Thomas and His Friends Help Out was the fourth Season 4 video of Thomas & Friends from Video Treasures and Anchor Bay Entertainment. In 2008, the video was released on DVD as Henry and the Elephant.


All aboard for the Island of Sodor and new stories from Thomas and his friends. Watch as Stuart and Falcon help out when Duke isn't feeling well. See how Henry frees an elephant that's stuck in his tunnel and cheer on Rheneas as he carries his passengers home safely during a big storm.

So join Thomas, Percy and all of your crew -- they have loads of adventures waiting for you.


  1. Henry and the Elephant (Season 4, episode 19)
  2. You Can't Win (Season 4, episode 4)
  3. Special Attraction (Season 4, episode 25)
  4. Passengers and Polish (Season 4, episode 13)
  5. Gallant Old Engine (Season 4, episode 14)
  6. Fish (Season 4, episode 24)

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