Journey over the rainbow in sparkling Hi-Def splendor! 4-disc edition of the most magical movie in Hollywood history with refreshed 1080p picture clarity and revitalized Dolby TrueHD audio fidelity.

Special features

  • The Life And Time Of Original Author L. Frank Baum And The Early Screen Adaptations Of the Oz Books
  • The Original Baum Silent The Patchwork Girl Of Oz And The Complete The Magic Cloak Of Oz
  • Nearly 4 Hours Of Extras New To This Collection Including A Documentary Profile Of Director Victor Fleming
  • Tv-Movie Special The Dreamer Of Oz
  • 2007 Hollywood Walk Of Fame Salute To The Munchkins
  • Bonus Movie: MGM: When The Lion Roars
  • Limited Edition 70th-Anniversary Watch With Genuine Crystals
  • Original 1939 Campaign Book Reproduction
  • Behind The Curtain Of Production 1060 52-Page Commemorative Book
  • Replica Of Original Movie Budget
  • Includes Digital Copy Of The Wizard Of Oz For Portable Media Players