The difference is night and day. Go faster than ever before with new high speed maneuvers. Transform after dark with powerful combat skills. Race around the world and explore.

In Other LanguagesEdit

Language Title Translation
Japanese ソニックワールドアドベンチャー Sonic World Adventure

Release DatesEdit

November 18, 2008 U.S. version
November 28, 2008 PAL version
December 18, 2008 Japanese version




June 19, 2008

Sonic Unleashed Gameplay Trailer 102:00

Sonic Unleashed Gameplay Trailer 1

September 12, 2008

Sonic Unleashed - Gameplay Trailer 301:36

Sonic Unleashed - Gameplay Trailer 3

November 19, 2008

Sonic Unleashed - Wii - Launch Trailer01:18

Sonic Unleashed - Wii - Launch Trailer

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