Tiff was reading some fairy tale stories to Buto and Kirby in her room. They read stories like Three Little Pigs, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Snow White, and even King Midas. Buto and Tiff were already in their pajamas. The stories were read from a big colorful book.

"I wish I could visit places like those," Buto said.

"Me too," Tiff added. "It would be awesome if we saw fairy tale characters in person. Wouldn't it, Kirby?"

"Poyo," ("Yeah,") Kirby said.

"If I were in those fairy tales, I'd be a brave knight and fight off those bad guys!" Buto pretended to be a knight, with a sword and shield.

"I'd be a beautiful princess, and I'd live in my very own castle," Tiff said. "And together, Buto and I would live together and get married someday."

"Well, let's get those fairy tales off our minds for tonight, 'cause..." Buto stretched his arms and yawned. "I'm tired."

Tiff did the same. "Me too. Let's get ready for bed now."

"You can sleep with me, Kirby," Buto said.

"Poyo," ("Thanks,") Kirby replied.

"You're welcome, Kirby."

Tiff went over to the light switch and flipped it to the "OFF" position, then jumped into her bed. "Good night, Buto, good night, Kirby."

"Good night, Tiff," Buto replied. While they slept, they dreamed about their own adventures of the fairy tales they read.

The next morning at the Station Square City Park, Tiff read some of the fairy tales to her friends Amy and Sonic. Buto was playing a game of Fetch Race with Kirby and his dog, Butcher.

"Now, the goal is to fetch the ball as fast as you can, but you race each other to it. I'll throw the ball really far, and you guys are gonna go get it. Even though this is a race, we're only playing for fun, got that?"

Butcher and Kirby nodded. "Good," Buto continued. "Okay, here I go!" He threw the ball a far distance away. "All right, go... fetch!"

The two little fetchers ran towards the distance where the ball went. Kirby searched in every hidden place, and Butcher used his nose. The small puppy picked up the scent of the ball and found it in a nearby bush.

Together, Kirby and Butcher ran back to Buto, with Butcher holding the ball with his mouth. "Way to go, Butcher! You sure are improving on your fetching skills!"

Butcher barked and wagged his tail. Buto turned to Kirby. "Good try, Kirby," he said. "But don't worry. I'm sure you'll find it next time."

"Wow, Tiff, where'd you get this book?" Amy asked.

"Buto gave it to me," Tiff said. "He knew that I am interested in reading, and he thought I would like these fairy tales more than he would. But you know what?"


"I love them! In fact, I am actually wishing to visit these fairy tale characters in person someday."

"But that's impossible," Sonic told her.

"I know. But still, it would be great to meet kings and queens and brave knights in armors--"

Then suddenly, they noticed that the sky was turning from clear to gray. Buto saw this too. Winds were rapidly developing. The grass in the park bowed in waves.

"There's a storm coming!" Tiff cried. "We gotta look for some shelter!"

"It's not safe here in the park! Let's quickly run to my house!" Amy suggested.

"Good idea, Amy! Buto! Kirby! Come on!"

Buto carried Butcher and the ball in his arms and started running behind his friends. Kirby followed him. They ran in the same direction where the storm was going.

Just seconds after the park was empty, a slug-like monster appeared through the strong gale. It was blue green with a big belly that had brown stripes. It whipped up a very large tornado.

When Amy, Tiff, Sonic, Buto, Butcher and Kirby looked behind as they reached Amy and Sonic's neighborhood, Buto could see the tornado coming by. "Faster, guys! There's a tornado coming!"

They quickly ran into Amy's house, and Amy immediately locked the door. But unfortunately, they weren't so lucky. The winds were so strong that they forced the windows in Amy's house to open, knocking her and her friends down on the ground unconscious.

To make matters worse, the tornado was heading directly towards her house, and when it finally reached it, the house got sucked inside!

Amy's house began to whirl around the tornado and rose higher and higher in midair. It was like going up in a hot-air balloon.

Meanwhile in Dedede's castle, King Dedede got a call from Dr. Eggman. "I have great news, King Dedede: The monster you ordered, Tornadon, has found the exact location of Kirby and his little pals. And there's even better news: he has gotten rid of Kirby for good!"

Dedede was overjoyed. "ALL RIGHT! Now I don't have to worry about that little pinkie anymore!" he cackled.

As Amy's house reached the top of Tornadon's tornado, it began to carry the house miles and miles away as easily as carrying a feather. Amy, who began to gain consciousness, got up and looked out the window, then gasped when she saw nothing but the sky. "Guys, wake up!" she called.

Her friends slowly got up and looked out the window with Amy. "What's going on, Amy?" Sonic asked.

"We must be up inside the tornado!"

Amy was right. Her house was still sucked inside the tornado, spinning around the top of it. "Whatever you do, don't open the front door!" Amy warned.

The whirling of the tornado made everyone so dizzy, that they fell back down on the ground again. One long hour passed. The tornado was starting to die out. It got weaker and weaker by the minute, until finally, it could no longer gain hold of Amy's house anymore.

When the tornado disappeared, the house began to fall with hard, forced gravity. It landed on the ground with a loud THUD! waking up everyone inside the house at the moment of impact.

Amy, Tiff, Buto, Sonic and Kirby looked out the window again. It wasn't nothing anymore, but a lot of strange and beautiful sights of the same places where the fairy tales took place.

"It's amazing!" Tiff said. "It's just like the fairy tales in my book! Come on, you guys! Let's go check it out!"

Tiff ran to the front door. Amy, Sonic, Buto, Butcher and Kirby followed her. Slowly, the door opened, and the friends walked out of the house. They couldn't see Amy's neighborhood at all.

Instead, they saw an entire village of people from a kingdom located in the fairy tale stories. "Looks like my wish just came true," Tiff thought.

"Amy... where are we?" asked Sonic.

"I don't know, Sonic," Amy said. "All I can say is that we're not in Station Square or in Cappytown anymore."

"That's because we're in a real fairy tale book," Buto told him. "Just like the ones Tiff read to me and Kirby last night."

The people were all dressed in old world style clothing, just like the ones in the story. Even the households never looked the same as they are in Station Square or Cappytown.

"Now I know we're not in Station Square," Amy said as she looked at the houses.

"Or in Cappytown," Tiff added.

Then suddenly, someone appeared from thin air. The friends were startled by this. The person who appeared from nowhere was a motherly woman dressed like a fairy. She had magical powers that could transform things.

"Welcome to Fairy Tale Land, young wizards and witches," said the fairy. "We are grateful to you for having killed the evil fairy, Carabosse, and for protecting our people's freedom."

Buto, Tiff, Amy and Sonic didn't know they killed the enemy, although the fairy godmother claimed they did, and they were wondering why they were addressed as wizards and witches. They were just modern age boys and girls, carried by a tornado miles from Station Square, and they would never kill anybody.

"You're making a mistake, ma'am," Sonic said. "Amy and I would never kill anyone."

"And neither would Tiff and I," Buto added.

The fairy godmother laughed. "But the house you were in did, and that's the same thing. Look." She pointed at Amy's house. Under it were the feet of the wicked fairy. "Those are her feet, and they're sticking out from under those brown bricks."

Amy gasped. "Oh, my goodness! My house! It fell on her! Please, please, don't arrest us!"

"Now, now, there's nothing to worry about," the fairy godmother said calmly. "Carabosse has enslaved the people of Fairy Tale Land for a long time, but thanks to you all, they're now free."

"But who are you?" Tiff asked.

"I am the Fairy Godmother," replied the old fairy.

Tiff gasped with amazement. "Are you really the character who helped Cinderella go to the ball..."

"...and turned a pumpkin into a carriage?" Buto added.

"That's right," said Fairy Godmother. "And I told her that her spell will be broken at the stroke of midnight. Any questions?"

"Can you do a spell on one of us?" Sonic asked.

"I could, but since you're all modern kids, I'm not allowed to do spells on any of you."

"Aww!" the friends said in unison.

"Well, I have another question," Amy said. "How do we get back to California, where Station Square and Cappytown are?"

"That's a good question," Fairy Godmother replied. "Where you kids live, it's a civilized world. But in Fairy Tale Land, we have never been civilized, because here, we are cut off from the rest of the planet."

"So who can help us get back to where we belong?" asked Buto.

"The most powerful king you'll ever meet in Fairy Tale Land is the great King Midas. He lives in a kingdom far, far away from here."

"Thanks!" Sonic said. "Have fun, we gotta run!" He was just about to run off, when...

"Not so fast," said Fairy Godmother as she waved her wand at the blue hedgehog, pulling him back to where he stood before. "Hey, what's that for?" Sonic complained.

Fairy Godmother continued, "There is something you need to know about King Midas. Not only is he a powerful king, but his main ability is the power to turn everything into gold. The only way you can go home is if you figure out a way to cure him from his golden touch. But you must be careful, 'cause if you get touched by him, you'll remain a golden statue forever!"

Everyone was shocked by these words. "Oh, please, don't let him touch me or any of my friends, or even Kirby! I don't want him to turn into gold!" Tiff pleaded.

"Don't worry, my dear; as long as you don't get too close to the King, you won't feel his power."

"So how do we get to King Midas' castle?" Amy asked.

"You'll have to walk. It's a long journey, and you may encounter some dangers awaiting you. And especially watch out for the Evil Queen; she lives in the Poison Apple, and she'll do anything to stop you all. Luckily, since I'm on your side, I'll use my powers to keep you all from those dangers."

"But didn't you say you aren't allowed to do spells on us?" asked Buto.

"That may be true, dear," Fairy Godmother said. "But I'll make this as the only exception I can do to protect your lives. In fact, I will give each of you kisses so no one can dare injure a person who has been kissed by the one and only Fairy Godmother."

She gave Amy, Tiff, Sonic and Buto each a kiss. "What about Kirby?" Tiff asked as she picked up the pink puffball.

"You want a kiss too, dear?" asked Fairy Godmother.

"Poyo poyo," ("Yes, please,") Kirby said.

"Your request has been granted," Fairy Godmother said. She gave Kirby a kiss on the forehead, then Tiff put him back down on the ground.

"The quickest way to King Midas' castle is simple to know. All you kids have to do is follow the rainbow road. You can't miss it. When you get there, don't be afraid, just tell who you are and ask him for help. Good-bye, dears."

And with that, Fairy Godmother disappeared with a POOF! Now the friends were all by themselves.

"Come on, guys; we gotta find King Midas so we can get back home," Amy told her friends. They started walking along the colorful rainbow road.

Several miles into the journey to King Midas, they all needed a rest stop, so they stopped at a nearby cornfield behind a wooden fence. Inside the cornfield was Jay the Scarecrow, placed on a pole.

"How much longer will it take us to get to King Midas' castle?" asked Sonic.

"Not very much at this rate," said the scarecrow in a husky voice.

Everyone was startled. "Who said that?" Tiff asked.

"Me, of course," said the scarecrow again. He tried to free himself from the pole. "Golly, it's hard to get off of where one gets perched up here day and night!"

"How can you get down?" Buto asked.

"It's impossible," grunted the scarecrow. "I'm stuck to this pole. If someone could untie me from it, I will be greatly obliged."

"We'll help you," Amy said. She and Tiff helped Jay down from the pole by untieing his ropes. The moment after they came loose, the scarecrow fell off the pole.

"Whoa, thanks!" said the Scarecrow as he got up from the ground. "I feel like a man again! What are your names?"

"I'm Tiff, and this is my friend Amy. Over there, there's her boyfriend Sonic, my boyfriend Buto, his dog Butcher, and that's my old friend Kirby. We're going to King Midas' castle to ask him to send all of us back to California."

"Those are good names. My name is Jay the Scarecrow. Where is King Midas' castle, and who is King Midas exactly, by the way?"

"Why are you asking that?" Amy asked as they went back to where the boys were waiting.

"Because... my brain age is very old. For many years, some bullies told me that I don't know anything. And they were right. It's no fun being teased at when you have an old brain."

"I understand how that feels," Tiff replied. "Why don't you come with us, I'm sure King Midas will be able to repair your brain."

"Why, thank you," Jay answered. Then he heard Buto's dog barking at him.

"Butcher, calm down," Buto said while holding his pet dog. "Don't be afraid, Jay; Butcher's just a puppy. He would never bite anyone."

"I'm not afraid of him. In fact, nothing fears me... except for one thing -- a lighted match!"

The friends and Jay the Scarecrow continued down the rainbow road. It got rougher and rougher by the minute, that it made Jay stumble over the colors. Every time he fell or was about to fall, the friends took turns helping him back up.

They later came to a path that would lead to a forest. Just a few feet before there, however, a deep groan could be heard.

"What was that?" asked Tiff. Buto wandered off to know where it came from. His friends heard another groan. "Hey, guys, check this out!" Buto called.

The friends and Jay ran over to where the noise was occurring. They saw a man dressed in tin (not silver) armor with a sword and a shield. He was standing motionlessly. Only his eyes and mouth could move.

"Are you the one who's groaning?" Sonic asked.

"Yes," said the knight. "I've been like this for at least a year, and no one has ever come to rescue me, therefore I couldn't rescue anybody myself."

"And I thought all knights usually had silver armor on," Buto said.

"Well, this is armor made of tin. Every time it rains, my armor gets all rusty and weak. The only way it can move again is if you oil it for me."

Amy picked up the oilcan that laid on the ground next to the tin-armored knight. She oiled the knight's neck first, then his arms and elbows and the rest of his rusted parts. The knight sighed with satisfaction and lowered his sword.

"At last, I'm free again," he said. "I've been holding this sword in the air ever since my armor got rusty. And you all helped me get free again. How did you come here anyway?"

"We're on our way to see King Midas," Tiff said.

"Why would you want to see him?"

"We want him to send me and my friends back to Station Square," Amy replied. "Do you want to come, too?"

"Sure thing; I will come as well because there's one important thing I really wanted in my life."

"What is that?" Jay asked.

"A new heart. My old one shows no sign of love to anyone I know. Maybe if I asked King Midas, he'll give me a new heart and I'll be loved again."

"But haven't you loved anyone in your life since you were born?" Buto asked.

"I used to," said the knight. "But ever since I grew up to become a knight, my family has been long gone away from me. Now I'm all alone."

"What's your name?" asked Sonic.

"Call me Sir Ferguson."

Later, the friends and their two new companions walked further through the woods. The road was still red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, but now it was covered with dead leaves and dried branches. The birds hardly ever came to this kind of forest.

Suddenly, they heard a wolf's howl: "AWOOOO!" They all froze. "I'm scared!" cried Amy.

"It sounds like a wolf howling," Buto said.

"Is it going to eat us up?" asked Tiff.

"I don't know," Sonic told her.

Then the next thing happened -- a wolf really DID appear from the woods, and it was heading straight for the friends and their two companions.

"Get out of my way or I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow you all down!" warned the wolf. Butcher tried to defend himself by barking towards him.

The wolf opened his mouth, as if he were trying to eat up the small puppy. But before he could even bite him, Buto rushed forward and slapped the wolf's nose. "Don't you dare to bite Butcher! He's just a poor little puppy! You should be ashamed, you big bad wolf!"

The wolf rubbed his nose. "I didn't bite him," he said.

"Stop being so denying," Buto continued. "I saw you do it. And the way I see it, you're not just a big bad wolf, you're a big, cowardly wolf!"

The wolf held on to his tail. "You're right, I am a coward. I was even born a coward. The animals in the woods expected me to be brave, but I couldn't. If I huffed and puffed, I'd blow down the trees and harm all mother nature. I'm even afraid of my own shadow." He broke into tears.

"I've never seen such a cowardly animal who only eats meat," Sonic said.

"But it's true," continued the wolf. "I don't want to live like this anymore."

"Come with us," Tiff said. "We're going to see King Midas to ask him to send us back to Cappytown."

"And to Station Square," Amy added. "And for these guys, a new brain and a new heart."

"I hope he can give me some courage," said the wolf. "That's what I wanted the most."

The journey still continued on, with the friends now accompanied by three fairy tale characters -- Jay the Scarecrow, Sir Ferguson, and the Big Cowardly Wolf, each of them wanting something from the great King Midas.

"There's something I want to warn you all about," Tiff said to their new companions.

"What is that?" they asked.

"The beloved Fairy Godmother told us that dangers will await us wherever we go, although we don't know what those dangers are. As a matter of fact, the Evil Queen is trying to stop us as well."

Soon everyone found their way out of the forest and into a field of flowers -- exactly the same color of the rainbow road. "Look at those flowers!" said Amy. "They're... beautiful."

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go pick some!" Jay said.

And with that, they all ran right through the meadow of flowers. What they didn't know was that the Evil Queen had put a spell on the flowers -- she made their odor so powerful that whoever breathed into them would fall into a permanent sleep.

Halfway through the meadow, all of the friends were getting tired -- Amy, Tiff, Sonic, Buto, Butcher, and even Kirby. "Come on, guys, we're almost there," said Sir Ferguson.

"I... can't... move," Sonic grunted. Even his supersonic speed was vulnerable to the flowers. He and his other friends fell fast asleep.

"This is a disaster!" Jay gasped. "What should we do?"

"Maybe I should sleep with them for a while," the wolf said tiredly. Jay and Sir Ferguson tried to keep him awake, but it was no use. Luckily, those two were the only ones that were not affected by the scent of the flowers.

Jay began to sob. "Now what? NOW WHAT?" He got down on his knees on the asleep bodies, and wailed even harder and louder. But no matter how loud the cries were, the friends and the Big Cowardly Wolf did not wake up.

But there was some hope. The Fairy Godmother used her magic to make the spell of the flowers go away by making it snow. Instantly, Jay stopped crying. "It's snowing!" he cheered. Sir Ferguson, however, began to rust again.

As the scent cast by a spell gradually expired, Amy lifted herself up and stretched her arms. Her friends also woke up, and so did the Big Cowardly Wolf. They quickly re-oiled the knight who rusted solid by the snow.

"Is everyone okay?" Jay asked.

"I sure am," Tiff replied.

"Never been better," Buto added.

"Sonic and I are fine," said Amy.

"Poyo poyo," ("I'm fine too,") Kirby said. Butcher barked in agreement and panted.

"Then let's journey on down the rainbow road and find King Midas' castle!"

Now completely refreshed and feeling quite themselves again, the friends and their companions resumed walking through the remains of the flowers, until they found the colorful road again.

Up ahead, they could see a shiny, golden castle just a mile away. "There it is -- the castle of the one and only King Midas!" Amy said as she pointed at the castle. "I'll bet everything's made out of gold there!"

Excited and happy, everyone still walked down the road, hoping they will finally get what they really wanted. They went up and down hills. As they got closer and closer, they imagined what the people in the kingdom of King Midas would be dressed in. But their fairy tale adventures have just begun...

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