Chapter 1: Meta Knight's VengeanceEdit

Kirby was sleeping under a tree when he heard a loud bang.

Kirby: What was that?! I better go find out!

Kirby runs toward the mountain which is where he heard the loud bang. He called Waddle Dee, Adeleine, and his warp star when he got there.

Waddle Dee: Phew… Finally made it…

Adeleine: You’re tired already? I’m just getting’ warmed up!

Kirby: Now, as you know, I called you here for a reason. I heard a loud bang around here.

Adeleine: Get to the point already.

Kirby: Just getting to that. I went to see what it was while I was waiting for you guys. Guess what I found.

Waddle Dee: What??... (Scared)

Kirby: I found Meta Knight.

Adeleine: What’s he planning this time?

Just as she said that, Meta Knight jumped right where they were standing.

Meta Knight: Wouldn’t you like to know!! >:)

Kirby: Yes we would!

Meta Knight: Well, I can’t tell you so you’ll have to find out yourself! >: P

Kirby then sucks up Meta Knight’s sword! Kirby is now Sword Kirby!

Kirby: Let’s duel to see if you’ll tell us or not, Meta Knight!

Meta Knight: Okay.

Meta Knight pulls out a new sword and fights Kirby. They both fight hard.

Adeleine: This is one battle I can’t determine! (Surprised)

Waddle Dee: Same here! (Even more surprised)

It was a long and fierce battle, but Kirby finally won the duel!

Kirby: Now tell us what you’re planning!

Meta Knight: Okay, okay! Sheesh, gimme a break... I was planning to destroy you with a giant army of Sword Knights. It probably wouldn’t have worked, though, seeing how you defeated me in a duel.

Kirby: Yep! (Smiles)

Meta Knight: We will meet again, Kirby. And I will defeat you!

Meta Knight teleports to the top of a mountain to train.

Kirby: Let’s go home. We’re safe… for now, anyway.

Chapter 2: A New FriendEdit

At Kirby’s house, Kirby, Adeleine, and Waddle Dee were playing Kirby 64 when someone shot the door down.

Kirby: Who the heck are you and why did you blow up my door?!?!?! (Extremely mad)

I’m Megaman and I didn’t feel like opening it manually.

Everyone looks at Megaman like he’s an idiot. Megaman smiles nervously.

Kirby: Whatever. Anyway, I’m Kirby.

Adeleine: I’m Adeleine.

Waddle Dee: I’m nervous… Anyway, I’m Waddle Dee.

Megaman: Hi, everybody!

Kirby: Well we just made a new friend guys!

Waddle Dee + Adeleine: Cool!

Kirby: Wanna play, Megaman?

Megaman: Sure!

Megaman sits down and plugs in a controller. They play all three games, Megaman winning all of them.

Waddle Dee: Wow! You’re good at playing video games!

Megaman: I own the arcade across the street so I should be.

Kirby: That’s bragging and being rude at the same time you know.

Megaman: Sorry, Didn’t mean to be either.


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