One day Amy was watching a gardening program on television. In the TV, there was a group of planters and farmers explaining the process of growing plants and vegetables.

They dug lots of soil, planted the seeds, pulled out the weeds, watered the seeds, and gave the plants time to grow under sunlight.

"Wow, I wish I could be just like those gardeners," Amy thought. Then she had an idea. "Maybe... if Sonic helped by buying me some special seeds that will make them grow into the biggest flowers anyone has ever seen... then I could be nicknamed the girl with the prettiest garden ever!"

She went upstairs to Sonic's room, and knocked on it. "Sonic! Are you in there?"

Sonic, again looking at his magazines, heard Amy's knocking. He opened the door. "What's up, Amy?"

"I got a job for you to do," Amy told him. "I am thinking of having a garden full of beautiful flowers, and right now is a great time to have one. Why don't you go to the plant store and buy me some of the most valuable and expensive flower seeds they got there?"

"Sure," Sonic replied in an unconfident manner. He walked out the doorway of his room and closed the door behind him. "But what about you? Aren't you gonna come too?"

"No way, this is your job, not mine. Besides, if I had to buy them, it wouldn't be a surprise, wouldn't it?"

"I... guess not."

"That's right, so you gotta do the whole thing for me and I expect to see those flower seeds with a value of a good price. Here's $200 in case the prices have gone up."

Amy gave Sonic the money, and Sonic said, "Don't worry, Amy; I'm gonna find the best flower seeds you've ever seen! See ya!" And he dashed out of the house in supersonic speed.

"And try not to lose that money while you're running like that!" Amy called, even though Sonic could not hear her. Then she went back to her television show.

Sonic raced a long distance to the plant store in just two minutes. When he got there, he suddenly stopped upon entering through the doors. He found himself in a building where the ceiling was two stories higher than the floor.

"Whoa, this place looks like it's got everything," thought Sonic. "The way I see it, it's gonna be tough to find the right kind for Amy!"

He looked at all the types of seeds the store was selling -- apple seeds, carrot seeds, sunflower seeds, tomato seeds, pumpkin seeds, and many others, but none of them interested Sonic at all.

Soon he forgot about what Amy told him -- to bring her the most valuable seeds that the plant store could sell. He came to an aisle where they sold a brand new item -- Magic Beans.

"Cool! Magic Beans!" Sonic thought. He took a bag off the shelf and looked on the back cover. It read:

"Magic Beans: Make your dreams come true! If you plant these beans, you will eventually have the finest garden in the entire world. So forget about ordinary flower seeds and go for these Magic Beans! Sale Price: $49.99."

Sonic was amazed by how the Magic Beans work, he decided to buy them instead of flower seeds of any kind. "Wait till Amy gets a load of these!" he thought.

After the purchase of the Magic Beans, Sonic ran back to Amy's house, not knowing that he did not listen carefully to Amy's rule in the first place. He knocked on the locked door.

Amy got off the couch and opened it. "So, Sonic, what kind of flower seeds did you get for me?" she asked.

Sonic told her, "Well, you see... I had trouble looking for the ones I thought you'd like, and... I came to these Magic Beans."

Suddenly Amy got furious just a second later. "Why you... blue hedgehog! I told you to buy me some flower seeds, and you come back inside my house with a bag of useless beans!"

"But... they're Magic Beans, Amy," Sonic continued.

"Magic Beans! Who gives a baloney about Magic Beans? At this rate, now I'm gonna be nicknamed the foolish little girl with no garden! Give me those!"

She grabbed the bag of Magic Beans from Sonic's hand, stormed outside to her backyard, and hit the Magic Beans with her Piko Piko Hammer like a baseball. The bean package ripped open, sending the beans flying everywhere. Amy didn't even want to know where they landed. Then she stormed back to Sonic.

"Now go to your room and you can forget about having supper for tonight!"

Sonic tried to be angry with his girlfriend. "Don't tell me what to do, Amy! You're only twelve years old!"

"I don't care! You're in my house, and I'm the one in charge around here! And if you don't go to your room right now, I'll sell all your magazines to charity!"

Sonic slowly walked upstairs, still feeling angry at Amy's behaviors. As he reached his bedroom door, he yelled back, "Just you wait, Amy! I'll prove you wrong once I wake up in the morning!" And he slammed his door.

Amy, who didn't even want to see Sonic anymore for the rest of the day, once again returned to her TV program. She didn't even call Sonic for dinner that night.

As for Sonic, he was lucky because he saved a bag of chips in his messy closet. He tried his best to eat silently so Amy wouldn't hear him. But it was pretty difficult to make no noise while eating a snack.

The next morning, when only a slim part of the sun was rising, Sonic woke up first before Amy. He went downstairs and outside in her backyard to see what happened to the Magic Beans.

And to his surprise, he saw a massively large beanstalk that had sprouted up into the sky while he was sleeping! He couldn't even see the top of the beanstalk. Sonic ran back into the house and dialed Tiff's phone number on Amy's phone.

Buto, who has just finished getting dressed, heard the phone ring as he came into Sir Ebrum's living room. He immediately answered the phone. "Hello?"

"Buto, you're not gonna believe this! A beanstalk has grown in Amy's backyard!"

"Are you kidding?"

"No, it's true! Bring Tiff with you; I'm sure she'll want to see it too!" Then Sonic hung up without saying another word.

Later, Buto and Tiff arrived to Amy's house. They, along with Amy and Sonic, took a look at the beanstalk Sonic 'planted'. "See, Amy, they were Magic Beans all along," Sonic said to his girlfriend.

"I should've believed you in the first place, Sonic. I'm sorry," she replied.

"It's all right, Amy. So, do you wanna go see what's up at the top of this beanstalk?"

"Sure. I'm hoping that maybe there's something that'll turn all the grass in my front yard into an entire field of flowers!"

"And maybe there's gonna be something just as special for Buto and I," Tiff added.

"Yeah, like oodles of cash," said Buto.

"Or mountains of potato chips," Sonic said.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go see what's up there, shall we?" Tiff suggested. She and her friends started climbing up the beanstalk by its staircase made with vines.

They held on to the handrails (also made with vines) while they were climbing so they wouldn't fall down. "How high does this beanstalk go, Amy?" asked Tiff.

"Ask Sonic," Amy told him. "He's the one who bought those beans in the first place."

"How should I even know? You're the one who made them get planted yesterday after I brought them into the house."

"Oh, really? Well, you need to start doing what I tell you to do whenever you run an errand!"

"Yeah, right. Anyways, I can't tell how high this beanstalk goes 'cause I was asleep while it was growing. But I can tell you guys, I'll bet this beanstalk is more than a hundred miles high!"

The friends continued climbing higher and higher up the beanstalk. When they finally reached the top, they could see a walkable cloudy road ahead. Amy tested out one of the clouds. "Hey, this cloud is as hard as cement," she said.

Her friends also tested out the cloudy road. "It sure looks safe to walk on," said Buto.

"I wonder where this road will lead us to," Tiff said.

"Maybe if we follow it, there could be something beautiful as flower seeds awaiting us," Amy told her friends. "Come on!"

They ran across the clouds for almost a mile. Up ahead, they could see a castle tall as a skyscraper. "Wow! Look at that castle!" Sonic said.

"It's even taller than King Dedede's," Buto added. "I'll bet that's the place where we might find something as beautiful as flower seeds," Amy said.

"Then let's go see what's in there," Tiff told everyone. They resumed running towards the castle. It was shining white as clean, pearly teeth. When they got to the doors, to their surprise, there were no guards on duty. Buto pushed the giant sized door open, and the friends tiptoed inside.

"Hello? Is anyone here?" Buto called. But the castle was so huge, he could barely be heard by anyone. Luckily, someone was actually able to hear him. It was an enormous prince-like young man. He wore a shiny yellow orange cape and suit. "Who said that?" he asked.

"We're down here!" called the friends, waving their hands at the giant prince. The prince reached out his hand and carefully picked up the miniature sized friends. "Why, hello there," he said. "What are your names, and where do you all come from?"

"I'm Amy, and this is my boyfriend, Sonic. We live in the house miles beneath where the beanstalk that led to your castle grew up to."

"My name's Tiff, and this is Buto, my own boyfriend. We live in Cappytown, which is just 5 miles away from Amy's house. And what's your name?"

"My name is Prince Marigold. I am actually the son of the ruler of this castle."

"So who's the monarch in the castle you live in?" asked Sonic. "It's my mother, and her name is Queen Carnation. But you may want to be careful when she's around 'cause she doesn't like it when someone robs anything that belongs to her, including flower seeds."

"Flower seeds!" Amy exclaimed. "That's exactly what I need for my own garden!"

"Well, I wouldn't be that greedy if I were you," said Prince Marigold. "I may have a kind heart, but my mother certainly doesn't. In fact, she behaves just like a giant ogress would, and she could eat you guys up!"

"Oh, don't let her eat me, please!" Sonic pleaded with mercy. Prince Marigold just laughed. "Don't worry," he told the friends. "Mother isn't even here right now. I'll give you guys some treasures that you're exactly looking for."

He set the friends down on a nearby wooden table. As they looked at what was on top of it, there were giant sized bowls, plates, and utensils. Buto tried to lift up the spoon. "This must be the biggest and heaviest spoon I've ever seen in my life," he said. "It's especially much too heavy for a strong guy like me!"

Amy tried to make the bowl move by hitting it with her hammer, only to find the bowl barely even moving. "Even my hammer is no match for a bowl this big," she said.

"Amy, you shouldn't really be doing that," Tiff told her. "We're in a giant castle that belongs to an evil looking queen, and if she finds out about this, she might eat us up!"

Seconds later, Prince Marigold returned with a giant sized bag of potato chips made with 100 percent sunflower oil. Sonic looked at the size of it. "Whoa, that's the biggest bag of potato chips I can ever imagine seeing!"

"It's a year's supply of organic potato chips, made with oil from sunflower seeds. It is designed for fans of potato chips and giants."

"Thanks!" Sonic replied.

Then they all heard the ground beginning to shake. "Uh oh! That's my mother! Quick, hide!"

"But what about my chips?"

"I'll take care of them. You guys gotta hide for a while, though. Here, get on my hand!"

The Prince picked up the friends and he hid them in a cupboard, just before his mother, Queen Carnation, who looked a lot ogress-like, came inside the castle.

"When she falls asleep, that is your cue to sneak out and run away," whispered the Prince to the friends.

"Fee, fi, fo, fum, Who are you whispering to, my son?" asked the old Queen.

"Uh, no one, Mother," stammered the Prince.

The Queen sniffed at at the air and smelled something. "Well, I smell the quills of two little hedgehogs, and the flesh of two human Cappies! Be them alive or be them dead, I'll grind their bones to make my bread!"

"Sorry, Mother, but you probably are just imagining stuff. There are no hedgehogs or Cappy human beings today. Besides, I have prepared a nice cup of hot tea just for you."

Though still suspicious about the scent of the friends, Queen Carnation sat down in a chair in front of the table. Her son poured some hot tea from a large kettle into her favorite cup. The Queen drank down her tea and eventually fell into a deep sleep. Then Prince Marigold whispered, "Hurry, before Mother has a chance to wake up!"

The friends quietly crept out of the cupboard and sneaked out the castle doors working together to carry their bag of chips back down to the bottom of the beanstalk.

Then the next day, Amy, Tiff, Buto, and Sonic climbed up the beanstalk again, hoping for another treasure Prince Marigold was hiding. And this time, the Prince had something for Buto: oodles of chocolate coins covered in golden tinfoil. They actually belonged to Queen Carnation.

"Thank you, Prince Marigold," he replied. And again, the Prince had to hide his little friends then lie to the Queen that they were absent after she returned. After being convinced that there was no one home but the two of them, the Queen was given a huge slice of chocolate cake.

"Mmm, chocolate! I gotta go for a piece!" Sonic thought. He was about to race out of the cupboard when Amy stopped him by grabbing him on the collar.

"What do you think you're doing, Sonic? We have to stay quiet or else we'll get busted!"

Then when the Queen got tired, the Prince led her up to her bedroom and the friends quietly escaped with the chocolate coins. And again, they climbed up the beanstalk for a third time the next day. But this time, they did not want to risk taking the time to talk with Prince Marigold, in case they were already recognized.

They hid themselves in a large basket just in time before the Queen arrived back home to her castle. And once again she repeated these words: "FEE, FI, FO, FUM! I smell the quills of two little hedgehogs, and the flesh of two Cappy human beings! Be them alive or be them dead, I'll grind their bones to make my bread!"

"No, mother, you were just imagining things. Come on, I'll take you back to bed," said Prince Marigold. He took her back to bed, then saw his small friends in the basket.

"Are we glad to see you," Amy told him. "Do you have anything valuable that Tiff and I could have?"

"I sure do," Prince Marigold replied. "Wait right here; I'll be right back." He left the kitchen and went into a nearby closet.

He took out a bag of special flower seeds and a golden harp that had the face of a goose and the tail of a goose. Both of them also belonged to Queen Carnation. Then he returned to the kitchen and gave the small treasures to Amy and Tiff. "Oh, thank you, Prince Marigold! These flower seeds will make my garden look prettier than ever! What do they do?"

"Well, since they're called Magic Flower Seeds, you'll get a special surprise when you wake up the morning after you plant those seeds."

"And I can give this harp to my mom as a Mother's Day present," Tiff added. "What's it called, by the way?"

"My mother calls it the Musical Goose. It plays some of the most prettiest music you'll ever hear again and again. But be careful when you play this harp, because if you make a wrong note, the harp will make a honk so loud it could damage your hearing!"

"I promise to take care of it," replied Tiff. Then the friends started to leave the castle. Amy was thrilled to know how the Magic Flower Seeds work, and Tiff was especially excited about her new harp. Halfway through the trip back to the beanstalk, Tiff started playing the harp.

"Now this is music to my ears," she said. But suddenly, she accidentally made a huge mistake, and the harp went... "HO-O-O-ONK!" This awakened Queen Carnation. She got out of her bed and immediately looked for her missing harp inside the castle. Then she questioned her son about who stole her harp.

Prince Marigold confessed, "I don't know, Mother. I think some small animals crept in our castle and sneaked it out."

"Why, those stupid, insolent, little peasants!" Queen Carnation got very furious. The second she stormed out of her castle, the friends were already climbing back down the beanstalk. When they finally made it to the bottom, they could hear the ground shaking like raging thunder. It was the evil Queen Carnation, and she was going after them!

"Hurry, Amy! The evil Queen's coming! Stop her by chopping that beanstalk down with your hammer!" Sonic said.

Amy quickly summoned her Piko Piko Hammer and whacked it at the beanstalk with one strong, huge whack. The beanstalk began to crack gradually. Then it began to tumble down, down, down. Finally, it fell onto the ground with a mighty CRASH!

As for Queen Carnation, she was too late. Just as she was about to climb down the beanstalk to continue to go after the friends, it had already disappeared. Now the angriest of all, she stomped back into the castle to teach her son a serious lesson.

Later, Amy, Tiff, Sonic and Buto gathered outside in the front lawn. They were testing out the Magic Flower Seeds that they got from Prince Marigold.

"How does it work, Amy?" Buto asked.

"It says: Just plant the seeds in the grass so green, then flowers will bloom like you have never seen!"

"Does it say to add water, Amy?" Buto asked again.

"That wouldn't be such a good idea, Buto," Amy told him. "Look at the front of the package. It reads: Warning - any aquatic chemicals will void the magic of the seeds." "So what do we do now?" asked Sonic.

"Might as well just wait until tomorrow morning and see for ourselves," Amy suggested. And that is exactly what they just did.

When Amy woke up the next morning, she was in for the best surprise she ever had -- instead of plain grass on her front yard, it was now covered with a whole bunch of beautiful flowers!

She called Tiff, Buto, Cream, and Cosmo over to come see her newly changed front yard.

"Oh, it's beautiful, Amy!" Cream said. "Those flowers are like nothing I've ever seen in my life!" She picked some for herself.

"It was all thanks to those Magic Flower Seeds that was given by Prince Marigold," Amy said.

"Who is Prince Marigold?" Cosmo asked.

"He's a prince we met in a castle up in the sky," Tiff told her. "He was a good hearted prince, not like his mean Queen mother, that is." Cosmo looked at Amy's flower field.

"These flowers look just like the ones I had in my old home," she said. "I wish I had a garden just like this."

"Then today's your lucky day for both you and Cream. Since I'm your best friend, I'm gonna let you take home some of my flowers so you can keep them or give them to your families."

"Thank you, Amy!" Cream and Cosmo gave their friend a big hug, still holding their flowers.

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