All across Station Square and Cappytown at 7:00 p.m., the people were watching weather forecast news from their television sets. Outside, it was raining -- really hard, and there were strong thunderstorms.

"Tonight we're going to see severe thunderstorms and heavy rain, with a 100% chance of the storm not stopping until tomorrow by dawn," said the forecaster on TV.

Meanwhile, about 50 miles away, there was a big boat being caught by the storm. Inside this boat was a family of Seedrians -- a 10 year old green girl named Cosmo (unlike in Sonic X, she's not 8 in this series), her older sister Galaxina, and their parents Earthia and Lucas. To make matters worse, the ship has just started leaking!

"Abandon ship! Women and children first!" yelled the captain. All the people onboard were given evacuation orders, and they all put on their lifejackets and jumped into nearby lifeboats, one by one.

Right after the crew onboard abandoned ship, the boat got struck directly by a lightning bolt, causing it to sink even faster. Then, immediately after one whole minute, the ship disappeared underwater.

But the storm wasn't quite through yet -- in fact, things got much worse for everyone formerly onboard the ship that just sunk. Some of the lifeboats got hit by tidal waves, engulfing them all with cold seawater, and even tipping them over!

The lifeboat that Cosmo's family was in also tipped over, sending the whole family falling into the sea. Cosmo was able to swim back up to the surface and she had the strength to flip her lifeboat rightside up and climb back onto it, but the rest of her whole family was not very lucky. Tragically, the storm had washed all of them away, and no one could save them. Cosmo was now alone.

The girl sadly watched from behind as she saw nothing but massive drops of rain and fog, then continued rowing ahead all night long.

The next morning, after the storm ended, it was now a sunny day with a clear blue sky and no clouds whatsoever. The temperature was back up to a warm enough one to go swimming. Amy, Tiff, Buto, Sonic, Kirby, Tails, Cream and Cheese were taking a walk to the beach.

"Oh, come on, why the beach?" Sonic complained.

"Because I want to go find some more seashells that I might find brand new there," Tiff said.

"Don't worry, Sonic," Amy said to her boyfriend. "You don't have to go swimming. You can just relax under the shade, or maybe even help Tiff find some seashells with her."

"I'd rather just run around Station Square and have fun with that."

"Not today, you won't. You promised to stay with us all day today, right?"

"Okay, Amy, you win. I'll just go under the tree and have no fun not running!" Sonic said in a very rude tone, and scoffed.

The minute after they got to the beach, Amy, Buto and Tiff were looking for seashells, while Tails, Cream, Cheese and Kirby were taking a swim in the ocean.

Sonic, on the other hand, was not doing anything but relaxing under the trees to prevent himself from getting sunburned from under the hot sun. He sighed. "Why couldn't we just go buy a snack or hang out in the city park?" he thought to himself.

Then suddenly, he saw Cosmo's limp and unconscious body lying right next to him under her old, worn out lifeboat and the two rowing oars beside her. Knowing that she was in a critical condition, he wiggled her body.

Cosmo weakly groaned, but was unable to speak. "Hey, guys, come look at this!" Sonic shouted, loud enough for his friends to hear. Amy, Tiff, Buto, Cream, Cheese, Tails and Kirby stopped what they were doing and ran towards Sonic and the unconscious girl.

"Who is that, Sonic?" asked Tails.

"I don't know, but it looks like she needs help," Sonic replied.

"But where should we take her?" Cream asked.

"Let's go to Dedede's castle," Tiff said. "It's the closest one around in Cappytown, anyway."

As they carried Cosmo's body all the way up to the castle, Tails thought to himself, "I wonder who she is... and where she came from."

Inside the castle, King Dedede saw Tiff and the others carrying Cosmo into the castle down below from his window. "Hey, Escargoon, lookie here," he said.

Escargoon looked out the window with Dedede. "Do ya see what I'm seein'?" Dedede asked.

"It might be another of Tiff's outsider trespasser friends," Escargoon said.

"Well, either way, we gotta do somethin' about it!" With that, Dedede left his room and started going downstairs.

"Hey, sire, wait up!" Escargoon followed after him.

Amy and her friends carried Cosmo up to Sir Ebrum's living room and placed her on a couch, her body still unconscious. "She'll be all right here," said Tiff.

"I'll go get a blanket and a pillow so she can stay warm," Buto said. He ran out of the living room and back up to Tiff's room, then looked into Tiff's closet. He took out a large blanket and an extra pillow from inside, and went back to the living room.

"Here you go, Tiff," he said, handing the bedding items to Tiff.

"Thanks, Buto," she replied, then she carefully placed the pillow under Cosmo's head. After that, Tiff gently covered Cosmo's body with the blanket.

"Now what?" Amy asked.

"Let's be quiet and see what happens," Tiff told her. Just then Tuff came over into the living room. "Hey, what's going on?"



"It's really important that we shouldn't be talking right now," Tiff said to her brother. "Someone's asleep here, and she's not feeling very well."

Cosmo, still lying on the couch with her head barely moving, began dreaming about the death of her family. She dreamed about the moment when the storm hit the boat they were riding, and the time when they tried to save themselves on their lifeboat. Then all of a sudden...

...she woke up!

Her eyes wide open, Cosmo could see nothing but a blurry view of the ceiling. Then she regained her eyesight back to normal.

"Look, she's waking up," Tiff said.

Cosmo sat up on the couch. "Hey, be careful, you could easily fall back down and get hurt like that," Tiff warned her.

"What happened to you?" Amy asked. "It looked to me like you had a big crash. You're lucky you're not seriously injured."

"Maybe you could tell us your name and where you came from," Cream said.

Cosmo covered her mouth and gasped. Then she said, "I don't think I can do that."

"You mean... you can't remember?" asked Cream.

"I can, but I... can't tell you," Cosmo said weakly.

"Why?" asked Tails. "You can talk to us, we'll help you if you can. What's the matter?"

"I can't tell you," Cosmo said again.

This made Amy really impatient. "Well, I have a right to know what this is all about!" she said. "You didn't come here to date my boyfriend, Sonic, did ya?"

"Amy, she didn't come here to date him," Cream said, trying to calm her down.

"Don't mind her," Sonic said to Cosmo. "She's only like this when she gets impatient for no reason. By the way, I'm Sonic the Hedgehog."

"You're... Sonic?"

"That's right," Sonic replied.

"And we're his friends," Tails added. "My name's Miles Prower, but everyone calls me by my nickname Tails."

"I'm Tuff," Tuff said. "Tails is my best friend."

"My name's Tiff," said Tiff. "I'm Tuff's older sister and Amy's best friend."

"I'm Buto," Buto added. "I'm Tiff's boyfriend and older brother at the same time."

"And this is Kirby," Tiff said while holding up the pink puffball.

"Hi," Kirby said.

"And I'm Cream," Cream said. "We're very happy to meet you."

Amy, still stern, said, "And my name's Amy Rose. You're not gonna be here long, are you?"

Cosmo looked down and nodded sadly. "I'm afraid I have to," she said. "I still don't feel very well."

Knowing that Cosmo was not lying, Amy's face softened. "Why? What's wrong?" she asked.

"I'll tell you this -- my family... is dead."

Everyone except Cosmo gasped in shock. "You can't be serious!" Buto said.

"I am serious," Cosmo told him. "It all began when we took a ride in a liner sailboat. It was going to be the happiest day of my life, but then this storm arrived and attacked our ship. It was so vicious that everyone's lives were in danger. The captain told us to abandon the ship and take refruge in lifeboats."

"Did everyone survive?" Tails asked.

"Not everyone," Cosmo said. "There were waves so huge, it washed away some of the people in their lifeboats. And my whole family was part of them."

"So you were the only survivor in your family?" asked Sonic.

"That's right," Cosmo replied. "I took our lifeboat just to save myself, and that's how I came here to this part of the world. Whatever happend to me might not have happened to all of you. Everyone I loved -- my whole family -- my mom, my dad, even my sister -- everyone... everyone is gone..."

Cosmo broke into tears and began to sob. She was not able to continue her story any further. Everyone else knew how she felt.

"Tiff, what can we do to help her?" asked Amy.

"Maybe we should feed her something, that why she'll perk up," Tiff replied. Then she asked Cosmo, "Do you have a favorite food to eat?"

Cosmo did not say a word. She was still to wipe her tears away. "We got plenty of leftover hamburgers in our fridge," Buto told her. "You want some?"

"I'm a vegetarian," said Cosmo. "My family has never eaten any meat in our entire life. I also like to eat cream cake with fruit for dessert."

"Wait here," Tiff said. "I'll go get a salad from the refrigerator." She went into the kitchen and took out a salad she was planning to eat another day. It contained carrots, tomatoes, lots of lettuce, peppers, and cucumbers, but no dressing.

"I was going to eat this vegetarian salad for lunch one day, but because I was invited to a party, I chose to save it for later. Now that you're here, I want you to have it so you can fully recover."

"Thanks, Tiff," Cosmo said. She picked up the plastic fork and slowly, she started eating the salad. Everyone stared at her as she gradually began to regain herself into perfect condition and happiness.

Then she jumped high with joy and gently floated down. The friends gasped in amazement. "Wow, I didn't know she could do that!" Tails thought.

"Is that your special ability?" asked Tuff.

"It sure is," Cosmo replied.

"So now that you're feeling better, can you tell us your name now?" asked Tiff.

"My name is Cosmo," said the Seedrian girl. "I used to live in an environment where it was a lot easier to get our food. We always got our food from other plants, like trees, that make their own food by getting their energy from the light of the sun."

"Talk about a lot easier," Amy said. "Tiff and I always have to buy our foods from the grocery store every one or two weeks! Not only that, it costs money."

"Money? What's money?" asked Cosmo.

"It's the things we use to pay for our goods and wants. I won a lot of it in a hammer-wrestling tournament, and now I'm the richest girl out of all of us. So whenever you need to buy something, you can always ask me."

"Hey, what's going on here?" asked an elderly man's voice. King Dedede and Escargoon showed up inside the living room.

"Greetings, Your Majesty," Cosmo said. "I'm Cosmo. I came to this part of the world after my family died in a thunderstorm last night. Because of this, I am now an orphaned girl, and I am looking for someplace to live."

"Well, you ain't gonna live in this here castle," Dedede told her. "Ol' King Dedede would never invite a green plant girl like you as a guest around here!"

"If you need someplace to live, why don't you ask your new little friends about it? I'm sure they can help you find a new home," Escargoon added.

The two goons laughed, and left the living room. "You might want to be careful, Cosmo," Amy said in a cautionary mood. "Those guys always act like bullies when they feel like it. If you're not careful, they just might trick you!"

"I promise I will be careful whatever I'm doing," Cosmo replied.

"Good," Tiff said. "So what do you want to do now?"

"I would like you to show me what it's like around your hometowns," answered Cosmo.


Cosmo and her new friends also left the room and walked down the stairs, back out to the courtyard. They heard the sound of barking from a distance away. It was Buto's dog, who was running straight towards the friends.

"Whoa! Slow down there, Butcher!" Buto said.

"Who's that?" asked Cosmo.

"It's okay, Cosmo," Buto told her. "This is my dog, Butcher. He's only a year old, and he won't hurt you. He's a friendly dog. I trained him well enough since the day I first adopted him. You want to pet him?"

"I've never petted a dog before."

"Well, you'll get used to it soon. Don't worry, I trust you he won't bite."

Cosmo slowly reached her hand for the dog's fur. Then she rubbed his fur really gently. "I think he's cute," she said. "I would love to have a dog myself someday."

Then Buto turned to his pet. "I'll be back by before dinnertime, Butcher. I'll feed you some raw meat cereal and dog biscuits by then, okay?"

Butcher panted, then Buto put him down. "Now go play with your toys," he said. The dog ran off back into his doghouse, and the friends resumed their journey.

They crossed the drawbridge, and walked down the road to the streets of Cappytown. Cappies were seen reading books, playing outdoor activities, and doing other things.

"This sure is the busiest place I've ever seen yet," Cosmo said.

"Well, wait until you see the city of Station Square," said Amy. "It's a lot busier and richer than in Cappytown."

The friends walked past the beach and directly to the outskirts of Cappytown. As they passed the bench where Amy and Sonic first met Tiff and Kirby, Tiff said, "This is the bench where Amy and I became friends on the day we have first known each other."

"And on the day after that, when she introduced me to Kirby and I introduced her to Sonic," Amy added.

The friends walked even further, into the Station Square main city area. "There's the city park," Buto said. "Whenever there isn't enough room to play in Cappytown, we can always come here to have fun instead."

"It's beautiful," said Cosmo.

Then the friends went into Amy's neighborhood. "Let's go to my house first," Amy said. "I wanna show you some of the things I do around there."

They went across the walkway to the house with 'The House of Amy Rose' sign planted in front of it. "Is this your house?" Cosmo asked.

"That's right," Amy replied. "After we left our old friend Chris, Sonic and I moved back here where we belong." She took out the keys to the door of her house and unlocked it, and they all went inside.

Amazed, Cosmo looked at the design of Amy's house. "Your house is just as pretty as the one I used to live in," she said.

"Thanks," replied Amy.

Cosmo looked around more of the house. She saw the living room with the toys, dolls, bookshelves, and the studio piano. "How'd you buy this piano?" she asked.

"It was easy," said Amy. "Because I'm a rich girl, winning $2 million just for defeating King Dedede in the Hammer Wrestling Tournament, I am now able to buy even the most expensive things we see in the shopping mall."

Cosmo sat down on the stool in front of the piano, and started playing a song from one of Amy's songbooks that came with the piano. It was beautiful, romantic music.

"I didn't know she could play the piano," Cream said.

"Me neither," Tails added.

"How'd you learn to be so talented in playing piano?" asked Tuff.

"I took piano lessons when I was seven," Cosmo replied. "When I graduated the most basic levels, I started practicing playing songs from the most famous composers."

Then she stopped playing, and got off the piano stool. "Wanna go see what the shopping mall looks like?" Tiff asked.

"Okay," said Cosmo.

"Then wait here while I go get my purse." Amy went into the kitchen and put her keys in her bag, then took the bag with her wallet inside. Then the friends left the house again, and Amy locked the door.

They walked a long distance to the shopping mall. After they went inside, Cosmo looked around the environment of the mall. "This place is even richer than I thought it would be," she said.

"That's because it's a very busy mall," Amy told her. "Thousands of people come here every day to buy stuff and hang out and all that. So what do you want to buy?"

"Is there a florist in this mall?"

"You mean you want to buy some flowers?"


"But why?"

"Because I miss my family, and the flowers will always remind me of them."

"Okay, then follow me; I know where the florist is." Amy led her friends down a long hallway through the first floor of the mall and into the only store where flowers were available for purchasing.

Cosmo smelled the fragrance of the flowers. "Ahhh... it smells as beautiful as my old home," she said. She picked some of the bouquets that she thought matched each of her family members. "I'll buy these, because they each represent a member of my old family."

"How do you know which bouquet is which?" Tiff asked.

"The purple ones represent my father, the white ones my mother, and the blue ones my sister Galaxina."

"Okay, then, let's go ahead and buy them so we can find a place to plant them somewhere."

The friends bought the bouquets of flowers Cosmo ever wanted because they would remind her of her family. "But I don't know if we can afford them," she said to Amy.

"Relax, Cosmo," Amy replied. "Like I said, I have lots of money." She paid for the flowers with a $50 bill, and got a very little amount of cash for change.

Later, the friends went a very long distance to Tails' house. Cosmo carried her flowers all the way there by herself. "You sure you don't need my help, Cosmo? Those flowers might be too heavy to carry," Amy said.

"No, thank you, Amy," Cosmo told her. "As a Seedrian girl, flowers are never too heavy for me."

When they finally made it to the house, Cosmo asked, "Is this where you live, Tails?"

"It sure is," Tails said. "You wanna see what I got in there?"

"Okay," Cosmo replied.

The friends went inside Tails' house. It was the same old laboratory with his inventions, arcade games, his laptop computer, the amazing machines, and the parking space wide enough to park his X-Tornado.

Cosmo put the flowers down on Tails' working table and examined the plane. "I've never seen a plane before in my whole life," she said. "How did you get it, Tails?"

"I needed a stronger plane than my former Tornado 2, because Eggman's E-90 was much too powerful against it. This plane's also got double engines, a hidden afterburner that increases the speed of the plane, and the ability to transform into other things. Wanna take a ride in it?"

"I'd love to," Cosmo said. "But what about my flowers?"

"Don't worry, Cosmo; Tiff and l will take care of them," Amy told her. Cosmo got inside the X-Tornado, and so did Tails. While the plane took off and sailed away for a few minutes, Amy and Tiff took Cosmo's flowers and planted them in the garden in front of Tails' house.

"Are you sure Cosmo will like it if we planted these flowers in front of Tails' house, Tiff? What will Tails think?"

"I think they'll be fine here," Tiff said. "We'll let Cosmo know that we planted them, and she'll decide whether she likes it or not."

Meanwhile inside the plane, Tails showed Cosmo all around more of Station Square. "What else can this plane do?" she asked.

"Well, normally, I use this plane whenever we go to faraway vacations or when we battle our enemies. It's even equipped with a ring launcher that I use to power-up Sonic so he can destroy Eggman's robots if there are any."

"Um, I've always wanted to say this, Tails, but, can I stay with you tonight?"

"Huh? What was that?"

"My family's dead, and I just remembered, I have no place to stay. I'm an orphan now. And I really need someplace to live so I can be loved again."

When Tails heard these words, he understood how Cosmo would feel if he said no. "Sure, Cosmo. You can stay with me as long as you like."

Several minutes later, Tails' plane arrived back to his house. Just after Tails and Cosmo got out of the X-Tornado, Cosmo asked, "Where's my flowers?"

"Amy and I planted them in the garden in front of the house," Tiff replied. "What do you think, Cosmo?"

Cosmo looked at the flowers planted in the front garden of Tails' house and said, "I think it's perfect. If they were planted in flowerpots, they probably would've died in just a week or so. In my old home, we were never allowed to have plants inside the house, so we always planted them outside."

"But all plants don't last for too long," Sonic said. "Especially your flowers."

"Then I guess I'll make them live forever myself," Cosmo said.

"How can you do that?" asked Tuff.

"That's impossible," Cream said.

"Chao," Cheese squealed.

"Just watch." Cosmo waved her hand just like how Amy does to summon a Piko Piko Hammer, but instead, random nutrients appeared from Cosmo's hands. The nutrients sprinkled down onto the flowers.

"That's amazing!" Buto said. "I didn't know a Seedrian girl could do something like that."

"My mom and dad always used to do this to all plants that were in danger of dying. These nutrients will help make the flowers survive for an even longer time."

"That's a cool ability you got," Amy said. "Can you do it to the flowers at my house someday?"

"I could do that, but I think I want to be together with Tails for now, because I love him."

"That's okay with me, Cosmo. Well, I guess I'll see you guys tomorrow."

"Bye, everyone!" Cosmo said.

"Bye, Cosmo!" her friends replied.

"Bye!" Kirby said.

"Bye, Tails!" said Tuff.

"Bye, Tuff," Tails replied.

Amy, Sonic, Tiff, Kirby, Buto, Tuff, Cream and Cheese began walking back to where they belonged, and Tails took Cosmo inside his house.

"You're gonna love what's inside my house, Cosmo," Tails told her. "There's a TV in case you want to watch something, some good books if you want me to read any, and if you want, I could give you a special salad dinner..."

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