For its 50th anniversary, The Wizard of Oz was re-released on VHS for the first time in a way it was meant to be shown. This VHS included the film plus 18 minutes of special features, and was co-distributed by Turner Entertainment. The video remained on sale through February 28, 1990.


In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Dorothy's journey "over the rainbow," you're invited to experience the ultimate Oz. For the first time on video, you can have The Wizard of Oz as it was originally released in 1939 -- painstakingly reconstructed from a brilliant Technicolor print, and featuring the Kansas scenes in warm sepia tone. This commemorative Limited Edition is capped off by an extraordinary compilation of film clips and reconstructed musical numbers. Featured are Ray Bolger's Scarecrow dance sequence (cut from the film), the dress rehearsal film and complete soundtrack of the excised "The Jitterbug" production number, and the first soundtrack recording of If I Only Had a Heart, sung by Buddy Ebsen (the original Tin Man). Also included are the film's theatrical release and promotional trailers, plus a rare glimpse of Judy Garland accepting her one and only 1939 Oscar. Finally, this collector's treasure comes with a 32-page, illustrated history of the best-loved picture of all time.

VHS Supplements

Video Release date
1 MGM/UA Home Video warning scroll 1981
2 MGM/UA Home Video logo July 1982
3 Turner Entertainment logo 1987
4 Downy commercial August 15, 1989
5 The Wizard of Oz August 25, 1939
6 1955 Theatrical Promotional Trailer June 1949-June 17, 1955
7 Scene from 1939 Academy Awards August 25, 1939
8 Contest Winners Visit MGM August 25, 1939
9 "If I Only Had a Heart" (Buddy Ebsen version) Unreleased
10 "The Jitterbug" deleted scene Unreleased
11 "If I Only Had a Brain" Deleted Scarecrow Dance Unreleased
12 MGM/UA Home Video closing logo July 1982