One night, everyone in Cappytown and Station Square were sleeping peacefully. Some of them were dreaming about a snowy day. They dreamt about going sledding, shoveling, snowball fights, ice skating, and many other things.

Outside, temperatures dropped down from the forties, to the thirties, and to the twenties. Thick clouds appeared covering the night sky. At exactly midnight, the first snowflakes started falling. By the time everyone woke up, at least 8 inches of snow had already fallen, and it was STILL snowing.

Buildings everywhere were covered in white snow. Streets became slicker and harder for cars to move on. Every body of water froze into thick ice, including the pond behind Amy's house.

Inside the house, Amy was watching the weather forecast on television. "With snow accumulating more than an inch per hour, all schools in the entire area are going to be closed for up to one week," said the forecaster. "The snow will also not stop until at least tomorrow."

Upstairs in his room, Sonic looked out the window. He saw the snowflakes falling outside, and his windowsill was covered in snow. "It's snowing!" he thought. "I'll bet Amy wants to play with me in the snow today."

He quickly dashed out of his room and over to where Amy was. He sat down next to her. "Wanna go play outside in the snow, Amy?" he asked.

"Later, Sonic," Amy told him. "I know you're excited to play in the snow, but there's still the matter of work to do."'

"WORK!?!" Sonic said shockingly. To him, even working for one minute made him tired. Then he calmly continued, "What work are you talking about?"

Amy turned off the TV and turned to her boyfriend. "Don't you see that the roads are also covered in snow? We gotta clear those roads first, then we're gonna help Tiff clear the roads in Cappytown."

"But I want to play in the snow with everyone else," Sonic complained.

"We'll play after I say our work is done," Amy sighed. "But for right now, let's go do some snow shoveling."

Amy went into the closet and got out two snow shovels. She gave one to Sonic. Then Amy went upstairs and took out two winter coats. One was bright red. The other was navy blue.

Then she went back downstairs. She put on the bright red coat, and gave Sonic the blue coat. "Come on, Sonic," Amy said. "And put your coat on; it's cold outside!" Slowly she opened the door. Snow blew through the doorway.

Sonic shivered. He quickly put on his blue coat and followed Amy out the door, taking his shovel with him.

First, they started off by clearing the walkway. Amy scooped up mountains of snow and threw them into the snow that was covering the grass. Sonic was barely helping, as he only scooped up a little bit of snow at a time.

Amy noticed what Sonic was doing not helping her out enough. "Sonic, you know I can do better than that," she told him. "Now help me clear out the walkway the way I do it, like this!"

She showed him how to scoop up snow the right way and clear it out. Sonic watched as Amy did her work. He tried his best to help her get the job done, so he scooped up bigger piles of snow with his shovel.

Around 10 to 15 minutes later, the walkway was finally finished. By that time, the snow has now reached 10 inches of accumulation. The house sign with the words 'The House of Amy Rose' on it was almost halfway smothered by the accumulation of the snow.

"I'm glad that's over with," Sonic said, tired after doing some snow shoveling.

"But we're still not finished yet, Sonic," Amy replied. "We still need to help Tiff with her yard, too."


"No 'buts'! Now let's go!"

Amy and Sonic carried their shovels and started walking. Snow blew through the cold winds on the opposite direction of where they went. It was very difficult and freezing.

Along the way, they saw children making snow angels, building snowmen, and playing snowball fights in the city park. All the cars went at around half the speed limit because of slick roads.

"Goodness, it's hard to walk at this time of day, and it's even harder when carrying a shovel!" Amy struggled through the strong winds and snowy weather.

"Tell me about it, Amy; it's so cold, I can't even run in Sonic speed in this weather!" Sonic said.

After at least one hour from Amy's house, she and Sonic have barely made it to the bench between Station Square and Cappytown, where they first met Tiff and Kirby in the beginning.

"How much longer... before we get there... Amy?" Sonic grunted, hardly able to walk any further.

"At least... one more mile... Sonic," Amy grunted. But the two did not even take a single break on their way. They noticed that the ocean was now frozen solid. Snow geese were waddling on the ice.

"Ooh... ice skating!" Sonic thought. Then he turned to his girlfriend. "Amy, let's go ice skating!"

But Amy continued to acknowledge that there was no time for fun. "Not now, Sonic," she said. "Tiff and Buto need our help!"

They walked along the road in the village. Most of the Cappies were trying to dig out the snow from the slippery road. But even for a bunch of Cappies, there was too much snow to dig out.

It took Sonic and Amy another 20-30 minutes to make it all the way to Dedede's castle. When they finally reached the grounds, they saw Tuff and Kirby building snow versions of themselves. Tuff was building a snowboy, and Kirby was building a snow puffball. Buto's dog, Butcher, was relaxing comfortably in his warm little doghouse.

"Hey, guys!" Sonic called.

"Hey, Sonic! Hi, Amy!" Tuff called back.

"Have you seen Tiff and Buto?" Amy asked.

"I think they went inside because they wanted to keep warm!" Tuff said.

"Thanks!" Amy and Sonic quickly went inside the castle, where it was warm. They ran upstairs to the castle living room.

Inside, Tiff and Buto were sitting on the couch watching the weather forecast on TV. The weatherman announced that the snow was still continuing all through the entire day. Lady Like was cooking some hot soup for lunch. Sir Ebrum was reading a newspaper in the dining room table.

Just as Amy and Sonic arrived, they hung their coats up on the wall next to the door, then sat down on the couch with their best friends. "Hey, guys, what's up?" Sonic asked.

"Did you two shovel any snow this morning?" asked Amy.

"Not really," Tiff told her. "My parents told us that it's so cold, they wouldn't even let us go outside for a single minute."

"That's easy for you to say," Buto said. "In my old hometown, we never had a lot of snow because where I used to live, it's a warm climate there."

"You should be lucky," Sonic replied. "This is the first time I've ever seen such a huge snowstorm in my whole life! I wonder how many inches of snow have fallen?"

"Probably around a whole foot by now," Buto told him. Then Lady Like asked, "Darlings, have you seen Tuff and Kirby?"

"They're still outside playing in the snow," Buto said.

Sir Ebrum looked out the window. "Well, you better go get them right away; the storm's getting a lot worse!"

"I'll take care of it, sir!" Amy said as she put back on her coat and ran downstairs, back outside to the castle grounds where the massive snowstorm was continuing. "Tuff, Kirby, come inside!" she called.

Tuff groaned loudly. "But Kirby and I want to play outside some more!"

"I know, but the storm's about to get worse! You don't want to catch a cold, do ya? Now come on!"

The two boys followed Amy into the warm living room castle. Tuff took off his scarf and winter coat and hung them up next to Amy and Sonic's coats, then he joined everyone else on the couch.

"Brrr!" Tuff shivered. "Amy's right, it's better to stay inside rather than playing outside for too long! I'm in the mood for some hot soup."

"Me too," Buto added.

The friends went over to the kitchen and they each asked for a bowl of hot soup. Then they went back to the living room, carefully carrying their bowls.

Meanwhile in Tails' house, Tails was playing an arcade game. He was about to hit a new high score, when suddenly, the power in his house went out! The screen turned black, the lights stopped working, and to make matters worse, the heat turned off. Tails began to shiver by the minute.

The weatherman said on TVs everywhere in Cappytown and Station Square: "This is an emergency weather bulletin. The first house located in Station Square has lost its power. With the snowstorm showing no sign of stopping, we may eventually expect a power outage in the entire area."

Tails desperately had to call Sonic. He couldn't use his electric phone, because the power was out. So instead, he used his cell phone to dial Sonic's cellphone number.

Sonic heard his cellphone ring from inside his winter coat. He took it out and answered it. "Hello?"

"Is that you, Sonic?"

"Yeah, it's me, Tails. What's going on?"

"Power went out. Now I have no place to keep warm!"

"Why don't you come over to King Dedede's castle? We still got power here. Mrs. Ebrum is serving us some hot soup."

"Okay! I'll be right over! But first, let me go get Knuckles and everyone else."

"Fine with me. Meet you later!"

Sonic and Tails turned off their cellphones, and Tails got inside his X-Tornado, which was so far safe from being covered in white snow because it was in the garage all along. Tails opened the garage door, buckled his seat belt, closed the cockpit in his vehicle, and took off.

He tried his best to control his vehicle, but the winds were so strong that they caused Tails' plane to slow down a little. But finally, Tails made it to Knuckles' apartment house without any problems.

Tails parked his plane in the nearest parking space in front of the apartment, then hopped out of the vehicle. Then he ran towards the apartment door, opened it, and looked for Knuckles' apartment room door.

Inside the apartment room, Knuckles heard Tails pounding on his door. He opened it and asked, "Tails, what are you doing here?"

"The power ran out in my house, and I have the feeling we're gonna see a complete power outage in Station Square. Sonic invited all of us to come to Castle Dedede for warm shelter. Take Rouge with you, I'm sure she'll need some comfort there."

"Good idea, Tails," Knuckles said. "Rouge, come over here, would ya!" The treasure hunting female bat appeared from her room. "What is it this time, Knuckles?" she asked.

"Tails' power ran out," replied the red echidna. "We're gonna go to Castle Dedede so we don't have to stay out cold. Wanna come?"

Rouge didn't want to come, but agreed anyway because she didn't like staying out cold. "Great!" Tails said. "Let's go, guys!"

Tails, Knuckles and Rouge left the apartment door and got inside the X-Tornado. "Before we go to Cappytown, though, we still have one more brief stop to make," Tails said to his two old friends.

They flew to the neighborhood where Amy and Cream's houses were, and landed right near the cottage with the sign saying 'The House of Cream's Mom' in front.

"You guys stay here; I'll go get Cream and everybody else." Tails got out of the plane and ran to the entrance. He knocked on Cream's door. Vanilla opened it. "Why, hello, Tails. Would you like to come in?"

"I have a better suggestion," Tails replied. "Sonic invited us to stay in Castle Dedede in case we get a power outage in this area. Why don't you, Cream and Cheese come with us instead?"

"That's a great idea," Vanilla said. "Cream, would you come here?" she called to her daughter. Cream and Cheese came downstairs to see Tails. "Yes, Mommy?" Cream asked.

"Tails is taking us to the castle of King Dedede so we can stay warm," Vanilla told her. "Don't worry, we can come back home as soon as it stops snowing."

Cream was still a little concerned about not staying at home, but decided to come with Tails and the others to Castle Dedede. "Okay, Mommy, I'll come," she answered.

"But before we leave, let me go get our coats; it's really cold," Vanilla said. She went into the closet and got out a medium-sized coat for herself and a smaller one for her daughter. She put on the medium-sized coat over her body, and dressed Cream the smaller coat.

Then Tails guided Cream, Cheese and Vanilla to the X-Tornado. After they all got inside, Tails re-powered up the engine and prepared for another takeoff.

While the X-Tornado took its voyage out of Station Square, the city buildings gradually began losing power, which was caused by the now frozen electric poles that the snow was possessing.

As the plane made its way to Cappytown, Cream looked out the window. She was amazed at the sight of the snow geese waddling on the frozen ocean.

When they arrived, Tails parked the X-Tornado in the castle grounds. "Last stop, everybody out!" he said as he opened the cockpit, allowing everyone to get out of the plane. While they ran across the snow and wind, they heard the sound of barking from Buto's dog.

"Where's that noise coming from?" Knuckles asked.

Suddenly Fololo and Falala showed up from nowhere. "I think Buto's dog is feeling uncomfortable in his little doghouse," Fololo said to everybody.

"Someone needs to go free him!" Falala added.

"They're right," Vanilla said. "Even dogs need warm comfort for once in a while. You all wait here; I'll go get the dog."

She ran over to Butcher's doghouse and untied the rope that held his collar. Butcher barked thankfully. "It's okay, doggy, you'll be safe and warm once we get inside," Vanilla said while going back to the castle entrance, carrying Butcher with her.

Fololo and Falala guided everybody through the castle hallways. They all went into the living room of Sir Ebrum. Unfortunately, there was not enough room for Tails and his friends to hang up their coats, so instead, they put them all in a pile under the coats that were hung up on the wall.

"We've brought some guests at your service, Sir Ebrum," Fololo said.

"Welcome, everyone," Sir Ebrum said to his guests. "Please, keep yourselves comfortable."

Vanilla set down Butcher to the ground. Panting, the dog raced to his owner. "You didn't feel very warm in that little doghouse, did you, boy?" Buto asked. His dog whined in agreement. "Well, that's okay. You're gonna be a lot safer in this castle until the storm stops."

Tuff immediately went over to Tails. "Hey, buddy!" he said. They gave each other a high five and shook hands. "What brings you here?"

"You're not gonna believe this, Tuff, but my house was the first to run out of power!"

"You're telling me; the weatherman's saying that we're gonna have no power ourselves eventually! By the way, my mom's serving us some hot soup to warm ourselves up."

Tails licked his lips. "Soup? Mmm! I want some!"

"Then follow me!"

Tuff and Tails ran back into the kitchen. "Mom, Tails wants some soup too," said Tuff. Lady Like scooped up a portion of the soup with a ladle and poured it into a bowl, then she gave it to Tails. "Here you go, darling."

"Thanks, Mrs. Ebrum," Tails replied, then turned to his friend. "Come on, Tuff, let's go play some games in your room!" And the two boys left the living room.

Buto stared at Rouge. He had never met her before. "Hey, you!" he whispered.

"Who was that?" Rouge asked.

"Over here," Buto continued whispering. Rouge headed towards him. "What's your name?" he asked.

"Why would I want to even tell you?" Rouge retorted.

"Because this is the first time we've met, that's why," Buto replied. "My name's Buto. What's yours?"

"If you really want to know, I'm Rouge the Bat. You happy now?"

"Yeah, I guess."

On TV, the weatherman announced, "Temperatures are now dropping to the early 10s. Snow is falling even harder in our area. Station Square is now completely out of power. And who knows, there's a likely chance that any other places surrounding that area will lose their electricity as well."

The weatherman was apparently correct. At 2:00 p.m., the first houses (the ones closest to the ocean) began losing power, and all through the afternoon, more houses also lost power. Lamps stopped working. Heaters malfunctioned. Most of the kids were upset and frightened by the loss of electricity.

Some of the Cappies stayed in their homes and prepared candlelights for their children. Others took refuge to Castle Dedede, carrying some food and water with them. They struggled their way through the blizzard and all the way up to the warmth of King Dedede's castle.

Sir Ebrum welcomed them all inside. He also recommended the Cappies some hot soup that Lady Like made in case they were hungry and/or really cold. The Cappy kids (Iroo, Spikehead and Honey) went upstairs to Tuff's room to join him and Tails in their games.

"I must say, His Majesty's castle is a lot more comfortable than our houses in Cappytown," said a Cappy man while enjoying Lady Like's soup.

"I heard that the snowstorm is going to be non-stop all day!" said a Cappy woman.

Lady Like offered to cook the foods that the Cappies brought with them from their own homes. Vanilla also volunteered to help with the cooking.

"Hey, Amy," Tiff said to her hedgehog friend, "After the snowstorm ends tomorrow, what do you say we go ice skating?"

"Sure, as long as the ice isn't too thin," Amy replied. "In fact, I do have the feeling the temperatures are gonna go back up again by tomorrow morning."

"Shh! Everybody, watch this!" Buto shushed. Everyone suddenly stopped talking and saw the weather update on TV. The forecaster said, "The snow has just started to subside. Temperatures are going up to the 20s. We are going to expect just cloudy skies starting around 8 p.m., later changing to clear skies by tomorrow."

Everyone cheered when they saw this. Outside, the snowfall was bordering on just flurries. "Come on, everyone, let's go dig out!" Tiff said.

All the Cappies followed her out of the castle. Dedede and Escargoon heard all the chattering from their rooms coming from the Cappies. They came out of their rooms at the same time.

"What's going on, sire?" Escargoon asked.

"I'll bet them Cappies are goin' out to dig out the snow," Dedede said. "But I ain't followin'!"

"Well, I am," Escargoon retorted. But right before he could leave, Dedede pulled him back to his side. "You ain't goin' anywhere, you loud-mouth snail!"

Escargoon desperately forced himself out of Dedede's hands. "I'm gonna go do some snow shoveling, and you can't stop me! See you later, Your Majesty!" And he bolted through the castle halls.

It was still very cold outside, but not as cold as earlier. Winds were also now minimal, and so was the snowfall rate. Everyone used their shovels to clear out all the roads.

In Station Square, snow plow trucks appeared on the streets to do their job so that the cars could operate again. Electricians did their work to restore the power that the snowstorm temporarily wiped out.

Just after all the road clearing was done, the power was restored back to normal. The street lights lit up instantly. Lamps and lights in houses, apartments, and stores turned back on everywhere.

"Hey, Tuff, the power -- it's back on again!" Tails said. All the people cheered at the restoration of electricity.

The next morning, temperatures were still under the freezing point, but now there was no wind, and no more snow was falling from the sky. At the end, it had accumulated a total of between more than 20 inches to 2 feet. The snow clouds had also disappeared overnight, and cars were back in business.

Tiff, Buto, Amy and Sonic went out ice skating on the still-thick ice in the beaches of Cappytown. Kirby, Tuff, Tails, Iroo, Spikehead and Honey played snowball fight in the Station Square city park. They had fun playing in the snow on a cloudless day.

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