It began one morning in Dedede's castle, when Tiff and her whole family were having breakfast. Butcher, Buto's dog, lied down at the front of the table, panting.

Unaware that people's food is not really meant for dogs to eat, Buto took a piece of bacon with his fork and sent it flying in the air. Butcher caught the bacon strip with his mouth.

"Buto, I don't think it's a good idea to feed the food we eat to your dog," Tiff told him.

"What do you mean?" Buto asked. "Look at him, he doesn't feel different."

"Actually, Tiff's right, my son," Sir Ebrum added. "The food that people like us eat are definitely unlike what dogs should eat. Good trainers should only feed their pets food that are for them and not for us."

"I guess you're right," said Buto. He was disappointed that he was forced to be unable to feed Butcher any more of his breakfast food in front of him.

Later at 11:30 a.m. at the Station Square city park, Tiff and Buto were sitting on a bench, sharing one of Tiff's textbooks together. The book they were sharing was about animal science and nature. They looked at pictures of insects, sea creatures, furry animals, rainforests, coral reefs, and many other habitats.

On the grassy field side of the park, Tuff and Tails played soccer, with Kirby and Butcher chasing with them after the ball.

"I'm gonna score!" Tails said.

"No, I'm gonna score!" Tuff disagreed.

The two boys repeatedly kicked and stole the ball from each other with their four feet. Then they tripped over, and Kirby got control of the ball.

"Looks like Kirby scored on that one," Tuff said.

"I guess so," Tails agreed. The two boys got up from the ground and back onto their feet. "Wanna eat a snack?"


The boys walked to another bench. Tails took out a box of square shaped cheese flavored crackers from his orange bag. He opened up the plastic bag inside the box, and the boys started eating.

Kirby and Butcher saw the boys eating their snack, and they wanted some too. "You guys want some cheese crackers, too?" Tails asked.

"Poyo," ("Yeah,") Kirby said. Butcher barked yes.

Tuff grabbed some crackers from Tails' box and threw them at Buto's dog. Butcher caught all the crackers with his mouth. Then he threw some to Kirby, who caught them in his hands, then ate them all in one gulp.

Soon Tiff and Buto had finished sharing the book, and it was time to go back to the castle for lunch. "Tuff, Kirby, let's go!" Tiff called.

"You too, Butcher! Come here, boy!" Buto called.

"Uh-oh! I gotta go, Tails. See you later!" Tuff said to his friend. He, Kirby, and Buto's dog ran over to his sister and brother in law.

"Bye, Tuff!" Tails said as he waved good-bye, and he, too, went back home, carrying his box of cheese crackers with him.

When they got home, Tiff, Tuff, Buto, Kirby, and especially Butcher, of course -- they smelled fresh hamburgers from the dining room that their mother Lady Like cooked.

"Mmm... burgers! And it's the first time I even get to eat one at home," Buto said.

The three kids sat down in three different chairs around the dining room table. There was a mountain like pile of hamburgers stacked on a huge plate. They were all identical, though -- a quarter pound of ground beef flattened into a patty shape, a piece of lettuce and tomato, and a slice of cheddar cheese, all served in two sesame seed buns. Between the plate of burgers were a red bottle (for ketchup) and a yellow bottle (for mustard).

"Help yourselves, kids, but don't try to eat too much, or you'll develop a stomachache," Lady Like said.

"Yes, Mother," Buto said. The kids each picked up a hamburger and started chewing them down. Kirby, who learned his lesson on not inhaling everything in sight, also grabbed a burger and ate it whole in one gulp.

Right as Buto was about to eat a second, he secretly picked up another burger and gave it to Butcher. "Here, boy," he whispered, handing the burger to his dog.

Butcher grbbed the burger with his jaws. "Hurry, get outta here before Tiff and Tuff notice what I'm doing!" whispered his owner. The dog ran out of the room with the burger still in his mouth.

"Who were you talking to?" Tiff asked.

"Uh, nobody," Buto replied, turning back to his younger sister in law.

"You didn't, by any chance, feed your dog a burger, did you?"

"No, of course not," Buto protested.

"Well, good, 'cause if you did, something nasty might happen!"

"Now why would you say that?"

"If you really want to know, wake up tomorrow and I'll tell you why," Tiff said with an evil looking grin. Buto felt a lot of pressure in his eyes and heart.

The next morning at 8:00 a.m., Buto and Tiff were in the living room watching a romance show together.

"Oh, Jim, this is the best day of my life I've ever had!"

"I'm glad you say that, Janice."

"Jim, there's something I've always wanted to say to you."

"What's that?"

"Let's get married someday!"

But while the two were still watching the romance show, Butcher slowly walked into the room, then...

...he fainted!

Buto looked at his dog. "Butcher? Are you okay?" he asked. Butcher didn't bark or make any other common noise at all. Instead, he made a groaning noise.

"Butcher? Butch? Butcher!" Buto finally knew that the dog wasn't in a healthy condition now. He picked him up and sat back down on the couch. "What's wrong with him, Tiff?"

"Maybe it's your fault you made him look this way," Tiff told him.

"My fault? What did I even do?"

"Well, you know you weren't supposed to feed food that dogs usually don't eat."

"I would never do that!"

"Then who DID?"

"Oh, uh, um... I don't know!"

"I better call Amy for this." Tiff grabbed the phone and dialed Amy's phone number. "Hello? Oh, hi, Amy. Listen, I got some bad news. Buto's dog is not feeling well at all."

"Oh, no! What happened?"

"I think he fed him some food that isn't suitable for dogs."

"I did not!" Buto interrupted.

"Quiet, Buto! I'm on the phone! Amy, you might want to come over here and see what the problem is 'cause I'm not a dog anatomist."

"Me neither, but either way, I'll be right there. You guys just hang on!"

"Okay, Amy!"

The girls hung up, and Amy ran as fast as she could 5 miles all the way to Dedede's castle. It took her a long time just to get there.

When Amy finally made it, Tiff said, "Amy! Thank goodness you're finally here!"

"What's wrong with Buto's dog?" Amy asked.

"See for yourself."

Amy looked really hard at Butcher. He made another groaning noise. "Oh, dear! That's terrible! I've never seen something like that happen in my life! What have you been feeding him?"

"I told you already, I didn't feed him anything!"

"Oh really? Then why is he feeling sick like this?"

"I don't know, it just happened for no reason."

"Maybe Tiff's actually right, Buto; you probably fed him something that dogs should never eat."

"How can we help my dog feel better again?" Buto asked.

"Let's try Dr. Yabui's office," Tiff suggested. "He's the only doctor we have in Cappytown."

The three friends, with Buto still holding his dog (who was now wrapped in a warm blanket) in his arms, left the castle living room and all the way down the road to Cappytown. They found Dr. Yabui's office just a quarter of a mile into the village.

"Is this where most people get treated?" Buto asked.

"Of course," Tiff said. "I remember when Tuff and Dedede had to come here to get there teeth checked."

"And Sonic, too," Amy added. She opened the door and let Tiff and Buto go in first. Luckily, there was no one in line today, so Buto barged into the office.

"Whoa!" Dr. Yabui was startled by Buto's actions.

"Doctor, please help me! My dog Butcher is sick, and he really needs some serious medical attention!"

"Now, now, slow down, there, boy," Yabui said. "First of all, it's impolite to just barge in to my office even when there's no line available, and second, I am not a veterinarian."

Buto gasped. "You're not... a vet?"

"That's right. A veterinarian is someone who operates on animals when they're sick, but I'm not--"

"I know what a veterinarian is!" Buto interrupted. "But how come you're not one of them?"

"'Cause I never did any treatment of pets in my life, that's why. I've been a doctor, a dentist, a health inspector, but I do not ever take care of animals. Now, please, leave me alone on my work of microscopic organisms."

Even more disappointed and desperate for a doctor of any kind, Buto left Yabui's office and back to the lobby. "He's not going to help Butcher," he said to his two friends.

"What do you mean?" Tiff asked. "He's a doctor!"

"Except... he's not a veterinarian."

Amy and Tiff gasped in shock. "Not a veterinarian!?" they exclaimed.

"Indeed not. He told me that he knows nothing about taking care of pets, and then the next thing I knew, he pushed me out of his office."

"What can we do, Amy?" asked Tiff.

"I know what we can do!" Amy said. "The Station Square Pet Hospital is one of the busiest hospitals we got. They take care of lots of animals from the smallest of insects to the biggest of elephants and hippopotamuses. I'm sure Buto's dog will be accepted there. Come on!"

The friends left Dr. Yabui's office and raced across the outskirts of Cappytown, across the bench where Tiff and Kirby met Amy and Sonic in the first place, and back into the city. They found the Station Square Pet Hospital in the east side, which was actually a 4-story building.

Tiff opened the door, and the friends went through the hospital entrance. "Wow, this place is huge," Buto said.

"That's why there's lots of pets to be taken care of," Amy replied.

"But where do the big animals get treatment?" Tiff asked.

"They usually get treated outside, because of their huge sizes and weights. The vets keep them warm by giving them electric blankets."

Amy, Tiff and Buto went towards the front desk. There was a woman writing on her clipboard. "Can I help you?" she asked.

"Yes, ma'am -- my dog Butcher is not feeling very well. Do you know where he can have his treatment?"

"Dogs are always operated on the third floor," answered the front woman.

"Thanks!" said Buto, Amy and Tiff. They ran to a nearby elevator and rode up to the third floor. "Don't worry, Butcher; you're gonna be okay," Buto told his pet.

They continued their way to the farthest operating room where the smallest and youngest dogs usually get treated. Amy knocked on the door. A male veterinarian appeared from inside.

"Can I help you?" he asked.

"My dog's been feeling sick since this morning. Can you give him some treatment?" asked Buto.

"Why, yes, I can. Please, bring him in here."

"You two wait outside. I have to do this alone," Buto told his friends. He followed the doctor inside the room, still carrying his dog.

Amy and Tiff sat in a nearby bench. Tiff was reading a PET CARE magazine. It was filled with advertisements about taking proper pet care. "Hey, Amy, look at this," she said.

Amy leaned forward to the magazine that Tiff looked at. "Look at this dog; it's a red Labrador, just like Buto's!"

Meanwhile, Buto was still talking with the doctor. "So you mean... Butcher's going to have to stay in here overnight?"

"I'm afraid so," said the doctor. "It'll take several hours to try to recover your dog back to its normal condition."

"Can I still visit my dog every day until he feels better?"

"You may, but not during operation hours."

"Thanks," Buto said as he left the room and back out to the hallway. Tiff closed up her magazine. "What did the doctor say?"

"Butcher's going to have to stay in the hospital for the rest of the day, and possibly even for a few days until he's all right."

Buto sat down on the bench with his friends and sighed. "Don't worry, Buto," Amy comforted him. "The doctor still knows what he's doing."

"Yeah, right," Buto said sarcastically.

"No, it's true. Any pet can be cured by any doctor -- well, almost any pet, but your dog will feel better before you know it!"

The friends got up and took the elevator back down to the first floor. "There's something I have to tell you guys," said Buto.

"What?" asked Tiff and Amy.

"It's my dog. He's never been away from me ever since I first raised him as my puppy."

"Why can't you just drop the subject already, 'cause it's making you feel miserable all the time?" Tiff asked.

"Because, Butcher's the best pet I've ever had in my life. Ever since I raised him, I taught him how to be a good dog, and I taught him some cool tricks dogs can do. We even went to the park a few times and had fun there. And when we went to Fairy Tale Land, if it wasn't for him, we wouldn't have been able to defeat the Wicked Witch from the Gingerbread House."

"I know how you feel, Buto," Tiff told him. "I can tell you're very attracted with that dog, but everyone needs to move on with their own lives. Tell you what, to make you feel better, why don't we talk with Meta Knight when we get home."

"Okay, but I don't know if he's gonna be helpful enough."

"Trust me, Meta Knight would never tell a lie."

"I hope you're right, Tiff."

Later, Tiff and Buto said good-bye to Amy, and went back to King Dedede's castle, all the way to Meta Knight's room.

Meta Knight noticed the sad look on Buto's face. "Is something wrong, my friend?" asked the masked warrior.

"My dog, Butcher, is sick. Right now he's in the hospital and the doctor told me he's gonna have to stay there all night."

"I know how disappointing that is, but it's also the right thing to happen," Meta Knight answered.

"It is?"

"Indeed, yes. Cappytown's doctor, Dr. Yabui, cannot treat pets because he was declared as not a veterinarian. Therefore it was a very wise decision to send your pet to the Station Square Pet Hospital."

"I'm glad you're saying that, Meta Knight, but why?"

"There are no real veterinarians here in Cappytown. Not only that, no one has ever raised any pets in this part of the world."

"They haven't? So does this mean I'm the only one in Cappytown with a pet animal?" Buto asked.

"That is correct."

"So what can we do while Butcher is out of the family?" asked Tiff.

"My suggestion is to go to the pet store or the grocery store tomorrow and buy some items for your dog as a welcome back home present," Meta Knight said.

"What items do you recommend?"

"More dog food that's good for his body, and that means not too many dog biscuits, and perhaps some vitamins and supplements."

Buto thought for a moment. Then he said, "Okay, I'll do that tomorrow. For you, Meta Knight."

"That's my boy," said Meta Knight as he shook hands with the teenage boy. Then he and Tiff began to leave the room.

"Thanks, Meta Knight," Buto said gracefully.

"Good luck, Buto," Meta Knight replied.

The next day, Tiff and Buto met up with Amy at the city park. They all sat together on a bench and discussed about Meta Knight's advice.

"So what did he say?" Amy asked.

"He told me that I'm the only guy who owns a pet in Cappytown. That's why we don't have any veterinarians there."

"You can't be serious!"

"I'm not kidding! No one has ever owned a pet of any kind, because Cappytown has never had a single pet store built there."

"Well, actually, Buto, Kirby and Dedede had pets once. I remember the time when Nightmare Enterprises sent a robot dog to Gengu's toy store, and it followed him everywhere as his own playmate."

"Was he a good pet or a bad pet?"

"How should I know? Either way, I discovered where it originally came from and I had to try to chase it away to keep Kirby from danger. When it got too close to him, it set itself to self destruction, then exploded just as Dedede caught it with his net."

"That's terrible!"

"I know! But that wasn't all. Several months later, the King ordered a lot of white boxes and some strange creatures known as Scarfies."

"What's a Scarfy?"

"It's an orange round pet with pointy cat-like ears. Those foolish pets ate off all the food from our dinner plates one time, so much that they ate almost as much as Kirby. And whenever they eat certain food like bones, they turn into one-eyed ghostlike creatures with fangs!"

"Whoa! That's scary!"

"And not only that, Dedede and Escargoon became chew toys for those evil pets when they turned into vicious creatures. They even turned into those forms when Kirby tried to suck them up!"

"So how did Kirby stop them?"

"When we discovered that Dedede's hammer could knock out the Scarfies' special ability, Kirby sucked up the hammer and destroyed them all."

"Wow! Talk about a strong Star Warrior fighting off a lot of animals!"

Amy jumped off the bench. "Speaking of animals, shouldn't we go buy some items for your dog when he comes back?" she asked.

"Oh, yeah, I forgot!" Buto realized.

The friends left the park and went to the grocery store where Amy bought dental tools for Sonic's rotten teeth and the twenty five pound turkey on Thanksgiving.

"Wow, that is one ENORMOUS grocery store I've ever seen in my life," Buto said, amazed. "My old hometown never had a place like that before."

"What stores did you go to before you moved in?" asked Amy as they went inside the store.

"They were quite small, a lot smaller than this store we're in right now."

Amy, Tiff and Buto browsed through the pet accessories aisle. Tiff was pushing a shopping cart. "What did Meta Knight say to buy?" Amy asked again.

Buto tried to remember what Meta Knight told him to buy. "I think he said to buy some healthy dog food, less dog biscuits, and... some vitamins and supplements."

Amy took out some dog food from the stock shelves that she thought were the best choices for Buto's dog in her opinion -- all of them served in cans, and dumped them into the shopping cart.

Then she snagged a few bags of low fat dog biscuits, dumped them into the cart, and finally, she found prescribed multivitamins for pets on the top shelf. She placed three of the jars into the cart.

"Is this good enough for you, Buto?"

The boy looked in the shopping cart and examined the items that Amy put in. "It looks perfect to me," he said.

"Then let's go purchase these items!"

The three friends walked to the paying areas. Tiff was still in control of pushing the cart. When they got there, Buto placed the items onto the counter.

"I hope these items aren't too expensive," he said.

"It's all right, Buto," Amy told him. "I still got plenty of money in my bank account."

All the items went into two plastic shopping bags. The total price was $31.78. Amy gave the cashier $35, and got back three $1 bills, two dimes and two pennies for the change.

"Thanks," Amy said to the cashier. Tiff and Buto each lifted a shopping bag, and they all went back to the pet hospital.

They took the elevator upstairs to the third floor, and continued down a long hallway to the room where Butcher was right now. Buto desperately knocked on the door.

The veterinarian appeared from the room. "Is my dog feeling any better yet, doc?" the boy asked.

"Well, he's not really in perfect condition yet, but..."

"Is he? IS HE???"

"...if you really want to know, then please, do come in and see for yourself."

Buto ran into the vet's office, and Amy and Tiff followed by slowly. He went into the operating room. And there, he found Butcher, who to Buto, was feeling a lot better already.

"Butcher! You're all better again!" The dog panted, and leapt into his owner's arms.

The doctor spoke to Buto. "Well, like I just said, he isn't in perfect condition right now. As you can see, he ate foods that a dog isn't supposed to eat. What did you feed him two days ago?"

Buto suddenly felt a little guilty, not only for feeding his dog incorrectly, but also for not believing Tiff in the first place. He had to confess. "Some bacon strips, cheese crackers, and..."

Tiff whispered in his ear, then Buto continued, "A quarter pound cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato."

"See, I told you you shouldn't feed foods that aren't for dogs," Tiff said.

"I guess you're right, Tiff," Buto said in a guilty sounding voice. "It probably was my fault that I made him sick after all. I'm sorry, Butcher. I didn't know that foods that we eat are not for pets like you."

Then he turned to his girlfriend. "And I'm sorry, Tiff, for not believing you. I should've listened to you in the first place."

"I forgive you, Buto, but you have to be careful from now on when you decide what to feed your dog. Can you do that?"

Buto smiled, then nodded. "I promise I'll do it," he said.

The vet whipped out a handbook titled 'Dog Food Nutrition Tips'. He gave it to Buto. "What's this, doc?"

"It's a handbook that contains nutrition tips and information about the facts of dog food nutrition. If you read this book carefully, it'll help you make the right choices on feeding your dog."

"Thanks, doctor. I'll read this book every day and take care of my dog the right way. Bye!"

Buto waved goodbye to the vet and left the room. He carried his dog and started walking down the hallway. Amy and Tiff followed, each carrying a shopping bag.

"Butcher, when we get home, I'll feed you some dog food that we bought from the grocery store. And I'll remember from now on to never give you foods that dogs cannot eat!"

Butcher barked approvingly and licked the boy's face. Buto laughed. "Cut it out, boy!"

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