargoon stopped fighting, then Dedede glared at the policeman. "Let us out this instant or I'll trade places with ya!" he yelled. 

"Oh yeah? Well, you have the right to remain silent!" the policeman replied. He took out some pepper spray and sprayed it at Dedede's face, dropping him on the floor. 

"Goodness, that guy's way more brutal than Chief Bookem!" Dedede coughed. 

One week later, the real Mr. Duncan had finally restored the Emerald Coast Resort in his own way. It looked even more beautiful than ever -- much more than what Amy had expected. 

Everyone was watching the news on their home television sets. The news reporter said, "After one week of reconstruction, the Emerald Coast Resort has now been rebuilt into its original condition. The hotel is now offering up to a seven-day, six-night stay maximum for all guests who would like to visit this resort." 

When Amy saw this news, she called me on the phone. "Hey, Tiff, the hotel has been returned back to normal. Let's go swimming again!" 

"Great idea, Amy!" I replied. 

Amy went up to Sonic's room and knocked on his door. Sonic opened it. 

"Amy! Let me guess -- you want to take me to the beach, right?" he said. 

"That's right, Sonic," said Amy. "I just found out that the hotel has been rebuilt by the real Mr. Duncan, and he's letting us stay for up to seven days and six nights. We're gonna have a great time swimming, relaxing in the sun, having dinner, and I'll give you some swimming lessons..."

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