Start your engines and prepare for the race of your life! Choose from 7 of your favorite characters including Sonic, Knuckles and Robotnik, each with his own special powers. Plug in your Gear to Gear connector and take on a friend through over 17 courses in the ultimate Chaos Grand Prix!

Note: This is the first game that Amy and Knuckles appear together, and one of the last Sonic games for Sega Game Gear before the console discontinued on April 30, 1997.

In Other LanguagesEdit

Language Title
Japanese ソニックドリフト2

Release timelineEdit

Console Country of origin Date
Sega Game Gear Japan March 17, 1995
Sega Game Gear UK March 1995
Sega Game Gear USA November 1995
Nintendo 3DS Japan November 14, 2012
Nintendo 3DS USA/UK July 4, 2013


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