In Cappytown, Amy and Tiff were trying to teach Sonic, Buto, Tails, Tuff, Cream, Charmy, Kirby, and some Cappy children science. Right now, the topic was about day and night.

"So you see, as the planets rotate around the sun, including ours, it causes day and night. Every time they face towards the sun, that's when it's daytime, and when they face away from the sun, it gets--"

But the students were sleeping and not paying attention, bored by the subject. Amy sighed. "I wish we were better teachers, Tiff," he said.

"You tell me," Tiff told her. "There's something wrong with our students these days."

Then they heard a mocking laugh. Tokkori, the little yellow bird, flew by. "I say you two are great teachers already, but you're still right on the fact that your students are hopeless. The class you're teachin' ain't no class at all!"

Suddenly it began to rain -- and it was a HUGE pour! All the students awoke to this horrible weather. "My notebook's getting soaked," said Tails.

"Come on, guys!" Tuff said, right before everyone started running for shelter. Class was indeed dismissed, for everyone's safety.

Meanwhile in Dr. Eggman's island, the mad scientist himself was swinging around in his chair. "Errgh... I've got to think of something! I've got to think of a way to make sure I can help Dedede make even the children respect him! Perhaps the children... maybe I could send some monsters over to Dedede's world and make those kids get taught a lesson!"

"Here are your choices," one of Eggman's robot servants offered, giving him a selection of cards. Eggman took the cards from the robot servant. "Let's see..."

But he couldn't decide. "This is a tough one," he said. "I'll let the machine decide!" He placed the cards inside a Vegas-style slot machine. It landed on three monsters -- a bulldog, a fish with a red star painted on one eye, and a purple mohawk. "Perfect!"

Then suddenly, he got a call from King Dedede. "Hey, there, big dude! I've got some--"

"Hush up! I got some problems here! That school you sent me was a big flunk out!"

"Those brats still never learned anything," Escargoon added.

"Well, I've got just the thing you can use to challenge those children," Eggman told them. "They're here in my wireless monster summoner!"

"Finally, some new classmates!" Dedede said excitedly. "The pupils will be a lot worse than the teacher!"

Just a minute later, the three monsters they've been waiting for appeared reborn on Dedede's delivery system. "Let me reintroduce you to your three students -- Dirk, Kirk, and Smirk!" Dirk was the fish monster, Kirk was the purple mohawk, and Smirk was the big bulldog. "Good luck, bad boys!"

"Those guys look like they know more about time and homework," Escargoon said.

The three bullies threw pies at Dedede and Escargoon, which was exactly what misbehaving students would do all the time. "Hold the pies for your new classmates, will ya, guys?"

Then the bullies threw a brick at him, and after that, they jumped off the delivery system and headed to the school they were going to be enrolled at. They knocked down the door to the ground.

The pie that they threw at Dedede fell off. Dedede laughed, "Those guys still remind me of when I was a kid myself!"

Shortly after this, Buto and Tiff were in Meta Knight's room, reading a request letter from King Dedede:

"Dear Tiff, we would like you and your hedgehog friend to be the teachers of the Station Square Junior High School. Ever since you taught in private homes, you have suddenly become the best teachers in the whole world. As the new teachers, you can teach whatever you want to, including picking the subjects, the textbooks, and the homework assignments. Please accept the help of some pupils who may have socialization issues. With you around, you can turn them into straight-A students. Thank you for your appreciation. Sincerely, Vanilla the Rabbit."

"What?" Tiff thought. "I don't recall Cream's mom sending this letter before."

"Maybe it's one of King Dedede's tricks," Buto told his girlfriend.

"You could be right, Buto. What should I do? I love teaching, but I'm still getting tired of Dedede's scams, and this could likely be another one of them."

"You cannot know," Meta Knight told her. "It is risky, but you have to take the risk. It can also be a mistake, but it will be a greater mistake... not to try!"

"Well, if I should do it, then I guess I should," Tiff said. "Okay, I'll try -- we'll see if I am a true teacher or not."

The next day was Dirk, Kirk and Smirk's official first day of school. There were only 5 minutes remaining before class was supposed to start, which was when the teachers would arrive. And believe it or not, Chris Thorndyke was in the same classroom where the three monster students were also assigned in!

"I hear that we're going to have new students today," said a student in the class.

"But who are they going to be?" asked Chris.

Suddenly the door slammed open. It was the three school bullies! It made the whole class jump. "We're here," said Smirk in an evil voice.

"W-w-who are you guys?" a male student asked.

"We're just some newcomers of your precious little class," Dirk said while he and his two companions walked into the classroom to find their empty seats in the back.

"Where did you come from?" asked a female student.

"Who cares?" retorted Kirk. "We're just so excited that today's gonna be a fun day at Station Square Junior High!" He and his two buddies laughed.

Then the 5 minutes passed. Tiff, who was now wearing a black robe, entered the classroom alone, not knowing that there was a security camera hanging high up close to the ceiling in one corner of the room. It was not connected to the security monitors anywhere in the school, but only to King Dedede's monitor in his throne room. Dedede and Escargoon were watching every minute of what Tiff was doing.

"Welcome, class. My name is Tiff. I come from Cappytown. Your old teacher has been suspended from the job until further notice. All right, let's take attendence."

Tiff read through a list of names. Every time she called out one, the student would say 'here' or 'present' at all times, even the three new students, only they said their names in an unpleasant manner. Tiff wanted to discipline them, but instead, she just crossed her eyebrows and kept on reading the name list.

"Well, then, now that everyone's here, let's start," Tiff continued. She cleared her throat. "You may come in now," she called.

Five more teachers came inside -- Amy Rose, Buto, and three Cappies. They all stood behind the door.

"Hey, Amy!" Chris called out, when he wasn't supposed to be.

"Shh!" Amy replied, in an effort to make sure the room was silent so that the lead teacher, Tiff, was talking.

"I'd like to introduce you to our brand new faculty," Tiff announced. "Please welcome Amy Rose, who will teach science, Professor Curio, for world history, Buto, who represents physical education, Bibli, who teaches grammar and literature, and art history, taught by none other than Fortune Teller Mabel."

Just then the teachers got hit by flying eggs and tomatoes, knocking them off their feet. The food that was being thrown came from Dirk, Kirk, and Smirk. Tiff slammed a heavy book on 'her' desk. "Stop this immediately!"

The three geeks laughed. When Kirk heard his name yelled out loud from the teacher, he stopped laughing. "Kirk, as a punishment, you're gonna write a 10-page essay on egg omelettes!"


"And Dirk, your 10-page essay will be about pizza!"

"Hah! Looks like the teacher's trying to teach us a lesson," Kirk said.

"We never learned no lessons, nothin'," Dirk added.

"Well, that's because this is the second time you're having me as a teacher," Tiff told them. "Now be seated and be quiet!"

"Say what?"

"No way!"

"I won't say it again!"

"We should do what she says," Smirk said to his two friends. "We'll get even with her later."

Then Tiff continued on with the introduction. "Now, then... I teach math, so the other teachers may leave at this time." This actually made the other teachers disappointed, even Amy. She waved her hand good-bye at her best friend. Tiff did the same thing, with a grin and a wink. Now it was time for the lesson.

Tiff picked up a piece of chalk and was about to write on the black board. "All right, class, we're going to begin with simple mathematic equations that you've learned since elementary school. Once you master them, we will move on to even harder formulas."

But after only writing one letter ("x") on the board, a shoe hit her in midair right on the head. The impact also caused Tiff to slam her head on the black board.

The whole class gasped. "What's going on?" Chris asked. Tiff turned her head towards the class, including the three bullies, who giggled at Tiff's embarrassing moment. Dedede and Escargoon laughed uproariously while watching this incident happen.

"Did you see that, Escargoon? She got hit by a shoe!"

Tiff picked up the shoe and gave a stern look at Dirk. "Dirk, show me your shoes," she demanded. Dirk revealed his shoes, which were actually dark blue boots. Kirk and Smirk revealed their shoes too, and they were the same dark blue boots like Dirk's.

Tiff wanted to give someone a punishment, but she didn't even know the owner of the shoe that hit her in the head. So she said, "Well, someone lost a shoe and I get a pencil holder. Thank you."

"So, teach, aren't you gonna give us some books?" asked Smirk.

"Oh, that's right!" Tiff realized something. She forgot to have the books get handed out to the new students. "You need your new textbooks. May I have three volunteers to help pass them out?"

Chris, Danny, and Helen each handed the students a textbook. "All right, everyone, we'll start off from where your old teacher last left off at. So turn to page 214 in your textbooks."

The students all turned to page 214. Then Tiff asked, "Chris, do you know what the first math problem on this page is?"

The young auburn haired boy looked in his textbook. The first problem was written as '2a + 3b^2 - ab'. "Uh... a really hard one, I guess," he said.

"Class, this mathematic equation is supposed to be difficult for your curriculum grade," Tiff said to the class. "Mastering mathematics is important, as you know. Now can someone tell me why there are letters and numbers in this equation at the same time? Frances?"

The girl with red-pink overalls said as she looked in her textbook, "Uh... let's see..."

But Tiff was distracted when she saw a rubber cup tied to the end of a fishing pole dangling another student by the pigtails. "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!"

"Wait until you're called on, Amanda," said Tiff.

But Amanda wasn't calling out. Still attached to the fishpole, she was now bouncing around the entire room! The fishing pole was being reeled by no one other than Kirk, even though Tiff didn't see him.

"Sit down, Amanda!"

Tiff desperately tried to stop her from bouncing any further, so she leaped up to Amanda, which was quite a bad move. Both Amanda and Tiff ended up breaking through the glass window and out onto the school grounds!

Just then Dedede and Escargoon showed up from nowhere. "Well, look who's playin' hooky," said Dedede.

"How come one of your students is not in class? Don't tell me she dropped out," Escargoon teased. He and Dedede laughed, then they went back to the castle.

Tiff was angered. "They're making me look like I'm the worst teacher in that school, huh? Wait until I give that principal a piece of my mind!"

In the principal's office, an old man with an orange jacket and a scarlet tie was drinking coffee. "Delicious," he said to himself. But he was startled when Tiff barged into his office ("MR. PRINCIPAL!" she shouted), causing his coffee to fly off his mug and onto his head.

Then Tiff realized what she was doing wrong when she saw the principal, coated with coffee. "I wanted to ask you something. Am I a teacher, or not?"

"Uh, well... that's hard to explain," said the principal.

"But you're the ones who hired me and my boyfriend and another few of us as part-time teachers," said Tiff. "And not only that, I'm concerned about the students I'm supposed to be teaching."

"Perhaps we should go to your classroom and check on them right away," the principal insisted.

He and Tiff walked out of his office and over to Chris's classroom. When she looked through the window, there was a new teacher taking over for her -- Amy Rose was now teaching the class science.

"So you see, class, the ocean evaporates by forming clouds into the sky, then water gets stored into the atmosphere, which causes precipitation such as snow. Then the snow melts and runs off to streams, followed by ground water discharging, and finally, the water returns to the ocean. That's how it works."

"Now that makes sense," said Chris.

"Pretty easy for me," Frances said.

"All right," Danny gave a thumbs up to Amy, their new teacher for the day. Dirk, Kirk, and Smirk were not doing a thing right now.

"I think they're great students," the principal told Tiff. "Why don't you just sit in on her class and study those techniques?"

Tiff just grumbled. "Ugh... but, sir!" The principal ignored her and walked back to his office. With that, Tiff peeked through the window of the door again. "There's something fishy here," she said to himself. "I better talk to Meta Knight about this."

Later after school, viewers in Station Square and Cappytown were watching the news. King Dedede and Escargoon were currently discussing about Tiff's 'poor' teaching skills. Amy, Buto, and the three Cappies that served as teachers were also part of the interview.

Professor Curio declared that Tiff didn't do anything when it was his turn to be interviewed, and Escargoon yelled to the audiences that her teaching days of math were becoming outnumbered like last time. And when Amy was interviewed, she said that nothing bad happened to the students when she taught them, but at the end of class, she still believed what Tiff told her.

When Tails saw this in his house, he got angry. "Those fools! They're the ones who should be taught a lesson for once in their lives!"

"Maybe Tiff's just over her head, Tails," Cosmo told him. Her cat Rosie was lying on her lap.

"This is not her fault, Cosmo," Tails said to the Seedrian girl. "They were tricking her into making sure she was the one to blame."

That night in Meta Knight's room, Amy, Tiff, Sonic and Meta Knight all met with each other. "You two want to learn self defense techniques?" asked Meta Knight.

"That's right," Amy said. "You taught me how last time before I competed in that Hammer Wrestling Tournament, but this time, Tiff and I want you to teach both of us, Meta Knight."

"But why would you want to defend yourselves?" Sonic asked.

"It's for teaching math class," Tiff said in a very loud voice. "Now let's go!"

"Yes, let's do this," Meta Knight agreed.

And all that night, the training officially began -- for the second time, and for the first time with Sonic, because Sonic offered to teach Amy while Meta Knight did the same for Tiff. So therefore, it was not one, but two drill instructors. They did boxing, karate chopping, and running laps.

The next day, Dirk, Kirk and Smirk got even nastier than ever with their teachers. They continued throwing things at them, and the teachers had no enthusiasm whatsoever to teach the three any discipline.

Then it was lunchtime. Chef Kawasaki entered the classroom with two hot pots and a stack of plates and trays stored in a pushing cart with wheels. "Okay, everyone, it's lunchtime," he said.

"Who are you?" Chris asked.

"My name is Chef Kawasaki, and today I will be volunteering as your part-time school chef."

"Chef Kawasaki? I've hardly ever heard of that name before," said Chris.

"And it's my job to provide good nutrition," Kawasaki continued. "Great food helps a student's body get stronger. Today, we will have Kawasaki's Alfredo Pasta! Bon appétit !"

All the students got in line to get their lunch served to them. They each held up a tray and a plate stacked on top of it. "Don't worry, I made plenty for everyone," Kawasaki said to the class.

Kirk quietly slipped a beetle in the alfredo sauce, and when Kawasaki poured some of the alfredo sauce onto a girl's plate, the beetle came with it! Luckily, the girl wasn't aware of that yet.

"I've always wanted white sauce in my pasta," the girl thought, meaning that she has always eaten pasta since she was little, but never has she eaten it with alfredo sauce before. Then, when she was about to take a bite, she noticed something... the beetle! The girl screamed really loud that everyone in the entire building could hear her.

And at recess, during a baseball game, things didn't go well at all. "I'm ready," said Smirk, while holding a baseball bat in his hands.

"Put it over the plate!" called Danny.

Chris, who was the pitcher, threw the ball at Smirk. He gave it a really strong swing, causing the ball to fly out of the park, giving Smirk's team an instant home run.

"Smirk's team is so amazing," said Frances, who was sitting in the audience.

"Our team's first home run!" Smirk said, running at a speed so fast that no one other than Sonic could outrun him. "What a thrilling moment!"

But Chris and Danny weren't happy about it because Dirk, Kirk, and Smirk, who were the only three students in their own team, won every game.

Art class wasn't so good either. The three school bullies threw paint at the art teacher, Mabel. "The only art you three know about is the art of making yourselves look like dummies!"

"At least everyone else likes it," Dirk said.

"It's a masterpiece of face painting," Kirk added.

"I have had enough!" Mabel slammed the door behind her. Then she turned away from Amy and Tiff, both girls with glaring faces.

"Looks like we gave the boot to every teacher like two years ago," Kirk said to his gang.

"No one ain't gonna stop us from teachin' what we want," Smirk replied. He and his other two gangsters laughed.

"Those guys are starting to irritate me," Chris growled.

All of a sudden, Tiff slammed the door open, and Amy was still with her. They were back -- for their revenge! Dirk, Kirk and Smirk gasped in surprise, and so did the rest of the whole class.

"What are you two doin' here?" asked Dirk.

"You, with the pigtail, we thought you were expelled!" Kirk said.

"And it's all thanks to us," Smirk added.

"Tiff and I are taking charge here, and you three are gonna take a hike," Amy told the trio.

"You're just math and science teachers to us," Dirk said.

"It's three against two!" said Dirk.

"Is that so?" Tiff asked. "But Amy and I got two brains, and you three bullies don't have any."

"Then let's have a toughness test," Smirk declared.

"Fine with us," Amy said. She summoned her red and yellow hammer, in preparation for the duel.

Dirk started off with his first move by throwing a chair at Tiff. The ponytailed girl dodged by jumping. Then Amy threw her hammer at Dirk, knocking him down for the count.

Next, Kirk threw one end of his chain, which Tiff grabbed with her two hands. After a brief tug of war, she let go of the chain, knocking Kirk down on the ground.

Now it was Smirk's turn. He gave the desks and chairs a huge punch, sending the school supplies and equipment flying everywhere. The students ran to the back of the classroom for their lives.

"You two ain't such bad brawlers for teachers," Smirk said to Tiff and Amy. "Too bad it's my turn to clobber ya."

"That's funny," Tiff said. "You better start traveling 'cause Amy and I are about to send you packin'. Or you can drop out on your own if you like!"

Smirk got infuriated, and he charged at the girls. Tiff leaped over him, and Amy gave him one big, strong whack with her Piko Piko Hammer. Smirk spun his body around out of control, then fainted. The school bullies were defeated!

When Chris and his other classmates saw this, they cheered upon the defeat of the bad guys, until Amy cried, "Wait!"

Everyone stopped cheering. Amy and Tiff's faces hung down in shame. "Please don't cheer; we don't deserve to be teachers," Amy continued.

"Amy's right. We came here to be good teachers, and not fighters," Tiff added.

"But those three guys were the troublemakers," Danny said, pointing at the gang.

"You had to stop them," added Helen.

"You didn't have a choice, Amy," Chris said.

"Maybe I didn't, Chris..." Amy sighed. "...but teachers are supposed to solve problems by using their heads instead of their hands. You see, when you goof off in school, you might be missing something and you don't realize it. The most important thing about being a teacher is to help your students want to learn. When you don't succeed, things just turn out to look bad."

Amy and Tiff took turns with their speeches about the dos and don'ts as a teacher. Everyone could even see and hear them through their TV sets.

"Just promise us that you guys will never give up trying to learn new things," Tiff told the class. Those were the last words she would say before resigning as teacher of Station Square Junior High.

Then Amy and Tiff headed for the door, but before they had a chance to leave, Dedede and Escargoon opened it first. "Hold up there, girlies!" said Dedede.

"We can't lose a great teacher like you," Escargoon added.

"I bet you two think you are smart for giving a speech in front of everyone," Dedede went on. "Besides, all the other teachers have already quit!"

"Well, you two just wasted your time trying to get rid of us!" Amy snapped.

"But we changed our minds, and now it's time we're gonna fix ya!" Dedede yelled back.

"So get back to your black board and get teachin'!" yelled Escargoon.

Dirk, Kirk and Smirk, who have now merged together into one monster, known as MT2, now with not one but two tentacles, grabbed Amy and Tiff with their tentacles, and began dangling them in midair.

"How's it goin', teachers? We had to take over for your teachin' duties," MT2 said in a much deeper voice than Smirk's. Then the monster let go of the girls, and they hit the ground very hard.

The other students, including Chris, threw stuff at the monster. But it had no effect whatsoever. The monster attacked back by spewing out school supplies at the students.

Meanwhile Sonic and Kirby, who were taking a walk together, could hear all the commotion coming from the school. "Uh oh! Looks like Amy and Tiff are in trouble! Let's go, Kirby! Get on my back and hang on!"

Kirby hopped on Sonic's back as a piggyback ride, then Sonic dashed in his supersonic speed to Station Square Junior High. They arrived in less than one minute into the right classroom where Chris was.



"Thank goodness you're both here!" Amy and Tiff were pleased to see their friends to help them. Kirby hopped off Sonic's back.

"Kirby, suck up that monster, and hurry!" Tiff told the pink Star Warrior. Kirby inhaled the monster's attacks, and transformed into Fighter Kirby.

"Whoa! I've never seen anything like that in my whole life!" said Chris.

"That's a Copy Ability, Chris," Sonic told him. "Every time Kirby sucks up something, he usually transforms into something else."

The battle was now heating up, as MT2 whipped Kirby with one of his tentacles, ramming him to the wall. Then with another body slam, the monster broke through the wall!

Everyone else in the classroom saw what was going on. MT2 and Kirby's next part of the battle took place in the baseball field. Dedede and Escargoon have just climbed up to the top of the school, getting ready for their next trap.

"Time for recess!" laughed Dedede.

"This school yard could use some improvements," Escargoon said, pushing buttons on his remote control.

A huge fence, the same spiked one used in Dedede's old school, appeared from the ground surrounding the entire baseball field, and so did the electric sparks on top.

"Here we come, Kirby!" MT2 said in his booming voice.

Kirby attacked the monster with a Smash Punch, followed by a Spin Kick, and Vulcan Jabs, which MT2 knocked away with his tentacles.

Then the monster whipped Kirby using one of the tentacles, sending the Star Warrior colliding with the fence, electrifying him. Kirby fell flat on the ground, but still had the strength to get back up and keep fighting.

However, he got caught by a tentacle, and was being beaten up by MT2. After a throw by him to the fence again, Kirby Vulcan Jabbed down the fence, destroying part of it.

After that, Kirby attacked right back at MT2 with Rising Break. Electrified, the monster flew high up in the sky, then landed back on the field with a loud CRASH! The whole fence blew up with the monster, and parts of the school building exploded with it, sending Dedede and Escargoon flying.

"School is out again!" said Escargoon.

"There's always next semester!" Dedede added.

Shortly afterwards, the Station Square Junior High School was declared to have to be closed for a long time until further notice, starting today. All of Chris's classmates and Sonic's friends met together outside.

"So what are you guys gonna do without school for a while?" Sonic asked.

"We don't know, Sonic," Chris said.

Suddenly Meta Knight appeared from thin air. "Excuse me," he said. He walked straight towards the students.

"Who are you?" asked Chris.

"I am Meta Knight, one of the oldest Star Warriors in the world, and a very wise one as well. I have found a temporary school where you and your fellow classmates can stay in until Station Square Junior High gets restored. It's a little farther from here, but there is a way you can still get there on time."

"How can we do that?" Danny asked.

"Have you ever heard of a school bus?" asked Meta Knight.

"Not me," Helen said.

"Me neither," Frances added. "What's a school bus?"

"It's a yellow vehicle that picks up students from homes that are too far from schools. I will be happy to enroll you all to the same school bus that will take you to your temporary school for the time being. So write your names and addresses on this clipboard and starting tomorrow, the school bus I will assign you all to will pick you up."

He gave the students a clipboard holding a sheet of paper with a table written on it, and the kids started scratching away.

"Are the teachers going to be good this time to them?" Amy asked her best friend.

"Well, at least it's their very own school," Tiff replied.

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