On a spring day, flowers were blooming everywhere in Station Square and Cappytown. The trees were blowing flower petals from their branches by the breezy wind. Outside, the air smelled like perfume.

Amy's front yard was completely blanketed with flowers, thanks to the magic flower seeds she and her friends planted last time.

But because of this, a whole colony of honey making insects, calling bees, would swarm into Amy's yard to collect all the nectar from the flowers so they can turn it into honey. They were accompanied by a 7 year old bumble bee-like boy with a black helmet, yellow eyes, black and yellow antannae, an orange shirt, white gloves, and orange shoes. This actually bothered Amy when she saw this happening the first time.

She went outside and tried to shoo the bees with her Piko Piko Hammer, but failed. The bees had no fear of Amy's hammer. So Amy ran back into the house and came back out with some bug spray.

Before she could spray any, the bee-like boy yelled, "Don't spray us! Please!"

Amy realized who that bee was. A sudden flashback came back in her head. She realized that he was a member of the Chaotix team, who was originally with Vanilla the Rabbit while Cream was taken care of by Sonic and his friends.

"Is that you... Charmy?" she asked.

"'Course it's me!" Charmy said. "You know me from the time when we had that mission where we returned Cream back to her mother."

"Oh, yeah, I remember that! You're the reason why Cream and Vanilla are together again. But why are you here?"

"This morning, the minute after you woke up, my bee friends and I came over to see your lovely flower garden, and we decided to collect all the nectar from those flowers, because it's the biggest bunch we've ever seen!"

"Well, even though you guys love to collect nectar, I should warn you that too much of it can certainly ruin your appetites."

"What do you mean, Amy?"

"What I mean is, if you eat way more than what you need in one whole day, you'll get a stomachache, which can result in a lot of complications."

"But we're not really eating up the nectar, we're just collecting it so we can turn it all into sweet, delicious honey. Then again, you could be right, I'm the only bee who has only one stomach, while my other friends have two. They're the ones who have something called a honey stomach that they use to keep all their nectar."

"I see," Amy said. "Speaking of bees, where are your bee friends, anyway?"

"Huh?" Charmy turned around. The bees have suddenly flown away, leaving Charmy behind. "Oh! There they go again!" Charmy's wings stopped, and he landed on the ground in front of Amy. Then he began to cry... really loud!

"Don't cry, Charmy," Amy said in an effort to calm him down. "It's always easy to lose a lot of friends your own species when you're a bee. I'll be your friend, though."

Charmy stopped crying. His eyes widened with hope. "R-really?"

"Sure! And not only that, I've got more friends you'll probably recognize, and some new ones you haven't seen yet."

A smile spread over Charmy's face. "Thanks, Amy!" He and Amy hugged each other, then she took him inside her house.

"Wow! Is this where you live?" Charmy asked.

"That's right," Amy told him. "Come on, let me show you around what else is inside my house." She took him everywhere within her house. First, she showed him the living room where the piano also was, then the kitchen, then the backyard, and finally, the room where her TV was located.

Inside that room, Amy's other friends, Tiff, Buto, Sonic, Kirby, Cream, Cheese, Cosmo and Tails, were watching a science program about bumblebees on television. Charmy and Amy appeared in the room.

"Hey, guys!" Charmy said.

"Charmy!" Cream ran over to hug him. "You're back!"

Tiff turned to them. "Do you know her, Cream?" she asked.

"I sure do," Cream said. "Charmy's one of the guys who returned me back to my mom."

Tiff turned off the TV, and she and her other friends joined with Charmy. He and Cream stopped hugging, and Charmy began greeting everyone.

"It's good to see you again, Charmy," Tails shook his hand.

"My pleasure," Charmy said in a quick speed.

"Hey, there, little buddy!" Sonic said. Charmy flew up a little and he and Sonic high-fived.

"You look pretty cute for a bumblebee," Cosmo said. "In fact, you're the cutest bee I've ever seen since I was a little girl."

Charmy giggled. "Thanks! Uh... what's your name?"

"I'm Cosmo -- Cosmo the Seedrian. I actually used to live in a house with my mom, dad, and big sister, but we were caught in a storm one night, and it washed away my whole family. I was the only Seedrian girl left, and that's why I live in Station Square with my friends now."

"Ya like cake?" asked Charmy.

"Sort of," Cosmo said. "My favorite dessert is cream cake with fruit added. That's usually the only type of cake I like to eat. Other than that, I'm a vegetarian, and I prefer not to eat any meat whatsoever."

"Me neither," Charmy said. "Meat isn't part of my diet. Bees like me are herbivores, and we only eat nectar and juice from flowers and other plants."

"You sure are the bee's knees," Buto told him. "Which reminds me, I'd love to learn more about what a bee's life is."

"You mean ya wanna go see what it's like to be a bee?"

"I guess so, yeah. By the way, my name's Buto."

"And I'm Tiff," Tiff added. "And this is our little friend, Kirby." She picked up the pink puffball and introduced him to Charmy.

"Hi!" Kirby waved his hand at the bee. Then Tiff put him down. "So where do your bee friends live?"

"Just follow me!" Charmy told the friends. They followed him outside the door, across the road between the flower field that Amy planted, and made their way to Station Square.

After that, they walked to the outskirts of Station Square, four miles to a field full of more flowers where there was lots more nectar to collect. In front of the field was a tree that was very large in diameter. Hanging on one of the branches was a small beehive.

"So is that where your bee friends live?" asked Amy.

"It sure is," Charmy told her. "But I don't; I can't fit in that hive."

"Then what do you do?" asked Tails.

"I sometimes like to goof off from doing any work when I am told to collect nectar. Most of the time, I even steal my friends' honey and eat it for myself."

"That's just like what King Dedede does," Buto said. "He always does anything what he wants, just because he declares himself as the King of where we live."

"Who's King Dedede?" Charmy asked.

"He's a very greedy king you don't ever want to defy," Tiff told him. "If you're not careful, you might fall for his tricks."

"Okay," Charmy chattered. "If I see that King, I'll sting him and make him like he's never been born!"

"Whoa, now, slow down, Charmy!" Cream said. "The way you're saying that you have a stinger, please don't sting me!"

"I'll be careful, even though I'm hyper-active and scatter brained."

The friends continued walking until they stopped a distance away from the beehive. A whole colony of bees was buzzing around the hive, while some were inside filling their cells with nectar and turning them all into honey.

"Look, the beehive! Let's go!" Sonic was about to run towards the hive, when Amy grabbed him to stop him from running any further.

"What was that for, Amy?"

"Before we check out what is going on in there, don't you think we should learn about what bees do?"

"Oh, come on, Amy, we've learned every time we go on a trip! Do we have to learn something again?"

"Yes, and not only that, there's a very important thing to know about bees -- they can sting you, and that would be really nasty."

"But don't bees die when they sting something?" Tails asked.

"Not me," Charmy replied. "I'm the only bee with an eternal stinger. In addition, I have something that can make you all stay safe from getting stung. Follow me!"

The friends followed Charmy to a barn-like closet. Inside, there were uniforms used as protective clothing from getting stung. It came with gloves, helmets, and veils. "Those are the uniforms I let my friends use to protect themselves from the bee's stingers," he said.

"Do we have to wear these?" Sonic asked.

"I think it's the only good idea, Sonic," Amy told him. "If we wear these uniforms, there's a very unlikely chance we'll get stung by those bees."

"Amy's probably right," Buto added. "Besides, getting stung by a bee is no fun at all; if it happens for real, it'll be a painful situation that you'll have to deal for days."

Sonic had to agree with Buto's words, and he decided to put on his own uniform like the others. Even Cheese and Kirby got uniforms -- in the smallest size available. But Charmy didn't put on a uniform at all.

"Hey, how come you don't have to wear a uniform, Charmy?" asked Tails.

"Because I'm a bee," replied Charmy. "Bees don't need uniforms; they can just join the bee colony without one."

Sonic noticed some plastic jars -- very large in size. "What are these jars for?" he asked.

"That's what were gonna use to collect the honey the bees make," Charmy told him.

Later, the friends headed back to where the beehive was located. "Hey, I can hardly see you guys," Sonic said with his beekeeper's suit on.

"Tell me about it," Tails replied. "I can hardly even see through this helmet."

"Well, they were designed to make it look that way," Amy told them. "It's most important to protect your faces and necks, because if a bee stung you there, you might have a hard time seeing, and that wouldn't be a good sign at all."

"But at least now, we can finally go get some honey," Buto said.

"You forgot one thing, Buto," Tiff said to her boyfriend. "We still have to learn about how the bees make honey first."

As the friends made it to the beehive, even with their protective clothing on, the bees were bothered by their new visitors, and they proceeded to try to attack them. "Now, now, guys, take it easy! These are my new friends, and they just want to learn how to make honey like a bee like myself," Charmy said.

The bees flew back into their hive and went back to work. Charmy sighed with relief. "That was close!"

"Too close," Cream said. "I don't like it when a bee comes to taunt me."

"Chao, chao," ("Me neither,") Cheese added.

The friends took turns looking through the beehive. Amy and Tiff went first. "Look, Tiff, it's a whole colony of bees," Amy said.

"How many are there, Amy?" Tiff asked.

"Even I can't tell. There's probably like, a hundred of 'em in that hive."

"How'd you know that?" Charmy asked.

"Know what?" asked Amy, as she and Tiff turned their heads back to him.

"You were very close; in fact, just off by one. There's actually 101 bees living in that hive over there. And they're very hard workers, not like me."

"Are they all female bees?" Cosmo asked.

"They sure are! I'm the only male bee out of all 102 of us. My 101 friends are all worker bees."

"What do worker bees do?" asked Cream.

"Worker bees do way more than regular bees, Cream," Amy explained. "They gather pollen with their legs, and carry them back to their hive so they can feed them to the larvae -- their babies."

"And that's not the only thing they do," Tiff added. "The worker bees' other main job is to first collect all the nectar from the flowers in the field over there."

"What's nectar?" asked Sonic.

Charmy told him, "It's the thin liquid that comes from the flowers, silly. My bee friends use their straw like tongues, known as a pro... prob..."

"Proboscis, Charmy," Amy told him.

"Oh, yeah, right -- a proboscis to suck up the nectar from those flowers and carry them back to that hive. They use that nectar to gather food and share them with each other."

Then Tiff said to the group, "Then comes my favorite part -- making the honey! Here's how the bees do it -- after collecting the nectar from the flowers, they store it in little hexagonal cells in the hive, stir it with their tongues, and fan them with their wings. In the process, the nectar gets thicker and thicker and instantly turns into honey."

"So that's where the honey comes from," Buto said. "From flowers!"

"Exactly," Charmy told him.

"But wait," Amy suddenly said. She looked through the beehive once again. The bees were doing something even more unusual with the honey they made.

"What's going on, Amy?" Tails asked.

"Guys, come look at this!"

Amy and Tiff removed their faces off the beehive, and their friends took a look inside. They saw the bees plugging up the little cells filled with honey. "I can't see what's going on in there," said Tails.

"Let me have a look," Buto said. He gave a harder look inside the hive.

"What do you see, Buto?" Sonic asked.

"I think those bees are trying to prevent others from stealing their hard work," Buto told him.

"In other words, they're plugging up the cells," Charmy added. "They're doing this because they're making honey for themselves and their babies, not for us. The more honey we take from them, the more they have to make."

"But I'm getting hungry," Sonic said. "I want a snack!"

"Don't worry, Sonic," Amy comforted him. "I'm sure Charmy will find a way to make enough honey for all of us. Isn't that right, Charmy?"

"You bet, Amy! And I'm gonna do it in one very simple way -- bee communication."

"Bee communication? What's that?" asked Tiff.

"It's a kind of dance, which bees use to talk with one another."

"You mean, bees communicate by dancing?" Cream asked.

"Of course," Charmy told her. "Bees can't talk, so we dance instead."

"You talk by dancing?" laughed Sonic. "Very funny!"

"You think that's funny? Just watch me!" Charmy turned to the bees in the hive and whistled. The bees flew out and stood face to face with him. Charmy started to perform a waggle dance in front of the bees.

"What's he doing, Tiff?" Amy asked.

"I think he's doing a waggle dance," replied Tiff.

"What's a waggle dance?" asked Cosmo.

"A waggle dance is a figure 8 dance bees do to give information about where they can find the flowers where the nectar and pollen is located, and things like that. And because Charmy's a bee, he normally does this to communicate with his bee friends."

When Charmy stopped dancing, the worker bees understood what he meant, and they flew out searching for flowers everywhere, not just in the field nearby.

"Where are they going?" Tiff asked.

"You'll see," Charmy said confirmingly.

Minutes later, the bees returned with even more of them joining in, carrying all the nectar to the highest limit. Now there wasn't just 101, but thousands of honey bees!

"Look out!" Buto said when the bees approached their way. Everyone ducked for cover, except for Amy and Tiff. When the bees got in their way, their stingers were completely unaffected, thanks to the protective clothing.

When the other friends got back up, Tails asked, "Hey, how come you and Tiff didn't dodge when you were supposed to?"

"That's because we didn't have to," Amy told him. "Didn't you forget? As long as we wear these suits, we're immune to bee stingers, especially Charmy's."

"And I thought there were only 101 bees at first," thought Sonic. "Now there's thousands of 'em!"

"Well, I was the one who taught those guys how to get more of themselves by waggle dancing," Charmy said. "The more bees we have, the easier the honey making gets."

Just a minute after the bees flew into the hive, they immediately got to work, busy as bees. First, they stored the nectar in every single hexagonal cell in the hive, stirred the nectar to make it thicker and hotter, then fanned the thickened liquids with their wings.

When that was done, Charmy had his bee friends move over so they could let Amy, Tiff, and their friends take the honey they made. This process repeated over and over again for at least two hours, until the jar was full.

Pretty soon, it was time to go. The friends had now taken off their suits. Their honey jar was placed on a red wagon. Charmy said to his bee friends, "Thanks, guys! I'll come back and visit whenever you need me!"

Carrying the honey jar with them, Charmy and his friends walked all the way back to Station Square. They stopped by at Cream's house.

Cream knocked on the door. Vanilla, who was reading a cooking magazine, heard it. She headed to the door and opened it. "Hi, Mommy," Cream said, holding Cheese in her arms. Everyone else, including Charmy, stood behind her.

"Did you have a great time going out with your friends, dear?" Vanilla asked.

"We sure did," her daughter replied. "And we even brought you a present."

Sonic and Buto lifted the honey jar and carried it through the front door. "We made all this honey with the help of our friend, Charmy," Cream said to her mother.

"You did? I'm so proud of you all! You sure worked very hard to make all that honey from scratch, and you proved yourselves that you're not afraid of bees. For that, you all deserve a reward! I'll be right back."

Vanilla went back into the kitchen and took out some fresh, warm biscuits. She put them on a large plate and returned to the front door. "I made some yummy biscuits, enough for everyone here. And you can even help yourselves to some of the honey you all made to put on your biscuits!"

The friends cheered, and started digging in to their biscuits with honey added. While they were snacking, Cream asked, "Mommy, can Charmy stay with us, please? He can't fit in his beehive home, and besides, it would be great to have a brother around."

Vanilla smiled and said, "Yes, he can, Cream. I'll even make a room just for him."

"Oh, thank you, Mommy!" Cream hugged her, and so did Charmy. Now he was a new (and adopted) son of Vanilla and a stepbrother of Cream.

Then it was time for everyone else to leave. As they started their journey back to their regular homes, they called out their farewells to Cream, Cheese, Charmy, and Vanilla.

"See you, Charmy!" Amy called.

"Have fun with your new sister!" called Tiff.

After the friends all left, Vanilla guided her two kids and their Chao pet inside the house. With Charmy around, Cream's family was now even better than ever!

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