One morning, King Dedede was eating all kinds of dishes that the Waddle Dees and Escargoon cooked. "Yuck! YUCK! YUCK! This slop is no fit for a doggone dog! There must be something here that's eatable!"

Dedede tried eating another piece of what was on his plate. Tears leaked out of his eyes. "I can't take this anymore!"

"But, Your Majesty, we've got other choices," Escargoon told him. "There's instant noodles, cat food, crunchy bacon and liver flavored dog treats..."

Dedede glared at Escargoon like a giant. "Those are for Buto's nasty little dog! I want something TASTY!" he shouted.

He even tried the foods at Kawasaki's restaurant. Same old thing as before. Dedede was even angrier by now. "You ain't a chef, boy! You're more like a garbage man!" he yelled at the chef.

"Listen here, Kawasaki," Escargoon said. "All chefs have secret recipes. Don't hold out on us!"

"I'm not holding out," Kawasaki replied. "That's all I have on the menu!"

"What a loser!" Dedede turned his back and stormed out of the restaurant. Escargoon followed him.

"But what about your bill?" asked Kawasaki.

"FORGET IT, PIZZA FACE!" Dedede threw a whole pizza directly at his face. When it dripped off, Kawasaki licked around his face, now drenched with pizza toppings and sauce. "It tastes okay to me," he said.

Amy, Tiff, Buto, Sonic and Kirby watched from outside. "No wonder the King's so upset," Buto said. "He's a picky eater!"

"That's not true, Buto," Tiff replied. "The real truth is, Chef Kawasaki is a terrible cook. Everyone still comes to his restaurant every day, though."

"Even I could cook better than he can," Amy said. "Isn't that right, Sonic?" Sonic tried to agree with her. "I guess," he said.

Back in the castle, Dedede and Escargoon went upstairs to the throne room. "How's that lousy restaurant of his still in business?" Dedede asked.

"Well, it's the only one in town, sire," Escargoon told him.

Then Dedede remembered the time when Monsieur Goan opened his own restaurant in Cappytown. His food was so tasty and affordable, no one could ever ignore it. "I know just what to do!" he finally said. He dialed Dr. Eggman's phone number.

"Hey, Egg-dude! Listen here! I want you to regenerate the top-class chef Monsieur Goan and his restaurant at once so I can revolutionize Cappytown's cuisine and flambé Kirby in a food for all!"

"No problem, buddy! Sit back while I use my Eggman Monster Summoner to re-cook up your old cook!"

Dedede sat down in his big chair. The lights turned off, and the monster delivery system re-activated itself. As the electric sparks surged in the machine, Monsieur Goan appeared through the light -- his glasses, his tie, his whole body, and finally, his chef hat, layer by layer. He looked like a potato, and he was holding a tray with a round lid. He opened the lid from the tray. "Voila," he said. The tray had a sample of the same meat as last time.

"Welcome back, Monsieur Goan!" Dedede greeted. Then he stared at the chef's tray. "You want me to try some more sample food you got there? Sure thing!"

He grabbed the fork and knife and started eating. A smile spread over his face. "Whoo! Yum! It's just as delish as before!"

Escargoon jumped up and down, wanting to try some of the food himself. "I want some! I want some! Just a teensy weensy taste?" Dedede bashed his head, and finished up the rest of the entire tray, including the sauce.

After that he turned to the French chef. "Monsieur Goan, build your restaurant in Station Square so you can tickle everyone's taste buds, including those friends of that hedgehog girlie, and let them all attack Kirby!" Monsieur Goan smirked in agreement.

The next morning, Amy turned on the TV. A commercial for Monsieur Goan's restaurant appeared on the screen. Escargoon said in a French accent, "Bonjour, messieurs et madames ! Welcome to Restaurant Goan, courtesy of your host, Monsieur Goan! Today, we will be serving lots of appetizing cuisines, like tartines, poulets rôtis (fried chicken), truffles, Roquefort cheese, cassoulets, and more. So come on down to Restaurant Goan if you want something delicious and succulent! The location is in Station Square."

Amy licked her lips at the TV. She couldn't wait to try out the foods that Monsieur Goan was about to serve. "Sonic!" she called.

Sonic came out of his room and went downstairs to see his girlfriend. "What is it, Amy?"

"I just saw this new commercial for Restaurant Goan on TV. They've got lots of food that you're going to love. Wanna come?"

"Well... okay, as long as they got foods that I want to eat," Sonic said.

Amy told him, "Don't worry, Sonic, I'm sure there's plenty."

Tiff and her family also have just seen the commercial on their TV set in the living room. Sir Ebrum said to everyone, "Let's all go out to Restaurant Goan for breakfast today!"

"Is there gonna be any fast food?" Buto asked.

"Uh... not THAT kind, Buto," said his father in law. "This is more of like a restaurant you've never been to in your old hometown. You're gonna love the food they got there!"

Most of the Cappies, some residents from Station Square, as well as all of Amy's old friends and Tiff's family walked all the way to Restaurant Goan. Everyone formed a very long line near the entrance of the not yet open doors of the restaurant.

Inside, King Dedede, Escargoon, Waddle Doo, and the Waddle Dees were preparing to open for business. "Now don't forget like last time -- Restaurant Goan is a high class joint. Remember to please all your customers!"

"Oui monsieur !" Waddle Doo replied. He and the Waddle Dees nodded. In the kitchen, Monsieur Goan was doing all the cooking. Escargoon entered the kitchen doors and said, "Monsieur, we're about to open the front doors. Is everything ready?"

Monsieur Goan said, "Oui."

Outside, Cream and her mother Vanilla, along with their pet Cheese, were the first ones in line. "I can't wait to try something new today!" Cream said delightfully.

"Chao! Chao!" Cheese squealed. Then Vanilla opened the door, and the three of them went inside.

"Bonsoir," Escargoon said to his first three customers.

"My daughter Cream and I, as well as our Chao pet Cheese, are honored to be your first customers," said Vanilla.

"This is my first time in a restaurant like this," Cream added.

"Well, it's everyone's first time here," Escargoon told her. "On behalf of King Dedede, I welcome you all. Right this way, please."

Back in the line, Amy, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles were around two meters away from the doors. "Do they serve hamburgers in there?" Knuckles asked.

"I don't think so, Knuckles," Amy told him. "But I think they got fried chicken from France."

"Well, at least they should serve sub sandwiches," Sonic said.

"Or perhaps some roast turkey," Tails added.

Farther in the line were Tiff and her family. "What do they serve there, Mother?" Buto asked.

"I don't know, dear; you'll find out when we get inside the restaurant," Lady Like told him.

"At least we know they serve Roquefort cheese," Tuff said.

"That figures," Tiff retorted. "Dedede's still trying to ruin other people's businesses when it comes to restaurants, especially Kawasaki's."

"Well, like Mr. Curio says, just because there's a line doesn't mean the food can be good all the time," Sir Ebrum said.

Various people in line told each other, "I'll bet the prices must be sky high in there." "The food must taste bad like Kawasaki's." "We'll never know unless we try it!" and so on.

Minutes later, Cream, Cheese and Vanilla came out of the restaurant, and stopped right in front of the line where the next customers were standing.

"Well, how was the food?" asked one customer. "Did you like it?"

Cream began to squeal. "Mmm... it was the best meal I've ever had in my life!"

"It was so delicious, my daughter just wants to come back again tomorrow," Vanilla added.

"But how much did you pay?" Amy called from her position in the line.

"The price was just unbeatable," said the mother rabbit. "It costed only $5.35!" The customers were shocked a little. "Say what? Five dollars and 35 cents!"

It even made the customers start shoving each other into the restaurant entrance. And not only that, lots more people piled up the line.

Chef Kawasaki sighed in disbelief. No customers wanted to come to his restaurant today. In fact, he was the ONLY Cappy remaining in Cappytown right now. "All my loyal customers are deserting me again," he said.

Inside the restaurant, almost a hundred customers were already in their seats, including all of Amy's friends and Tiff's family. "This place is extremely pish posh like before," Lady Like said.

"It's another quantum leap from Chef Kawasaki's restaurant, too," Sir Ebrum added.

Buto was excited, and a little hungry. "Oh, boy, I wonder what Monsieur Goan's gonna serve us for today!"

Tiff put her elbow on the table and placed her hand on the right side of her face. "I wish Kawasaki could wash dishes here," she said.

In another table, Sonic, Amy, Tails, and Knuckles sat together. Amy was looking at the foods on the menu that Restaurant Goan was going to serve. "Why couldn't we just eat at McDanny's or I-Pop?" Sonic asked.

"You said you wanted to come here, Sonic," Amy told him. "And like I just told you, there's plenty of food on the menu that I know you're gonna like."

"At least we're not eating in Mr. Kawasaki's restaurant," Tails said.

"Yeah, his foods are like, totally awful," added Knuckles.

"Everyone knows that, Knuckles; Tiff told me that ever since the day I first came to Cappytown," Amy replied.

Dedede and Escargoon peeked through a small curtain window. "This restaurant is becoming a smash, sire," Escargoon said. "I got them Cappies and those hedgehog pals eatin' right outta my hands!" Dedede smirked.

They glared at Monsieur Goan, who was stirring hot food in a boiling pot. "And pretty soon we're gonna serve up phase two of our plan!"

Back in Sir Ebrum's table, Buto was sipping some soup from a plate with a saucer. He gave a loud slurp then said, "Mmm, this soup has a fascinating flavor. What kind of soup do they call this?"

"It's called essence of kumquat," Escargoon told him. "You can also find it in this dish."

In front of Tuff was a plate with an egg, a piece of parsley, and some orange food that was shaped like a square. "I think I recall seeing this two years ago," Tuff said. "What is it?"

"It's an adventurous palette that is a happy palette," Escargoon replied, then cleared his throat. "And now, may I present... the main entree!"

Two Waddle Dees opened the curtains. Monsieur Goan and three more Waddle Dees pushed some carts with trays and lids on top. They stopped near Amy's table. Monsieur Goan opened one of the lids. Inside was not two small pieces of steak, but a much larger piece of steak on the plate. He put it in front of Tails' seat.

"Whoa! Is that all?" Tails asked.

Escargoon interrupted, "It may be huge, but what's there is Grade A top of the line quality. Just taste it and see!"

Tails used his knife to cut a piece of the steak, then he picked it up with a fork and put it into his mouth. Amy, Sonic, and Knuckles followed suit.

"Hey, Knuckles, this food is by far the most fantastic one I've ever had in this restaurant," Sonic said.

"We enjoy this, Mr. Escargoon," Knuckles said to the host.

"Monsieur Goan is gonna be delighted in you all," Escargoon said joyfully. But Amy, who was starting to feel suspicious like Tiff about Restaurant Goan, was eating her food reluctantly.

That night, in Amy's house, the pink hedgehog was calling Tiff on the phone. "You gotta believe me, Tiff; I'm starting to dislike that new restaurant."

"Me too," Tiff said. "Chef Kawasaki's restaurant has been empty ever since Dedede started opening Restaurant Goan for business."

"Yeah, but building it in Station Square -- why would he even want to do that?"

"I don't know, Amy; but what I do know is that the King's STILL trying to get rid of Kirby once and for all. We're gonna need to help Chef Kawasaki get his restaurant back in business."

"How can we do that, Tiff?"

"I remember the time when Chief Bookem ordered that spicy chowder and dumplings meal when he came to Kawasaki's restaurant. Kirby accidentally knocked off all the remaining red peppers into the chowder, causing it to become ultra spicy red. Then Kawasaki and Monsieur Goan declared a restaurant war, until Kawasaki broke the record for the spiciest food ever made. Why don't we help Kawasaki make something really spicy, only with different foods?"

"That sounds like a brilliant idea!" Amy said. "So what food should we suggest him?"

"For now, I'm not so sure," Tiff told her. "Meet me at Kawasaki's restaurant tomorrow morning. If we're lucky, someone might come in!"

"Okay, Tiff," Amy replied. "We're gonna make sure Kawasaki is not a quitter! We can help him make his food better!"

The next day, Amy, Buto, Kirby and Tiff came into Chef Kawasaki's empty restaurant. They saw a depressed Kawasaki putting his head down on one of the tables. He was depressed because no one came to order any food all day yesterday.

"Hey, guys," Kawasaki said sadly. "Are you here to use the restroom?"

"No, Mr. Kawasaki," Buto told him. "I'm here because I want to try something for lunch in this place for the first time."

"And Amy, Kirby and I are gonna help you cook something," Tiff added. This shocked Kawasaki a little. A smile spread onto his face. "Really?"

"That restaurant was so full that there wasn't an open seat for me," Buto said. "So I came here instead."

"Well, you're my first customer in two days," Kawasaki said. Buto took an empty seat. "Give me an order of pasta with spicy salsa," he requested. "The food I used to eat in my old hometown, it was really unpleasant. Most of the time I was forced to eat stuff like broccoli and spinach."

Kawasaki didn't feel grossed out by what Buto was saying. "Mmm, but that stuff tastes delicious, and it's good for my body, too!"

"Kawasaki!" Amy and Tiff yelled.

"Huh?" Kawasaki realized that he was messing around with Buto. He put on his chef's hat and said, "Oh, yeah, sorry. One order of pasta with spicy salsa coming up!"

Later, Amy, Tiff, Kirby and Kawasaki had prepared a pot of noodles boiling in hot water. Right now, they were making the salsa sauce. So far, it had tomatoes, garlic, and cilantro. While Kawasaki was chopping some onions, he told the pink puffball, "Kirby, give me one of those hot peppers from the wall, would ya?"

Kirby saw a bunch of red peppers hanging on the wall right above the bowl with the salsa sauce mixture. He repeatedly jumped up and down to reach for the pepper, but when he finally got one, the bunch of peppers fell off the wall and into the salsa mixture! Instantly, the mixture in the bowl changed from clear blue to spicy red. Kawasaki didn't notice this, and neither did Tiff nor Amy.

Buto waited patiently for his food to arrive. Then he heard Kawasaki say, "Here you go, son -- an order of pasta with spicy salsa sauce." He handed the big bowl of noodles covered in redness to the teenage boy. Steam erupted from the bowl.

Buto licked his lips. "Mmm... it looks good too," he said as he looked at his lunch. He picked up his fork and began eating the pasta. Then a sudden terrible thing happened. Buto froze for a second. His face turned from yellow to red. Amy, Tiff and Kawasaki began to shudder. The pasta was SO spicy that...

Buto was spitting fire from his mouth!

The boy ran out of the restaurant in fiery pain, screaming and suffering burns almost as if his face caught fire. He ran all the way back to Dedede's castle to find water from the fountain. Most of the Cappies, as well as Sonic, Tuff, Tails, Knuckles, saw this happening.

Kawasaki looked at the bowl that Buto left behind. It was NOT the way he had expected. Then he glared at Kirby. "Kirby, did you put all of those peppers like last time?"

"Poyo," ("Yeah,") Kirby said. Kawasaki was shocked and sad at the same time. "Now I'm ruined again," he whimpered. "After all, he was my first customer and now I turned him into another flamethrower."

Suddenly the door slid open. Kawasaki gasped. Sonic, Tuff, Tails and Knuckles came inside. "Hey, Kawasaki, what did you feed Buto?" Tuff asked.

"We saw him take off like a flaming comet!" Tails added.

Kawasaki tried to speak. "It was an accident!" he cried. His mind was hallucinating. He thought he was going to get it for good. But instead, Sonic said, "I want some of that food too!" Kawasaki stopped and just stared at the boys.

Shortly afterwards there was a long line of Cappies near Kawasaki's restaurant. Hanging on the sign was an advertisement for the Spicy Salsa Pasta. Sonic, Kirby, Tuff, Tails and Knuckles were already sitting on one of the tables while Kawasaki was doing the cooking, and Amy and Tiff were delivering the food to the customers.

"I'm ordering the Spicy Salsa Pasta," Tuff said.

"Same here!" Tails replied.

Tiff and Amy arrived with the food. "It's a little spicy," Tiff warned. "So be careful!"

"I hope you brought extra bottles of water," Amy added.

"No problem, Amy," Tails said. "I can handle it!" He picked up his fork, blew on the noodles to cool them off, and started eating. Suddenly, he was STUNG by the spiciness of the salsa sauce. His face turned from light orange to bright red. "HOT!" he yelled.

Sonic looked at Kirby, who was tasting it, but didn't feel anything. "But Tails, Kirby thinks it's a mild taste," he said.

Tails didn't want to give up. He ate more of the pasta. Then suddenly... flames spewed out of his mouth! He ran out of the restaurant just like Buto did. The other customers also ended up like this. Every one of them fainted with gray smoke erupting from their mouths.

Eggman oversaw everything from his flying saucer. He called King Dedede. "Hey, big dude, those customers of yours are leaving you because they are wanting to try out some spicy food in Kawasaki's restaurant!"

"Oh, yeah? Well, I'm gonna do the same thing! If it's hot they want, I'm givin' them more volcanic bittles like last time!" Dedede hung up his phone and ordered Monsieur Goan to cook up something spicier.

They put up a sign displaying Super Spicy Quesadillas. All the customers scrambled back to Restaurant Goan to try it out. Escargoon had Monsieur Goan fill in the tortillas with hot mustard.

Seconds after Knuckles (who was one of the customers in line) took a bite, he felt scorching heat in his mouth, and immediately spewed fire, as did all of the other customers, except Kirby.

Amy, Tiff and Kawasaki watched from outside. "Let's fight back with fire power!" Amy said.

Kawasaki agreed. "I'll cook up some Raunchy Ravioli with explosive ingredients!" The customers scrambled back to Kawasaki's restaurant to try out the ravioli, which Kawasaki filled curls of pasta with hot mustard instead of any beef, pasta sauce, or things like that.

Sonic took a bite of the ravioli. It tasted like... nothing but hot mustard! The scorching heat caused HIM to spew flames in the air, as well as everyone else in the restaurant. Kirby still didn't feel the pain, though.

Dedede now declared a restaurant war between Chef Kawasaki and Monsieur Goan. He and Escargoon were about to launch their next secret weapon -- Ultra Burning Buffalo Wings. Even THIS caused the customers to spew fire everywhere.

"They can hardly stand it, sire," Escargoon said.

"It looks pretty spicy," Dedede added. "Why don't we take a taste and test it?"

"I guess it wouldn't hurt," Escargoon agreed. But when the two bad guys tried it themselves, THEY spewed fire too. Then Monsieur Goan appeared with two cups of ice cream. "What's that?" Dedede asked. Escargoon said with his mouth open, "Must be a sorbet."

Monsieur Goan took out a miniature bottle of pink liquid and let out a single drop on both of the sorbets. The ice cream changed from white to pink. Dedede and Escargoon looked at the desserts, then glared at the chef. "Voila," he said.

Dedede and Escargoon came back into the dining area with trays full of sorbet. "After torching your tongues, there's nothing like a frosty bowl of sorbet!" Escargoon said to the customers.

While they were eating their desserts, Dedede chuckled and said, "Monsieur Goan put a special ingredient in that there stuff. Whoever eats it is gonna have a craving for pink and round things!" Even Kirby was enjoying the sorbet.

Meanwhile, Chef Kawasaki was working on one of his old recipes that he remembered from two years ago to defeat Monsieur Goan. It was so hot that it might even burn through the pot. Amy and Tiff coughed from the smoke coming from Kawasaki's cuisine. "What's... that... Tiff?" Amy asked.

"It must be Kawasaki's Toxic Atomic Curry," Tiff told her. "But I think the customers are getting tired of spicy food anyway."

"Yeah, they're probably serving sorbet for dessert." When Tiff heard what Amy just said, she was shocked. "Did you say... sorbet?"

"SORBET!" Amy and Tiff ran straight to Restaurant Goan, aware of the fact that Kirby was in trouble.

Kawasaki thought to himself, "I'll use this to regain myself as the hottest chef in town! Now I just need to find Kirby!"

Back in Restaurant Goan, everyone was frolicking for more ice cream. Amy and Tiff were there too. "Wait till you try it, Amy," Tails said. "It'll make you feel tingly!"

"Yeah, I've never had ice cream for a long time in my hometown," Buto added.

Sonic and Knuckles came over to the table where Kirby was, now a little possessed by the ice cream with the special ingredient. They still held their spoons. "Kirby looks just like a big scoop of sorbet," Sonic said.

"Yeah, he's pink and round," Knuckles added.

Amy noticed her old friends' actions. "What is wrong with you guys?" she asked.

"I don't know, Amy, but I just can't help it," Sonic replied.

Then the Waddle Dees arrived with more scoops of ice cream. This time, every one of them had almonds for eyes and a mouth and wafers for feet.

"Hey!" Tiff said, staring at the ice cream. "This looks... just like Kirby!"

But Tuff was already eating up the sorbet, and so was everyone else, including Sonic, Buto, Tails, and Knuckles -- but not Amy. She was the only other person who was not eating it.

"Amy... what's going on?" Tiff asked.

"I think something strange is about to happen," Amy told her. She was right -- something strange DID happen! When Sonic finished eating his sorbet, he began acting like a zombie with pink eyes. "I want sorbet," he said.

Everyone else ended up in the same state. They stood up from their seats and slowly walked towards Kirby, who had yet to eat his own sorbet.

"Want more! Kirby is made out of sorbet!" everyone said while being possessed by the special ingredient placed in the sorbets they ate.

Amy and Tiff stepped in. "This isn't sorbet! It's just Kirby!" Tiff protested.

"Sonic, snap out of it!" Amy protested.

"Kirby looks cool and refreshing to me," Sonic said, ignoring Amy and Tiff. "If he was frozen, he'll make a tasty treat!"

Dedede barged in front of everyone in the dining area and chuckled evilly. "Who wants to see Monsieur Goan cook up now?"

"I DO!" replied Sonic, Tuff, Buto, Tails, Knuckles, and all the other customers who ate their sorbets.

"Take it away, Monsieur Goan!"

Monsieur Goan's eyes turned red. His body glowed yellow. He transformed into his monster form with many cooking tools. "Okay, now get cooking and turn Kirby into sorbet!" Dedede commanded.

Goan swung his weapons at the pink puffball, who was trying to dodge all of the attacks. Even Kawasaki could hear the ground shake from the battle between Kirby and Monsieur Goan. Thinking quickly, he scooped up some of his Toxic Atomic Curry onto a plate and ran all the way to Station Square.

During the battle, Goan caught Kirby and trapped him into a dry ice ball. Dedede laughed. "It won't be long now, Kirby!" The ice was so cold that it turned Kirby from pink to blue.

Amy tried to defend him. She whipped out her Piko Piko Hammer. "Let him go!" But before she could attack Monsieur Goan, Escargoon stopped her. "Relax, girlie. You're gonna feel a lot better once you try a freezing bowl of Kirby Sorbet."

In the process, the ice was forming on Kirby, who was now turning from blue to crystal silver. Amy and Tiff were terrified by the sight of him, as was Buto, Tuff, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, now no longer possessed by the sorbet.

Suddenly, Chef Kawasaki appeared with his plate of curry. "This will fire ya up!" he cried, and he threw the plate directly at Kirby. The puffball ate it in one gulp.

Then something happened to the ice ball. The ice began to melt very quickly. Kirby turned from crystal silver, to blue, to pink, and finally to spicy red. The glass of the ball was so hot that Monsieur Goan threw it out of his hand. Kirby flew out of the ball and started spewing fire -- not the way Fire Kirby would do it.

"All right! Fire Kirby!" Sonic cheered.

Meta Knight, who appeared from thin air, told him, "No, that's just heartburn from Kawasaki's cooking!"

Buto glared at the blue knight. "Who are you?" he asked.

"I am Meta Knight. I'm the strongest Star Warrior next to Kirby, and the only surviving member of the Star Warriors after the war against eNeMeE."

"There's no time for talk," Tiff said. "Let's get out of here!" She led everyone out of the restaurant, which was being set ablaze in the process by Kirby's flames. Monsieur Goan also caught fire.

The flames broke through the glass windows and Goan was sent flying through the ceiling and into the sky. The people gazed as the restaurant burned to the ground. Fire trucks showed up to put out the flames and to keep everyone from danger.

Residents of Station Square also saw the fire from their apartment windows. A news reporter said, "Live from SSNN, the Station Square News Network. The formerly famous Restaurant Goan has just caught fire and is now burning out of control. Firefighters are arriving to put it out immediately."

Later, everyone gathered around back in Cappytown, near Kawasaki's restaurant. "All right, why are you punishing us like before?" Escargoon asked in front of Amy, Tiff, and all the angry customers.

"You tried to make everyone eat Kirby again," Amy told him.

"And now it's YOUR turn," Tiff added.

"You're gonna eat Mr. Kawasaki's Toxic Atomic Curry for the second time," Buto demanded.

Dedede and Escargoon laughed. "It's not too hot for us to handle," said Dedede. Kawasaki served up two plates for both of them. "Here you go!"

"Looks just as wimpy as last time," Escargoon said. "It'll be no sweat!" He and Dedede took a spoonful and ate. The spiciness was so intense that it made the bad guys turn bright red.


Dedede and Escargoon caught fire and quickly turned into ashes. Everyone laughed at what they deserved as punishment.

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