All throughout one day, Amy was doing more household chores all by herself. Sonic, her boyfriend, was lying on the couch, snoozing and taking naps, especially when Amy was tickling him with the dustpan.

At the park, Amy and Tiff were reading a story to Cream and Cheese, while Buto, Tails and Tuff were playing soccer, but Sonic was just lying on the grass, still taking naps.

Even when Sonic and Amy went out to buy some food in the grocery store, Amy did all the work, but Sonic just napped on a bench, and Amy had to call for him when it was time to go.

And while Sonic was wide awake, the only beverage he drank down during his meals were high-caffeine sodas that he bought for himself, which was certainly not a healthy choice. He refused water, because he claimed it to be one of his fears.

Whenever Amy offered him a bottle, Sonic would just say, "No thanks," or he would just push it away.

But eventually, the day passed by, and it was time to go to bed. Amy was already dressed in her red pajamas, and she was right now brushing her teeth. Sonic was looking at his magazines, still pretty wide awake.

When Amy was done brushing, she went into Sonic's room, and said, "Sonic, it's time to get ready for bed."

"I'll be there in just five minutes," Sonic said.

But instead, it took him more than 10 minutes to finally get out of his room and start getting ready for bed. He brushed really fast -- much faster than how long it would normally take to brush your teeth.

Amy thought to herself while she heard Sonic brushing, "I wish Sonic would brush his teeth the right way like I do for once in his life."

Then Sonic ran back into his room and let out a loud but fake yawn, just as if he were tired after all.

"I told you you'd be tired after such a long day," Amy said as she opened Sonic's door again. She tucked her boyfriend in his bed.

"That's what you think, Amy," Sonic replied.

"Oh, yeah? Well, I heard with my own ears that you yawned so loudly, which tells me you definitely need some rest until tomorrow."

"Yeah, right," Sonic said sarcastically. After Amy was finishing tucking Sonic in, she walked over to the light switch. "I hope you're not afraid of the dark, Sonic, 'cause I'm about to turn the light off," she said.

"Go ahead, Amy; I'm not afraid."

"All right, then..." Amy turned off the light, then said, "Good night, Sonic."

"Good night, Amy," Sonic said. Amy went back to her room and turned off the last light still on, which was the light in her own room. Soon the house was completely shut down in darkness.

But five minutes into the sleeping part of the night, Sonic got out of bed again and quietly sneaked out of his bedroom. He walked down the stairs and into the kitchen, and browsed through the cupboards, trying to find a snack that he really wanted.

Amy could hear Sonic opening and shutting the cupboards from upstairs in her room. She got out of bed and went into the kitchen. When Sonic heard her coming down, he tried to hide, but couldn't. He ended up getting busted by his own girlfriend.

Amy turned on the kitchen light. "Sonic! What are you doing here? Don't you know it's past our bedtime? And what were you trying to do anyway?"

"I was hungry, so I came down to find a snack," Sonic said.

"Well, it's not snack time right now," Amy told him. "It's bedtime. And besides, it also wouldn't be a good idea to eat during bedtime because then you wouldn't be very hungry for any breakfast."

She sent Sonic back to his room and tucked him in again. "I know you want to stay up more, Sonic, but you need your sleep, and so do I. Now try to fall asleep and don't think about going downstairs this time."

"I'll try," Sonic said.

"Good," replied Amy. She turned off Sonic's bedroom light, and went back to sleep herself.

Another ten minutes passed by. Again, Sonic got out of bed, but this time, he did not leave his bedroom. Instead, he turned the light on in his room and started to open up his magazine.

He tried his best to be quiet for at least five minutes, but soon his voice got so loud that Amy could hear him. She got out of her bed again, and could see a bit of the light from Sonic's room shining under the door.

Jealous, she headed straight for Sonic's room, and opened the door. "Sonic? Now what are you doing not falling asleep?"

"I'm just not tired," Sonic said. "So I started looking at this magazine to entertain myself."

"Well, you can look at those magazines tomorrow morning, but right now, it's time for bed." Amy took the magazine from Sonic and stored it in a cupboard.

"Oh, come on, Amy, can't I just stay up another minute?"

"Not tonight, Sonic. I need my rest too, you know, and because you're living in this house, you have to sleep at the same time as I do every day."

"Is that so?"

"Well, yeah, because every time you wake up in the middle of the night, it nearly always causes me to wake up too."

"Then what am I supposed to do about it?"

"Hmm..." Amy thought for a moment after tucking her boyfriend in for a third time. "I have an idea! Maybe if I sing you a lullaby, then you'll fall asleep."

"Yeah, like I'd want to hear a song that only puts babies to sleep," Sonic sneered.

"Well, I always fell asleep whenever I heard someone sing a lullaby to me," Amy said. "I'm sure it'll work on you too."


"Yeah! In fact, I know just the lullaby that's perfect for you. It goes like this:"

Sonic placed his head on top of his pillow and covered his entire body under the bed sheet. Then Amy started to sing:

Rock-a-bye, Sonic My darling hedgehog You must be tired Now sleep like a log

When you wake up And grow like a man Then you can run As fast as you can

The song was so beautiful that Sonic couldn't stop Amy from singing it. Even one verse was enough to put him into a deep, deep sleep. Sonic was also unable to speak after Amy's lullaby.

"It worked! Now I finally get some rest myself. Good night, Sonic," Amy thought in her mind. She quietly walked out of Sonic's room, turned off the light one last time, and went back into her room. She turned the light off there, and climbed back into her bed, tucked herself, and resumed sleeping.

About eight or nine hours passed. The morning sun rose bright and golden in the sky. Everyone in Station Square and Cappytown woke up to see it from their windows. Tiff was the first one, followed by her boyfriend, Buto.

"Good morning, Buto," Tiff said.

"Good morning, Tiff," said Buto. He looked out the window. "Look at the sun rise. Isn't it pretty?"

"Sure is," replied Tiff. "And I'll bet today's going to be the sunniest day ever with no clouds in sight."

"What do you want to do first?" Buto asked.

"Let's go to Amy's house."

"Good idea."

Tiff and Buto went into the bathroom. Then they brushed their teeth and washed themselves, then they changed from their pajamas to their regular clothes. After that, they greeted their family with a 'good morning' before they left.

As they walked into the village of Cappytown, they saw more people greeting others a 'good morning', happy to start a new day.

When they went into the city park of Station Square, the people were opening their windows and doing exercises.

Soon enough they came to the house with flowers covering the whole yard, which was definitely Amy's. The couple walked towards the front door and Tiff knocked on it.

"Tiff! Buto! Come in! I just made some breakfast for you guys," Amy said. She let her friends inside the house.

"Where's Sonic?" Buto asked.

"I think he's still sleeping," Amy told him.

"Oh, well, maybe he'll wake up soon," Tiff said.

"I guess," replied Amy. They walked into the kitchen and sat down in the table. There were two plates of pancakes, eggs, sausage and bacon, and two plates of French toast with fruit. The three began to eat up.

"What's taking Sonic so long?" asked Tiff.

"Maybe he's just tired because he had trouble sleeping. But don't worry, I sang him a lullaby to make sure he got enough rest for the night."

Sonic, who slept for a long time because of his staying up schemes last night, finally woke up to hear Amy's conversation with her two friends from downstairs. He could even hear the birds chirping from outside his window.

Suddenly realizing that he was late to get ready for the new morning, he raced out of his room, brushed for only five seconds, and showed up in the kitchen in a flash.

"There you are, Sonic," Amy said. "Where have you been? Your breakfast is getting cold, and Tiff and Buto are already here with us. You probably overslept, didn't ya?"

"No, I didn't," said Sonic. "I was in my room, just looking at some magazines."

"Sure," Amy said sarcastically. "Now sit down and eat your breakfast so we can go hang out together later on."

Sonic sat down in the table with Amy, Tiff, and Buto, and ate up his breakfast... slowly, not like he usually does in a fast speed.

"So what are gonna do today, Amy?" Tiff asked.

"Well, Tiff, there's this new cool piece of jewelry I saw on TV earlier, and it's on sale half price today at the shopping mall."

"Oh, come on, jewelry again? I'd rather check out a brand new video game that just came out last week," Buto said. "It's called New Super Mario Brothers 2. I've been waiting for months to get it."

"I want to get it too," Sonic said.

"But Sonic, you've been trying to think of ways to stay up when it was time for bed last night," Amy told him. "I'll tell you what, if you promise me that you won't fall asleep all day until tonight, I'll buy both you and Buto your own copies of that game."

"Really? Thanks, Amy!"

"BUT... tell me that you will not fall asleep today."

"I won't."

"Good, 'cause I'm gonna watch you at all times, and if you fall asleep even once, no video games for today."


After a big breakfast, Amy, Tiff, Buto, and Sonic left the house and walked to the city park. But along the way, Sonic began to feel tired.

"Sonic, you promised you wouldn't fall asleep for the whole day," Amy said.

"Oops, sorry, Amy," Sonic said, trying to stay awake.

The couples saw the people doing exercises in the park. "Look, guys, there's some people doing exercises. Let's join them," Tiff said.

"Great idea, Tiff," Amy agreed. She, Buto, and Tiff joined the people in the exercise, but Sonic just sat down on a bench.

"Sonic? Aren't you gonna join us in the exercise?" asked Amy.

"No, you guys go ahead," Sonic said. "I'll just sit here and try to think of ways to keep myself staying awake."

"All right," Amy said.

In the outdoors fitness class, there were jumping jacks, push-ups, aerobics, and lots more that Sonic was missing out on. Instead, he started to pace around near the bench, still pretty tired. He wasn't even in the mood to run in supersonic speed.

"I hope Sonic's okay," Buto said. "He's missing out on all the fun."

"Don't worry about Sonic," Amy told him. "I'm sure he's figuring out millions of ways to keep himself from falling asleep."

"Well, let's keep exercising rather than talking about Sonic's habits," Tiff told them. "If he hears us, he might fall asleep again."

After about 20 minutes of fitness, Amy, Tiff, and Buto were really to go to the mall and buy the things they were looking for.

"Okay, Sonic, you ready to go to the mall?" Amy asked.

"I guess," Sonic said.

"If you still feeling tired, Sonic, we'll buy you an energy bar for a snack that's sure to keep you awake," said Buto.

"Thanks!" said Sonic.

The four friends walked a couple tens of meters to the shopping mall. When they got there, they saw a vending machine loaded with snacks -- from potato chips to granola bars to bags of crackers. Amy gave her boyfriend a dollar bill.

"Remember, Sonic, no potato chips, just energy bars," Amy told him.

"I know, Amy," Sonic replied.

He placed the dollar in the dollar slot, and pressed '3' and 'D'. A chocolate granola bar was pushed out of the stock shelf and fell to the bottom. Sonic picked it up from inside the machine and unwrapped it, then began to eat it.

"We'll go to the jewelry store first, then we can buy you that video game you guys wanted," Amy said to Buto and Sonic.

They stopped by at the Beauty Queen jewelry store. Amy and Tiff took a look at the piece of jewelry they saw on TV yesterday. It looked even more beautiful than ever. It was a thick, golden bracelet.

"I've never seen or even had a bracelet like this in my whole life," said Tiff.

"Me neither," Amy added. "I'd probably wear it forever!"

But there were more than just that. There were shiny diamond rings, watches, necklaces, and lockets that also appeared in the commercial.

"I could buy everything in this store," Amy said. "But I think I'll just stick with this golden bracelet, since it's the most favorite thing I ever wanted anyway."

Sonic and Buto waited outside. Sonic was beginning to feel tired, again. But right before he could fall asleep, he thought to himself, "No... I mustn't fall asleep if I want that video game!"

"Buto, how much longer?" he asked.

"I think they're just about done," Buto replied. "Look, here they come."

Amy and Tiff came out of the Beauty Queen, now carrying two shopping bags with the bracelets inside. "All right, guys, let's go buy that video game you want."

"Great!" said Buto and Sonic in unison.

They walked through the shopping mall hallways, up the escalator to the second floor, and found the video game store just 20 meters away.

Buto and Sonic went in first. They looked around and saw the brand new game just released a week ago near the entrance. The game cover had a shiny golden background with Mario jumping and Luigi holding coins while running on it. It also included a green Koopa Paratroopa, a Goomba on a pipe, a red Super Mushroom, and a golden Fire Flower. On the bottom of the cover were the words 'Playable in 2D and 3D. 3D mode for ages 7+. See back.'

"Cool," Sonic said. "Maybe we can play this game together, Buto."

"I don't think so, Sonic," Buto told him. "Look on the back." He flipped over to the other side of the game cover. "It looks to me like a one-player game."

"Bummer," Sonic said. "But at least we can still buy two copies for ourselves, and we can try to beat each other's scores."

"Yeah, at least we can do that," said Buto. "By the way, how much does this game cost?"

Sonic looked at the price of the game. "It's $40 per copy, so if we bought two copies, we would have to pay $80."

"Plus tax," Buto added. "That would result in having to pay about eighty-six dollars."

"You've gotta be kidding me!" Sonic said.

"No, it's true. You're forgetting that paying tax is important when you go out to buy something in most stores, especially this entire shopping mall. And not only that, we also need to buy two brand new Nintendo 3DS game systems."

"Two game systems?"

"That's right. But we're in luck, because right now during this week, they're selling Nintendo 3DS consoles for just $99.99. So if we buy these games and those systems, we'll have to pay $300."

"Three... hundred... DOLLARS?"

"That's exactly what I'm saying -- $300."

"That's a TON of money!"

"Not without Amy, that is. I'm sure if we ask her, we can afford to buy these games."

The boys asked Amy if they could buy the systems along with the brand new games they wanted. Amy agreed that this would be a good idea, so they bought everything they needed, for a total price of $300.27.

Later, as the friends left the shopping mall, carrying their bags, Sonic let out a deep yawn, indicating that he was desperate for a nap.

"Are you still tired after one long morning, Sonic?" asked Amy.

"I think so, Amy," Sonic replied.

"Well, then, you're definitely going to need a lot of energy food for lunch later on," Amy told him. "And that means no fast food today!"

"What are you gonna feed him, Amy?" Tiff asked.

"If he doesn't do what I say, maybe I'll feed him broccoli and spinach for both lunch and dinner for a week," Amy taunted.

"What? No way!" Buto said.

"Just kidding," laughed Amy. "I'll give him something he likes that's also good for his body."

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