All the power and majesty of The Lion King return in this final volume of The Lion King trilogy. This two-disc Special features an all-new vibrant digital picture presentation of the film.

Meet Kiara, Simba's headstrong daughter and heir to the Pride Lands. While on the prowl for adventure she encounters the mischievous Kovu, a young member of the banished Outland Pride chosen to walk in Scar's paw prints. As they seek their places in the "Circle Of Life", Kiara and Kovu find that they may be the only hope for healing the rift between their prides!

The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride Special Edition included original cast members, stunning Disney animation, six spectacular songs and new bonus features. Complete your family's Lion King collection with this enchanting film!


Bonus material

Disc 1:

  • Music and More: Disney's Song Selection
  • Backstage Disney: Lion King's Matter-of-Facts

Disc 2:

  • Music & More: "Love Will Find a Way" Music Video
  • Timon & Pumbaa's Virtual Safari 2.0
  • Pride Land Games
  • Rafiki's Challenge
  • Backstage Disney: Find Out Why, Lots About Lions, Proud of Simba's Pride
  • Original Short Film "One by One"


  1. "He Lives in You"
  2. Daddy's Little Princess
  3. The Baby-Sitters
  4. Crocodile Attack
  5. "We Are One"
  6. The Evil Outside
  7. "My Lullaby"
  8. Kiara's First Hunt
  9. Wildfire!
  10. Kovu to the Rescue
  11. Just Having Fun
  12. Simba Seeks Counsel
  13. "Upendi"
  14. Ambush!
  15. "One of Us"
  16. Kiara Defies Her Father
  17. "Love Will Find a Way"
  18. War!
  19. One Once Again
  20. End Credits


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In Other Countries

Country of origin Release date
South Korea September 8, 2004