The Amanda Show Vol. 1: Amanda, Please! was released in 2004 by Paramount Home Entertainment. It contains four episodes.


It's a total laughfest with over an hour of skits, commercial parodies and audience participation with Nickelodeon's resident comedienne extraordinaire, Amanda Bynes. And lurking backstage is Amanda's number-one fan, Penelope Taynt, in her never-ending quest to meet her idol, if you please!

Episode 214: Join in a Roof Top Square Dance...don a pair of Popper Pants...catch the latest drama to hit "Moody Point"...preview some not-so-popular flicks at Blockblister...see Judge Trudy as a reality show contestant...and more!

Episode 217: The Klutzes attempt to run a restaurant without hurting anyone too much..."The Boost" gives kids a real life...take a dip in Amanda's Jacuzzi with Frankenstein...experience a "Hillbilly Moment"...and see what happens when Mr. Gullible substitute teaches during a fire drill!

Episode 222: Join Amanda on her search for someone strong enough to open a bag of Little Crazy Hat Man divert your attention from a hairy mole...visit Cookie Doopers for some shockingly good cookies...find out what happens "When Bradys Attack..." and rock out with "Totally Kyle."

Episode 226: Visit Jerky Doopers for exotic varieties of jerky (like monkey and rat!)...soak in Amanda's Jacuzzi with Amelia Earhart...join another group of mis-matched participants in the reality show, Stranded...and spend a thoughtful moment with garage guitar guy "Totally Kyle" as he laments about mosquito bites.

Bonus material

  • Outtakes (5:12)
  • Behind the Scenes (6:01)
  • Previews (7:04)