It was a fine, typical evening in Amy's house. Amy, Tiff and Cosmo were having a private tea party all together, Sonic and Buto were playing checkers, and Tuff, Tails and Kirby were watching a cartoon on TV filled with action.

"Ha, ha! I won!" Buto said after doing his last move in checkers.

"Hey, no fair! Let's play another game so I can win this time," Sonic said.

"Yeah! Go get 'im! Pow! Pow! Pow!" Tuff pretended to act out the characters on television.

"And then, I ended up hugging Shadow, mistaking him for Sonic. It was so embarrassing, I didn't even know where Sonic was for real," Amy said to Tiff and Cosmo, while holding on to her tea cup.

Suddenly, to everyone's surprise, a huge white light flashed outside every single window in Amy's house. Everyone inside this house reacted to this.

High up in the sky, a shooting star that caused the white light flew by. Amy and her friends watched in awe. "I wonder where that star came from," thought Tiff.

The shooting star continued high above Station Square. People opened their windows from their apartment houses to see it soar past them. Rouge the Bat, who was wearing a special golden ring on one of her fingers, saw it too, and moreover, she decided to chase after it.

The star traveled at more than hundreds of miles per hour, and even though Rouge couldn't catch up with it, she still followed it anyway. Then finally, the star crashed in a nearby forest in Cappytown.

The destruction eventually turned out to prove that the star wasn't really a star after all -- instead, it was a spaceship! Steam spurted out of the passenger's seat, and when it opened, a teenaged alien girl was revealed from inside. She was probably the owner of the spaceship that crashed in the forest. Upon seeing that her ship was stopped, the girl opened her eyes.

Rouge continued flying in the air, then landed slowly on the ground in the forest. When she looked around, she noticed that the shooting star was gone. "Where's the shooting star? It was here in the forest when I last saw it..." Rouge thought.

All she could see in the forest was the crash site of the girl's spaceship, and even worse -- the spaceship itself! Rouge gasped. "A spaceship! I'll bet there's someone my size to fight against!"

And she began to run towards the ship. Halfway before she could get there, though, a female voice blurted out, "Who are you and what do you want?"

Rouge looked up. She saw... the alien girl! This girl had white skin, white hair, a green bandana, a sleeveless jumpsuit, brown boots, a green collared cape, and black gloves. She was also holding a weapon in the form of a flamethrower. "Let me ask the questions first! Who are you?" Rouge asked.

"I believe I should be the one to ask you first!" the girl replied.

Rouge scowled, so she decided to make a lie about her name, and she said, "I'm Priscilla the Bat. I'm the world's most famous treasure hunter. And no one would ever dare to get in my way if you're trying to get something from me!"

"Is that so?" the girl asked. "Well, I arrived here to reclaim something that is wrongfully owned by someone called Rouge the Bat. And I believe you're her!" She pointed her weapon at Rouge.

"How dare you know my true name!" Rouge yelled. "Now you're gonna get it!"

She flew fiercely and directly at the armed girl, who began throwing fire from her flamethrower at the female bat. The attack knocked Rouge down on the ground.

Rouge began to fly away for her life out of the forest. The alien girl jumped down cliff by cliff, and started chasing after Rouge. She fired her flamethrower at her every time she got aim. Rouge dodged the flames each time she saw them behind her. She was still being chased by the alien girl, even in Cappytown.

Meanwhile in King Dedede's castle, Meta Knight and his two companions, Sword and Blade, saw the two approaching the castle. "That wasn't just a shooting star we just saw," Meta Knight said. "It seems as though Sirica has returned to this place, and she's on the attack again. Sword, Blade, let's go!"

"Yes, sir!" Sword and Blade replied.

King Dedede and Escargoon saw them approaching too, and ordered the Waddle Dees to close up the gates and declare war against whoever they thought was attacking. Obeying these orders, the Waddle Dees immediately raised the drawbridge, in an effort to prevent Sirica and Rouge from entering the castle.

As for the King and his henchman, they went up to Dedede's room. "I gotta get a monster from Egg-dude for this!" Dedede growled.

"But what monster can we use, sire?" Escargoon asked. "Eggman's starting to become annoyed himself because of that pink pest Kirby defeating them all!"

"Then what am I supposed to do?" asked Dedede, pacing around.

"Maybe you should forget about Eggman for a while," Escargoon suggested.

"Ahh, who asked ya!" Dedede said.

Rouge, noticing that the castle entrance was blocked, flew over the wall and onto the balcony where the cannons were located. Sirica followed by using her weapon in grappling hook form, all the way up to the same location where Rouge went.

When she saw Rouge, Sirica switched to bazooka mode and fired at the bat. Rouge dodged out of the way, but the ammo hit a group of Waddle Dees, injuring them.

"Intruders! Man your battle stations!" Waddle Doo commanded.

Rouge used her flight ability to keep away from the alien girl, but Sirica nonetheless fought back and continued firing at her with her weapon's fourth mode, the machine gun. Meta Knight, Sword, Blade, and the Waddle Dees scrambled everywhere in the halls, in search of Rouge and Sirica.

During the chase, Meta Knight, Sword and Blade got in Sirica's way, allowing Rouge to get away temporarily. They leaped down from a higher level in the castle. "Stand back!" Sirica ordered.

"We're not goin' anywhere," Sword yelled back.

"That's right, ... little girl," Blade added.

"Don't you dare call me a little girl!" Sirica shouted.

"You will never conquer us," Meta Knight scolded. He and the other two knights charged at Sirica, who jumped over them each time they tried to get her. Then she resumed blasting at the knights with her weapon.

Meta Knight, Sword and Blade took cover by hiding behind some pillars. When they thought the coast was clear, they took their chance to run. But upon getting seen, Sirica fired at them again. And when Blade snuck up on her then tried to attack directly, she quickly defended herself by changing her weapon to its fifth form, the sword, also blocking the attack.

Then Sirica saw the chandelier from high up on the ceiling falling down because Sword cut the chains connecting it. The girl barely avoided it, and got back up in order to continue her search for Rouge.

She broke through a castle hall by blasting it down with her weapon in bazooka mode. "Hey, batwoman, it's no use trying to hide from me! So come out now, wherever you are!"

Sirica did not see Rouge, but she did see Meta Knight, Sword and Blade attacking her from all sides. So Sirica used her grappling hook and swung over to Dedede's room. She broke through his window. Dedede and Escargoon were surprised!

"Hey! What's goin' on here?" asked Dedede. The girl aimed her gun (now in flamethrower mode) at the goons, who ran off again. Sirica appeared out of the room as well, and continued searching for her opponent. The Waddle Dees were still on the hunt for both of them.

Sirica threw another blast from her bazooka weapon, breaking through another wall in Dedede's castle. "Come out here and show yourself, you cowardly bat woman!"

"You calling for me?" Rouge asked, offscreen. Sirica turned around and spotted the female bat with her body wide open in the castle halls. As she confronted her, Rouge asked, "What's your name?"

"My name is Sirica," said the alien girl.

"Why are you chasing after a treasure hunter like me?"

"You know why I'm doing this; you are seeming to possess something that rightfully belongs to me -- my Golden Metal Ring, that was formerly owned by my mother, Garlude!"

"Garlude, your mother? That's ridiculous! I'm no jewelry thief, I'm just a darling fashioned bat who collects jewelry by earning it!"

"Don't be such a liar. My mother once owned that ring, and you appear to be an enemy of her! Many years ago, my mother Garlude kept the ring all her life ever since she was married. That ring was a symbol of good luck. But on the night before she died, she accidentally lost that ring after the next to last battle she ever fought. The ring fell into the water, and was taken away by its currents to the ocean. It made its way to an island owned by a guy named Dr. Eggman, who decided to keep the ring to himself. But several years later, the ring got stolen by a greedy jewelry collector known as none other than Rouge the Bat."

"Hey! No one dares to call me 'greedy'! And this is my ring, which you can't have!"

"I speak the truth," Sirica said, arming herself again. "That ring is of no use to you, and I'm the only one who should be using it!"

"That is what you say," Meta Knight said. He appeared a distance behind Sirica and Rouge. Sword and Blade were with him.

"Let's settle this!" Sirica fired more bazooka blasts at the knights. Sword and Blade managed to dodge them, but Meta Knight was not very lucky. The missiles from Sirica's bazooka injured Meta Knight, causing him to land on his side.

Rouge quickly picked up Meta Knight and took off flying. Sirica proceeded with her attacks, until she could not see the knights or Rouge anywhere.

The brave female bat flew out of the castle, still carrying the injured Meta Knight. "Thank you... Rouge the Bat..." Meta Knight's voice was pretty weak, but was still enough for Rouge to hear him. Rouge just smiled as she left Cappytown.

Back in Dedede's throne room, Dedede and Escargoon caled Dr. Eggman through his satellite TV screen. "Listen, Egg-Dude! The alien girl has returned in my castle, and I need me a monster to drive 'er outta here!"

"What alien are you talking about?"

"A little alien girl with a big gun and a whole lotta attitude," Escargoon said.

"A big gun and a lot of attitude, you say? In that case, I'm gonna revive just the monster you need to get rid o' her once and for all!"

Eggman's Monster Summoner transmitted a monster to Dedede's delivery system. This monster consisted of a fuschia-red wolf with golden eyes, a green gem on its forehead, six large spikes on its back, and thick sharp claws.

"Allow me to reintroduce your hotheaded pet, WolfWrath! This big, bad wolf is sure to heat things up when..."

"I don't care about your stupid explanations about monsters! Just have 'im get rid of Kirby and that alien girl too!"

"Whatever you say, big guy," Eggman said, and made WolfWrath do its stuff. As that happened, WolfWrath's eyes glowed red, and spat out a huge fireball at the wall. Then it ran out of the throne room like a wild animal.

Dedede turned back to Eggman. "He better not wreck more of my castle like last time! It ain't no doghouse!"

"Well, you better train it fast 'cause it's kind of a hot dog and if you even dare to TOUCH him, you'll get burned into a crisp! Ha ha ha ha ha!"

Back in Amy's house, the friends heard someone knocking on the front door. Amy got off her chair and walked over to open the door. "Rouge? What are you doing here?"

"You know why I'm here -- some crazy alien girl went after me, and she's already attacked an old friend of yours!" Rouge showed an injured Meta Knight to Amy.


Amy was terrified at Meta Knight's current condition, which was very critical. "Guys, Meta Knight's injured! Come quick!" Her friends rushed over to the front door, while Rouge dropped Meta Knight on the mat.

"Let's go put him on the couch," Tiff said. "I think he'll be safe there."

"Rouge, you might want to stay with us for a little bit -- the way you said 'alien girl' in front of us, it could be dangerous to go back out at a time like this," Tails suggested.

Rouge looked behind, then turned back and said, "Okay, but we better hurry 'cause that girl's gonna come back any minute soon."

The friends placed Meta Knight on a couch in one of Amy's living rooms. Amy wrapped a bandage around Meta Knight's wound. "Don't worry, Meta Knight; you're gonna be just fine."

"Amy, I am grateful for the help of you and your friends," said Meta Knight.

"And here's some medicine that will make you feel much better," Cosmo added. She waved her hand and sprinkled some nutrients on Meta Knight's head. In no time, Meta Knight was fully recovered.

"Thank you, Cosmo," Meta Knight replied.

Then Rouge turned to the old wise Star Warrior. "Tell us, Meta Knight, was I the one who stole this precious Golden Metal Ring?" She held up her ring finger with the ring around it.

"No... I do not believe it was you," answered Meta Knight.

"I'm glad you're saying that, 'cause if that alien girl found out about it, I'll be dead meat!"

"But whatever you say will never change her mind, I am afraid," Meta Knight continued. "However, my brain tells me that you are still innocent. I will tell you what really happened to the ring you now possess."

"Then tell us, Meta Knight," Tuff said.

"Yeah, we want to know where the ring came from," Sonic added.

"Very well. Many years ago, the leader of underground scientists, known as Nate Morgan, was spotted by the great King Frederick from the Kingdom of Acorn, while he was wandering in exile. The King decided to help Nate back to his kingdom and make him a member of his royal family. By using the energy of a Chaos Emerald, Nate tested his new creation called the Power Ring, and used it as a brand new source of energy. Out of those Power Rings, one of them was a very special ring that could do many magical things -- the Golden Metal Ring."

"And what happened to it?" Tails asked.

"After King Frederick passed away, some of his treasures were buried beneath the ocean in a golden treasure chest, including the Golden Metal Ring. Hundreds of years later, modern day scuba divers discovered this treasure chest and they sold it to the richest jewelry retailer store in what they now call Station Square. When the Golden Metal Ring went on sale, they claimed that the one who buys this special ring would automatically become its permanent owner."

"What techniques does the Golden Metal Ring do?" asked Buto.

"It can do lots more than an ordinary Ring. Not only can it protect anyone from being killed or gaining serious injury, nor only it can utilize transformations, but it is also a weapon that can defeat any monster with enough attack power. And like the sword Galaxia, this ring emits incredible power and consciousness as well. So it is true, the rightful owner of the Golden Metal Ring is the one who currently possesses it, and those who try to steal it would feel great pain."

"So if Sirica touches this ring, she'd get a nasty shock," Rouge said.

"Exactly," Meta Knight told her.

"Well, we'll see about that!" said an evil sounding female voice. Sirica appeared near Amy's fron door! And she was intervening.

"Sirica!" gasped Tiff.

"How did you get here? Did you follow me?" asked Rouge.

"Yes!" Sirica said. "That ring is mine, and now you are gonna pay!" She fired her machine gun at the friends, who scrambled everywhere for their lives. They all ran out from both the front and back doors. Sirica chased after everyone who went out the front door (Rouge was one of them).

Meta Knight tried to block her sword attack, but Sirica managed to escape, and she fought back with her bazooka. Once again, the collision with the missiles blew Meta Knight off his feet.

Then Rouge interrupted while in Sirica's way, "With the ring in my possession, I am not afraid to challenge you, Sirica."

"Don't do it, Rouge! You'll get hurt!" cried Amy.

"I know what I'm doing, Amy, so don't you interfere with me while I fight off alone against this pathetic girl!"

"How dare you call me 'pathetic'!" cried Sirica. Armed with her sword, she charged at Rouge. Meta Knight got back on his feet and blocked Sirica's attack.

"Rouge, this is not a battle you should be in," Meta Knight insisted. "I will defend you for a bit longer!" And he took Rouge's place of challenging Sirica. The two battled and battled, down the road in the neighborhood, and into the city park, with the friends following by.

Eventually, Meta Knight bumped into Rouge while still combating, which caused the ring she was wearing to fly out of her finger! The Golden Metal Ring landed on the ground, giving Sirica the opportunity to steal it for herself.

"The ring is finally mine!"

"Sirica! Wait!" Meta Knight tried to stop her, but she refused.

"Don't bother to stop me! The Golden Metal Ring belongs to me, and you know it!"

"I warn you if you dare touch it!"

But Sirica took her chances and attempted to get the ring. Suddenly, the ring's energy repelled her body with powerful golden electric bolts. "Aaaaaah!" Sirica screamed in pain. The impact sent her flying, with the electric bolts still surging from the ring.

"Only those who have the power of the Golden Metal Ring may claim it as their own," Meta Knight explained.

Suddenly everyone heard a roaring sound. Station Square citizens could see increasing fires from their apartment windows blazing in Cappytown. The fires turned out to be from no one other than the big, bad wolf -- WolfWrath! And it was heading straight towards the Station Square City Park.

"It can't be... WolfWrath has been reborn by Dr. Eggman!" thought Sirica.

Meta Knight noticed that the big bad wolf was approaching fast. "WolfWrath is hot as a volcano. It has the ability to shoot fireballs from its mouth and claw its opponents to shreds, and it can also see through smoke! We must stop it!"

Sirica tried to fire missiles from her bazooka, but they had no effect against WolfWrath. Her machine gun was no use, either.

When WolfWrath saw Sirica, it was about to claw her with its huge, sharp claws, but the girl dodged them and tried stabbing the beast with her sword. Unfortunately, she was knocked away unconscious.

Then Meta Knight made his move by using his Galaxia sword. He ended up in the same state. The mighty sword flew high up in midair.

"Kirby! Suck it up!" Tiff commanded.

Kirby inhaled Meta Knight's sword, and in just seconds, he transformed into not just Sword Kirby, but Galaxia Kirby. Then Tiff called for the Warpstar.

"Warpstar!" As Kabu's voice echoed, the Warpstar floated out of the tiki head's mouth and traveled in supersonic speed to Kirby. The pink Star Warrior hopped on and shoved WolfWrath a distance away.

It began to run out of Station Square and to the beach. Meta Knight, Rouge, Sirica, and Kirby (still riding the Warpstar) chased after it. The beast stopped at a dead end, then turned around to see its enemies.

WolfWrath tried fending them off by blowing more fireballs at them. Meta Knight and Sirica dodged the fireballs and edged the monster closer to the sea.

But before the two could attack, the beast ran off again and the chase resumed. Just then WolfWrath noticed Kirby and Rouge coming at it, and let out some more fire blasts at the two.

Kirby blocked the fire blasts with his sword and nearly made the monster slip its foot into the ocean. When a wave hit WolfWrath, it writhed in pain, then flopped on the ground.

The friends ran over to see what was going on. "Hey, Rouge, what's happening?" asked Amy.

"Something tells me that that monster has a weakness in it," Rouge told her. "It hates water!"

While Kirby was trying to fight off WolfWrath, Meta Knight quickly crept up behind the beast and stabbed its foot with his sword. The monster reacted in pain, and Sirica fired more missiles from her bazooka at WolfWrath.

It fell flat off its feet when it got too close to the sea, and WolfWarth's body hit the water with a giant SPLASH! The monster's defense rapidly fell to zero. Rouge and Kirby watched as the monster's skin began to weaken.

"Okay, pinkie boy, let's finish this thing off!" Rouge said to Kirby. Together, they let out their most powerful attacks. Rouge's attack came from the Golden Metal Ring. A Golden Beam! It had the same attack power as Kirby's Sword Beam from his Galaxia sword.

WolfWrath tried to block the attacks with one last fire blast, which had no effect at all. Kirby and Rouge's attacks combined hit WolfWrath, and in seconds, it split in three, then exploded in thick, gray smoke. Huge waves splashed onto the beaches from the explosion.

"All right! He did it!" cheered Tiff.

"Yeah!" her other friends rejoiced.

Rouge striked a pose with her Golden Metal Ring, in front of Sirica. The girl reacted by smiling and said, "The Golden Metal Ring... never belonged to my mother after all."

"Sirica," Meta Knight reminded her, "The ring your mother had was just an ordinary ring." Sirica nodded, finally realizing the truth.

Later, when the morning sun shined bright in the sky, Sirica was bidding farewall to Amy, Rouge, and their friends. She actually said good-bye while in her spaceship.

As it started to take off, Sirica saw everyone from a screen in her ship waving goodbye at her -- Rouge, Amy, Tiff, Kirby, Tuff, Tails, Cosmo, Sonic, Buto, and Meta Knight.

"Good-bye," she said softly.

Then she pulled a lever, and the ship began to fly away at a very high speed.

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