The Amanda Show Totally Amanda was released in 2005 by Paramount Home Entertainment. It contains four episodes.


Ready to laugh? Join comedienne Amanda Bynes on The Amanda Show! Check out these four jam-packed episodes of sidesplitting commercial parodies, spoofed TV shows, and the silliest skits you can imagine. Plus, there's plenty of amanda's number-one fan, Penelope!

Episode 215: Don't throw out your lunch! Sell it on the internet... Judge Trudy has special guest star Danny Bonaduce in a true "mock" trial... Find out why balloons make people cry on the drama Moody's Point... Totally Kyle talks about animals at the zoo.

Episode 220: Do you recycle? Then turn your garbage into a delicious dessert with new Trash Cones... Find out what happens in The Girls' Room, featuring the Egg Girl... Penelope takes over Drake's TV... Annoying Courtney has a piano lesson... and Santa Claus drops in on Amanda's Jacuzzi!

Episode 223: Tired of your parents making you eat vegetables? Try totally unhealthy Sugar Veggies!... Amanda hosts So You Wanna Win Five Dollars!, a game show where nobody wins... Penelope interrupts everything in her quest to meet Amanda... Crime-Fighting Cheerleaders... Don't miss a Hillbilly Moment... And Elvis soaks in Amanda's Jacuzzi.

Episode 225: Try new Popper Pants! The popcorn you make in your pants!... Then rent a flick at Blockblister Video... Next up, it's The Dare Show, where Sharon and Toby take on your challenges!... Ennis and Noodle May share a Hillbilly Moment... Chief Sitting Bull visits Amanda's Jacuzzi... and Penelope meets a boy, but what about Amanda?


  • Behind-the-Scenes Feature (4:18)
  • Never-Before-Seen Outtakes (3:54)
  • Previews (5:57)

Includes trailers for Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (already released in theaters but not yet on home video at the time) and The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (one week away from release on home video at the time).


Two volumes (Vol. 4: Penelope's Picks and Vol. 5: Trudy's Duties) were scheduled for release on July 12, 2005 and September 20, 2005, respectively, but neither actually ever got a release.