Six months after it's theatrical release, The Tigger Movie was released to VHS and Disney DVD on August 22, 2000.


In the classic tradition of Disney's animated feature films, the first Winnie The Pooh theatrical feature in twenty-three years weaves magical storytelling, charming characters and memorable songs into an enchanting tale of adventure and heart.

As it happens, everybody - Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, Roo, Rabbit, Owl - is busy preparing a suitable winter home for Eeyore. When everything they do seems to get undone by Tigger's exuberant bouncing, Rabbit suggests Tigger go outside and find other tiggers to bounce with - a notion Tigger finds ridiculous because, after all, he's "the onliest one!" Or is he? And so begins Tigger's amazing journey to find his family.

The Tigger Movie is filled with the joy and wonder of what it means to be a family - and that families come in all shapes and sizes. Enriched with seven delightful Pooh songs, this whimsical and touching film will bounce right into your heart - and feet.



Video Creation date
1 Blue warning screens (VHS) May 29, 2000
2 Walt Disney Home Video logo November 1991
3 Trailer for 102 Dalmatians August 1, 2000
4 Trailer for The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea February 1, 2000
5 Video preview for Fantasia 2000 August 1, 2000
6 Video preview for Toy Story 2 August 1, 2000
7 Feature Presentation December 14, 1999
8 Full Screen Format disclaimer January 22, 1994
9 The Tigger Movie February 11, 2000
10 Promo for the Winnie the Pooh Storybook Classics July 11, 2000
11 Trailer for Discover Spot June 6, 2000
12 Promo for Disney's Halloween Favorites July 11, 2000
13 Playhouse Disney commercial May 25, 1999
14 Winnie the Pooh Video Game commercial August 22, 2000
15 Kenny Loggins' "Your Heart Will Lead You Home" Music Video August 22, 2000


  • "Your Heart Will Lead You Home" - Kenny Loggins Music Video
  • "Round My Family Tree" Sing-Along
  • How To Make Your Own Family Tree
  • The Tigger Movie: DVD Storybook
  • Interactive Trivia Game
  • Theatrical Trailer

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