Rusty to the Rescue and Other Thomas Stories was the first Season 4 video of Thomas & Friends, and the first to be distributed by Video Treasures in 1995.


Next stop -- The Island of Sodor for more Thomas adventures with new friends. Watch Rusty, the small Diesel engine, set off where only brave Diesels dare to go. Will the rescuers find Duke with a bang and reunite him with Stuart and Falcon? Sir Handel's bad temper gets him into trouble and Thomas tells Toby and Percy the story of how Duke became known as Granpuff. So join in the adventure with Thomas and his friends, in volume 12 where the fun never ends.


  1. Granpuff (Season 4, episode 1)
  2. Sleeping Beauty (Season 4, episode 2)
  3. A Bad Day for Sir Handel (Season 4, episode 6)
  4. Rusty Helps Peter Sam (Season 4, episode 8)
  5. Rusty to the Rescue (Season 4, episode 15)
  6. Thomas and Stepney (Season 4, episode 16)

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