I've heard a lot about the laserdisc print of The Lion King. In fact, the one that I know most about is the Deluxe CAV edition. Unlike the CLV edition, this is more expensive and much different. You see, it's a boxset of 4 discs (which is a LOT). Discs 1 and 2 contains the film, which is split into four parts. Disc 3 contains the documentary "The Making of The Lion King", with Side B containing supplemental material. Disc 4 contains more of that, just like the bonus material seen on DVDs, for a total of 75 chapters in all.

Chapter Index

  1. Program start
  2. "Circle of Life"
  3. Scar
  4. A new day dawns for young Simba
  5. A chat with uncle Scar
  6. "I just can't wait to be king"
  7. At the elephant graveyard
  8. A father/son discussion
  9. "Be prepared"
  10. Scar's evil scheme
  11. The stampede
  12. Murder most foul
  13. Simba on the run
  14. Timon and Pumbaa find Simba
  15. "Hakuna Matata"
  16. Scar in command
  17. Pumbaa and Timon wax philosophical
  18. The hunter hunted
  19. United again ("Can you feel the love tonight")
  20. A visit from Rafiki
  21. A vision of Mufasa
  22. Simba returns to the Pride Lands
  23. Simba's plan
  24. The truth comes out
  25. Simba confronts Scar
  26. Simba assumes his rightful place
  27. End credits ("Can you feel the love tonight")
  28. Program start for The Making of The Lion King
  29. The story
  30. The characters and their voices
  31. "A kings's domain" - Research and design
  32. "More then meets the eye" - The animation in process
  33. "Wounded pride" - Scar
  34. "The music of TLK"
  35. Conclusion
  36. Program start for supplemental section
  37. Table of contents for sides 6, 7 & 8
  38. History and development of TLK story
  39. Sequence breakdown and storyboards introduction
  40. Storyboard pitch: The reflection pool/Mufasa's ghost
  41. Storyboards: Sequence 1 "Circle of life"
  42. Storyboards: Sequence 4.2 "I just can't wait to be king"
  43. Storyboards: Sequence 10 The stampede/Mufasa's death
  44. Storyboards: Sequence 16 The reflection pool/Mufasa's ghost
  45. Storyboards: Sequence 19 The fight
  46. Storyboards to film comparison "Circle of life"
  47. Music
  48. Character design introduction
  49. Character design Mufasa
  50. Character design Simba
  51. Character design Scar
  52. Character design Rafiki
  53. Character design Timon and Pumbaa
  54. Character design Zazu
  55. Character design Hyenas - Shenzi, Banzai and Ed
  56. Character design Nala
  57. Character design Sarabi and female lions
  58. Character design miscellaneous
  59. Table of contents for side 7
  60. Preliminary designs and early concepts
  61. Early concept: Simba's presentation
  62. Early concept: Timon and Pumbaa find Simba
  63. Early concept: "Warthog rapsody"
  64. Early concept: "Hakuna Matata" (Timon's verse)
  65. Early concept: Bug football
  66. Early concept: "Be prepared" (reprise)
  67. Early concept: "Can you feel the love tonight"
  68. Early concept: Simba decides to return
  69. Early concept: The fight
  70. Art designs, layouts and backgrounds
  71. Table of contents for side 8
  72. Animation (Audio track 1: Commentary by Randy Fullmer; audio track 2: Dialogue and Fffects only)
  73. Computer design
  74. Publicity and international voices
  75. Credits

There are four discs. Discs 1 and 2 contain the entire film split into four parts (1-27), Disc 3 contains The Making of The Lion King on Side A (28-35), as well as storyboards and character designs on Side B (36-58), and Disc 4 contains deleted scenes from the film on Side A (59-70) and all the rest on Side B (71-75).

Probably the best (and most offending) scene I've ever viewed on this laserdisc is "The Fight" scene (Chapter 69). Luckily, it's in storyboard format. In this scene, just after Scar says "Good night, Sweet Prince" to Simba, he ends up getting flipped by him, and now clings on the edge of Pride Rock. Scar pleads Simba to help him, and confesses that Simba is no murderer, and that he deserves to be king. Then comes the scary part. Scar throws Simba off with one paw, and he falls off the edge of Pride Rock. Simba escapes, while the fire rises up to the top where Scar is. He's still standing there, cackling as he doesn't watch getting engulfed by flames. Soon, his cackling goes away, and rain starts to fall. Simba finds a lioness laying on the ground, just like the scene in the final film after Scar knocks Sarabi down after telling her that he's ten times better than Mufasa.

"The Making of The Lion King" also appears on the Exclusive Deluxe Video Edition, which won't be easy to find at all.


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