Smb1 manual
The following instruction manual is for the NES video game, Super Mario Bros..


One day the kingdom of the peaceful mushroom people was invaded by the Koopa, a tribe of turtles famous for their black magic. The quiet, peace-loving Mushroom People were turned into mere stones, bricks and even field horse-hair plants, and the Mushroom Kingdom fell into ruin. The only one who can undo the magic spell on the Mushroom People and return them to their normal selves is the Princess Toadstool, the daughter of  the Mushroom King. Unfortunately, she is presently in the hands of the great Koopa turtle king. Mario, the hero of this story (maybe) hears about the Mushroom People's plight and sets out on a quest to free the Mushroom Princess from the evil Koopa and restore the fallen kingdom of the Mushroom People. You are Mario! It's up to you to save the Mushroom People from the black magic of the Koopa!

Names of Controller Parts and Operating Instructions

Controller 1/Controller 2

  • Controller 1 -- for 1 player game
  • Controller 2 -- for second player in 2 player game
  • Up: ???
  • Right: Walk to the right. (Push button B at the same time to run.)
  • Down: Crouch. (Super Mario only.)
  • Left: Walk to the left. (Push button B at the same time to run.)

A button

  • Jump: Mario (Luigi) jumps higher if you hold the button down longer.
  • Swim: When you're in the water, each press of the button makes you bob up. Don't get too lazy about swimming or you'll get pulled under by the whirlpool at the bottom of the screen.

B button

  • Accelerate: Press this button to speed up, then jump and you can go all the higher
  • Fireballs: After you pick up the fire flower, you can use this button to throw fireballs.

SELECT button

Use this button to move the mushroom mark to the game you wish to play.

START button

Press this button to begin.

  • Pause: If you wish to interrupt play in the middle of a game, press the START button. The pause tone will sound, and the game will stop. Press the START button again when you wish to continue playing. The game will continue from where you left off.
  • The Top Score will disappear if the reset switch is pressed or the power switch is turned off.

How to play

As this game proceeds the screen gradually advances to the right. The Mushroom Kingdom is made up of 8 worlds, and each world is divided into 4 areas. The fourth area of each world ends in a big castle. The Princess, as well as her mushroom retainers, are being held in one of the castles by the turtle tribe. In order to rescue the Princess, Mario has to make it to the castle at the end of each world within the given time. Along the way are mountains, pits, sea, turtle soldiers, and a host of traps and riddles. Whether or not you can make it to the last castle and free the Princess depends on you. You're going to need sharp wits and lightning reflexes to complete this quest!

Starting Position/Time Progress

  • At the beginning of the round, play starts from the beginning of the area; however, once Mario gets about halfway through an area, he doesn't have to go all the way back to the beginning after getting done in by the bad guys.
  • When you get to the last castle, you start the game over from the castle entrance.
  • When play starts, the clock in the upper right of the screen starts ticking away. Any time left on the clock when you get to the end of each area is added to your score as bonus points.
  • There is no remaining-time bonus when you get to the very last castle.

Finish Area

  • At the end of each area there is a small castle, but before you get to the castle you have to go up a big staircase and jump onto a flagpole. The higher you jump onto the flagpole, the higher the bonus you receive.



  • Mario and Super Mario both jump the same height.
  • The height Mario jumps depends on how long you hold the A button down.
  • You can use the control pad to make Mario hook to the left or right even in mid-air!
  • Pushing the B button makes Mario speed up, and when Mario is speeded up he can jump higher.

Bonus Prizes

  • If Mario picks up a 1-up mushroom, he gets an extra life.
  • If Mario picks up 100 coins, he gets an extra life.
  • In addition, there are other ways to get an extra Mario.

Mario's Friends

If you come across mushrooms who have been turned into bricks or made invisible, they reward you by giving you a power boost. With each boost Mario changes into a different, more powerful Mario, as shown below.

Mario -> Magic Mushroom -> Super Mario -> Fire Flower -> Fiery Mario

(return to regular Mario when bumped into by a bad guy)

Starman -> Invincible Mario

  • When Super Mario or Fiery Mario are bumped into by a bad guy, they don't die but simply return to their old regular-Mario selves.
  • For a short while after turning back into his regular-Mario self, Mario flickers. During this time, he can not be killed by bad guys (he's invincible).

How to topple the Turtle Tribe

  • Bad guys on top of the bricks can be taken care of by punching from below. Bad guys on the ground can be done in by jumping on top of them. If you bump into an enemy from the side or from below, you die.
  • When in the water, no matter what direction you hit the bad guys from you die.
  • If you stomp on a Koopa Troopa, he becomes (shell) and stays motionless for a while. During that time, you can kick him and send him flying to knock down other enemies.
  • When Mario has fireballs, use the B button to throw them and fry the enemy.
  • Some bad guys can't be killed. Look out for these immortal creeps!
  • The points you get depend on how you kill the enemy. Try a few different methods to see which gives you the most points.

Beware! The following are deadly:

  • Bumping into members of the Turtle Tribe and other baddies. Walking into flames.
  • When you bump into a shell you had once kicked.
  • When you fall into a pit or get sucked down a drain.
  • Time runs out.



A mushroom who betrayed the Mushroom Kingdom. One stomp and he dies. 100 points.

Koopa Troopa (green)

Soldier of the Turtle Empire, his orders are to find and destroy Mario. Jumpo on him and he stops moving for a while. 100 points.

Koopa Troopa (red)

This turtle is chicken! Very timid, he gets scared easily and runs back and forth a lot. Jump on him and he stops moving for a while. 100 points.

Koopa Paratroopa (green)

A bit out of control, he wings around aimlessly and comes at you all of a sudden. Stomp on him and he loses his wings. 400 points.

Koopa Paratroopa (red)

This turtle is under control, but likes to take it easy. Stomp on him and he loses his wings. 400 points.

Buzzy Beetle

Quite the toughy, fireballs don't even faze him. 100 points.

Hammer Bros.

These wily twin-brother turtles come at you throwing hammers. 1,000 points.


Lakitu's pet, but a wild fighter. You can't kill him by jumping on top of him. 200 points.


The mysterious turtle who controls the clouds. He chases after Mario and drops Spiny's eggs on top of him. 800 points.

Piranha Plants

Man-eating plants that live in the pipes. They show their faces quickly and without warning, so watch out! You can't kill them by jumping on top of them. 200 points.

Spiny's eggs

Eggs of the turtle Spiny, pet of Lakitu. You can't destroy them by jumping on them. 200 points.


Usually found in the water, but also sprouts wings and flies so you have to be careful in the air too. Can't be killed from above while she's in the water. 200 points.

Bullet Bill

Chases after Mario slowly but steadily. You can kill him by jumping onto him from above. 200 points.


Chases stubbornly after Mario; a guy to look out for. You can't kill him by jumping on top of him. 200 points.


Protector of the great sorcerer Koopa king, he comes flying out of the lake of fire inside the Koopa king's castle.

Bowser, King of the Koopa

The sorcerer king holding Princess Toadstool captive in the last castle. He comes at you spitting fire. There are several ways to kill him, but you only get points if you use fireballs. 5,000 points.

Other Characters

Mushroom retainers

Seven Mushrooms who originally served in the court of Princess Toadstool, but are now under the spell of the evil Koopa king.

Princess Toadstool

Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, she is the only one who can break the spelloof the evil Koopa king.

Note: The rest of this manual was not officially made by Nintendo.


  • Number of lives: You start with 3. If you have more than 10 lives, the tens digit becomes a crown. If you have more than 20, the "9" becomes a letter, then the weird symbols start at 46 lives or more.
  • Score: Shows how many points you have total. The total score will always be a multiple of 50, and the top score will be reset if you turn the game off or possibly restart it.
  • Number of coins
  • Current world: Shows what level you are currently on.
  • Time limit: Each level is set to 400 or sometimes 300 seconds (usually on World x-3 levels).


  • Super Mushroom: Transforms Mario into Super Mario. All power-ups are worth 1,000 points.
  • Fire Flower: Transforms Super Mario into Fiery Mario. Luigi will also be the same as Fiery Mario. Be careful, though -- if you take damage while the Fire Flower is still onscreen, Mario will just become Super Mario if he takes the Fire Flower. That's why it's impossible to become small/Fiery Mario.
  • Coin: Each coin is worth 200 points.
  • "?" Block: May contain either a coin or a power-up.
  • 1-UP Mushroom: Worth 1 extra life. You can also gain an extra life by knocking off 8 enemies in a row (500, 800, 1,000, 2,000, 4,000, 5,000, 8,000 then 1UP). 1-UP Mushrooms are very rare that they can only be found through invisibility or brick blocks.
  • Starman: Gives Mario the ability to kill off all enemies. Will wear out eventually, around 18 seconds after.
  • Jumping Board: Gives Mario a huge jumping height.
  • Brick Blocks: Regular Mario cannot break these blocks. Worth 50 points.
  • 10 Coin Blocks: The faster you hit these blocks, the more coins you get, then they turn into empty blocks.
  • The Flagpole: At the end of every level (except castles) are a flagpole. You can get either 100, 400, 800, 2000 or 5000 points, depending on the height.


World 1-1

There is only one Koopa Troopa in this level. The rest are all Goombas. The fourth pipe will lead to a bonus room with 19 coins. The exit is near the flagpole. To the right of the fourth pipe is a 1-UP Mushroom. To the left of the Koopa Troopa are a 10 Coin Block and a Starman. There are three power-ups in this level.

World 1-2

This is the first underground level. The first 10 Coin Block can be too hard to reach, even for Super Mario. The Starman is above the two Koopa Troopas. There is also a 1-UP Mushroom above the group of six coins. The first pipe to the right of the Goomba triplets leads to a different bonus room with 17 coins. Beware -- there are now Piranha Plants hiding from pipes. On occaison, the third Piranha Plant may disappear, and it holds the exit from the bonus room. There is also a red Koopa Troopa near the end of the level. If you go past the pipe, you will end up in a Warp Zone to Worlds 2, 3 and 4.

World 1-3

Nothing special here, just a load of Goombas and red Koopa Troopas to avoid while crossing tree platforms. Also, there is only one power-up.

World 1-4

The first castle level, with lava pits and spinning firebars. After you pass them all, there are six hidden coin blocks. Bowser is really a Goomba. After you rescue Toad, a message will say: "Thank you Mario! But our princess is in another castle!"

World 2-1

You must collect all the coins in the previous world "x-3" or take the Warp Zone to earn the 1-UP Mushroom above the two Koopa Troopas. The Starman is to the left of the second pipe. On the other side is a vine that leads to Coin Heaven. It has a loadful of 40 coins. The third pipe will lead to the same bonus room as seen in World 1-1. The exit is the pipe after the entrance. The Piranha Plant in the middle below the power-up may disappear. The exit from the Coin Heaven is several blocks away from the last pipe and the jumping board. You may want to use the jumping board to clear the level.

World 2-2

The first underwater level. There are only 6 Bloobers found throughout, and no power-ups or pipes whatsoever. If you get past the first underwater pit, Cheep-Cheeps will appear.

World 2-3

Nothing special here either, just flying Cheep-Cheeps everywhere.

World 2-4

Two Podoboos are introduced in this level. Bowser is really a Koopa Troopa. 

World 3-1

The first nighttime and snow level. The second pipe leads to a completely new bonus room, with 12 coins and another power-up. The exit is two pipes away from the entrance this time. Just several blocks to the right, above the sea is another 1-UP Mushroom. Next to that is another Starman and the Hammer Brothers. You may use the jumping board to try to squeeze through the two brick platforms to reveal another vine to a new Coin Heaven. This time, there are 52 coins. The exit is not far from the entrance. 

World 3-2

This time, you only get 300 seconds. Kick the Koopa Troopa to the right and start running. The shell will knock out many enemies, earning you more than 20,000 points and possibly a 1-UP. There is also a Starman and a 10 Coin Block above the Koopa Troopa surround by two stairwalls. The only Piranha Plant in this level may disappear from its pipe.

World 3-3

This level introduces elevator lifts. If you stand on one side for too long, both will fall off (worth 1,000 points). There is only one Goomba in here, along with a lot of red Koopa Troopas. 

World 3-4

Bowser is really a Buzzy Beetle. Also, you cannot see the lava pits where the first three Podoboos fly out of.

World 4-1

Lakitu throws Spiny eggs in this level. The 1-UP Mushroom is above the group of four "?" blocks. The bonus room is in the third pipe, and it has 18 coins, along with a power-up. The exit is the last pipe of this level. The block near the flagpole is a 10 Coin Block.

World 4-2

The other underground level. You must watch out for the three Goombas between the brick ceiling and floor. But you're lucky, there's a power-up before all of them. To the right of the elevator lifts is a vine that leads to a Warp Zone of Worlds 6, 7 and 8. To the right of the long pipe is a Starman. On the other side is a bonus room with 10 coins and a 10 Coin Block. The exit is three pipes away. There are Buzzy Beetles introduced in this level. If you go past the exit of this level, it'll lead to World 5.

World 4-3

This is a Mushroom-platform level. Nothing special more than that, except all there is are red Koopa Troopas. 

World 4-4

It's a maze castle. To reach Bowser, you must go to the top then on the second part, you must take the bottom. Therefore it's tougher, so you get 400 seconds. Bowser is really a Spiny. 

World 5-1

A daytime snow level. Again, you only get 300 seconds, like in 3-2. The Starman is after the second group of enemies. The level even introduces Bullet Bills. The 1-UP Mushroom is after the third group of enemies. The bonus room is the hovering pipe, and is the same as in 4-2.

World 5-2

You may need the jumping board to go past the two brick platforms. The first pipe leads to an underwater bonus room. There is also a vine that leads to the same Coin Heaven as in 2-1. The Starman is near the Hammer Brothers. There are also Bullet Bill cannons all over this level. 

World 5-3

This level is similar to 1-3, except with Bullet Bills flying from nowhere. 

World 5-4

This level is similar to 2-4, except with more Podoboos and firebars. Bowser is really a Lakitu. 

World 6-1

Lakitu returns in a nighttime level. The 1-UP Mushroom is next to the staircase near the only pipe (with the only Piranha Plant). Despite this, there are no bonus rooms in here. 

World 6-2

There are three bonus rooms, all found in Worlds 4 and 5. The Coin Heaven is similar to the one in World 3-1.

World 6-3

This level has castle graphics. Bullet Bills will appear if you make it halfway through.

World 6-4

This level is similar to 1-4, except with Podoboos and more firebars. Bowser is really a Bloober.

World 7-1

This level contains the most Bullet Bill cannons. The 1-UP Mushroom is above the pipe that leads to the 1-1 and 2-1 bonus room. 

World 7-2

This level is similar to 2-2, except with more Bloobers.

World 7-3

This level is similar to 2-3, except with Koopa Troopas and Paratroopas.

World 7-4

Another maze, you guessed it. And again, 400 seconds. This time, take the bottom/middle/top routes on the first part, then the top/middle/top routes in the other route. Bowser is really a Hammer Brother.

World 8-1

You only get 300 seconds throughout this longest stage ever. You may never make it within 100 seconds. Between the two pipes surrounding the Buzzy Beetle is a 1-UP Mushroom. Two pipes away is another bonus room, similar to 1-2's. 

World 8-2

Lakitu is present in the first half of this level. Above the jumping board are infinite 1-UP Mushrooms, as long as you keep dying. After that are Bullet Bill cannons, then a bonus room similar to 4-2's. 

World 8-3

The two power-ups in this level will definitely come in handy, as there are many Hammer Brothers to go past in this level. There is also a 10 Coin Block hidden before the flagpole. 

World 8-4

This is the last maze of all. The first pipe to take is after the lava, the second pipe is the one in midair, the third pipe is also after lava. You will then encounter an underwater room. Swim past the Bloobers and firebars to make it to the final area. Avoid the last pipe and the Hammer Brother, jump over the lava (watch out for the Podoboo), and face Bowser. 

When you're done, you will see the Princess, with a new message: "Thank you Mario! Your quest is over. We present you a new quest. Push Button B to select a world." You will then go back to the title screen. This time, most of the enemies go faster, and the Goombas are now Buzzy Beetles.