Part 1Edit

This space ship would take years to build. How could Meta Knight do it? It was almost impossible, but with it Meta Knight would be almost invincible! The only thing that stood in the way was a Star Warrior named Kirby.

Meta Knight would have to destroy him if he wanted to rule over everything in the whole Universe. The ship he was making could help him kill Kirby. The ship was going to be armed with cannons, guns, flame shooters, and hammers. Along with handmade robots Meta Knight would triumph over Popstar, destroy Nightmare and rule!

Three years passed…

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… and BLASTOFF!

Meta Knight's dream had come true as his dream ship lifted off of the ground. Nothing could stop him now! But what was this? Kirby?

Kirby was determined to put good back into Meta Knight. He had no idea why Meta Knight was acting so strange. "Shoot him, Dee!" shouted Sir Meta Knight to Captain Dee, "We can't have any stowaways on board!" "Mhff!" replied Captain Dee. BANG! Missed. BANG! It's a hit!

Kirby flew through the sky after being hit. He now had a rather large wound, blood poured from it. What was wrong with Meta Knight? Why was he like this? What happened? What was this ship of his?

Part 2Edit

"Heh, Heh, Heh," laughed Meta Knight to himself, "We got him!"

"Mhff! Mhff! Mahoo!" cried out Captain Dee in triumph.

"I wouldn't laugh if I were you," said a voice from the shadows. It was Meta Axe.

"Why not?" asked Meta Knight, confused.

"Because Kirby is flying on his Warpstar…"


"MWAHH!" screamed Captain Dee in alarm.

"He's landed!" cried Meta Knight, "Captain Dee send out Heavy Lobster!"

"Mwoo! Whff! Mhff!" cried Captain Dee.

Heavy Lobster was (hence the name) a very heavy, metallic lobster with guns and armor and ammo. Meta Knight expected Heavy Lobster to kill Kirby in one hit. Fortunately he was wrong and both of them got blown away out to sea.

"Great! They're gone!" shouted Meta Axe.

" I will conquer Dreamland!" exclaimed Meta Knight, "First target, Grape Garden!"

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