One day at the city park in Station Square, Tiff and her friends Amy, Buto, Cream, Cheese, and Kirby were gathering around listening to Tiff reading a story about a group of teen boys solving mysteries.

So far, they were on the very last chapter of the book, and the whole story was just about to be finished.

When the last words of the story were read out loud, and Tiff closed the book, Buto said, "That was a great story, Tiff."

"I loved the part when one of the boys got rehired and got a brand new house," said Cream.

"Maybe you should write a story and sell it to the public someday," Amy said to her friend.

Tiff looked at the book cover of the story she read to her friends, then said, "Perhaps I should. I do love to read, and writing a story myself wouldn't be a bad idea at all."

So later, when Tiff and Buto returned back home, the two of them went into Tiff's room and began to try to think of ideas for the story Tiff could write.

"Buto, do you have any ideas on what my story could be?" Tiff asked.

"Well, you could try writing one about a girl and her pet cat," Buto suggested. "And here's how you can write it: The day after the girl trains her cat, it suddenly runs away from home, and the girl goes on a quest to look for her from town to city."

"I think I like that idea," said Tiff. "What should the title of the story be?"

"I know the perfect title for it -- Looking for Agnes."

"Who's Agnes?"

"Agnes is the name of the cat that the girl looks for. And the name of the girl -- the owner of the cat -- can be Theresa."

"Great choices, Buto!"

"I think of ideas just like that in a flash," said Buto.

"Then let's get to work right away," Tiff said. And with that the two began to work on the story, starting with the first chapter.

"Hmm... every chapter has to have a name. What should we call the first chapter?" asked Tiff.

"How about Raising Agnes?"

"That's a good one, Buto. Let's use it."

Tiff and Buto began drafting the first chapter. They wrote these words:

In a busy city located in the western part of America, a girl named Theresa lived in a house in a quiet neighborhood. She had lots of things in her room -- girly posters hanging everywhere on the walls, a whole bookshelf full of books, and her own comfortable bed, but what she wanted most of all was a cat.

"I think we're off to a great start, Buto," said Tiff.

"You're right on that, Tiff," replied Buto.

They continued writing the first chapter of their story. But it didn't just take them minutes -- it took them a few HOURS to finish the chapter, after building up lots of great ideas, up to these words:

Theresa held the cat in her arms as she and her mother went back home. "Welcome to the family, kitty," Theresa said. "I'm gonna take you home and I'll call you... Agnes. Do you like that name?" The cat meowed 'yes'. She was going to have a new home and a new family to live with.

"And that's the end of Chapter 1," Tiff said.

"I think it looks great," Buto added.

"But we'll have to stop here because it looks like it's time for dinner," said Tiff. "I hear Mom's going to make us spaghetti with Italian sausage. That's my favorite."

"Mine, too," Buto said.

He and Tiff left Tiff's room and went to the dining room. While the family ate dinner, Lady Like asked, "Tiff, Buto, what have you been doing this day?"

"We were writing a story about a girl and her cat," Tiff said.

"And we just finished the first chapter," added Buto.

"Wow, that's great!" said Tuff. "Are you gonna show me the story someday?"

"We will," Buto told him. "But it's going to be quite a long story, so when it gets finished, we'll publish it, and even better, we'll give you a free copy, just because we're your brother and sister."

"Cool! I can't wait to read it!"

After dinner, Tiff and Buto continued writing their story with a second chapter, in which where Theresa was training her cat. Some of the words they wrote included:

Theresa trained her cat to do lots of tricks. First, she taught her how to catch a ball of yarn from a high place. "Just leap up high, and you'll earn your toy," said Theresa. Agnes tried her best to jump high to reach her toy. After ten attempts, the cat finally managed to grab the ball from Theresa and she started to run off with it.

Buto and Tiff were just finishing up Chapter 2 when Lady Like showed up in their room, "Okay, darlings, time for bed," she said.

"We'll be ready, Mother," Buto said. "We're nearly finished with the second chapter."

Just a minute later, Buto finally put down his pencil, and the two headed towards the bathroom. After some teeth brushing and washing up, they put on their pajamas and turned off the light in their room.

"Let's see if Amy can help us with the story tomorrow," said Tiff.

"That's a great idea, Tiff," Buto said. "But wouldn't that mean we would have three authors?"

"Oh, yeah, you're right," Tiff realized. "But it doesn't matter, 'cause at least the story will look great after we do the finishing touches."

The next day, Tiff and Buto took their writing supplies and the story they wrote so far and took it all to Amy's house, located in the Green Grove area of Station Square.

"So what's the story about?" asked Amy.

"It's about a little girl named Theresa and her pet cat Agnes," Tiff said.

"What's the title?"

"It's called Looking for Agnes," said Buto.

"And what happens in the story?"

Tiff explained the summary of the story. "Well, it all begins when Theresa has a room full of toys and books and everything she has, but she wants a pet cat most of all, so her parents take her to the pet store and they look around to see which cat she likes."

"Pretty good story; I like it," Amy said. "How much have you guys done so far?"

"We just wrote the first two chapters yesterday," Buto said. "But we're planning on making it really song so everyone can read it."

"That's great! Do you think if I helped you guys with the book, would that be an even better idea?"

"That's exactly what I was about to say, Amy," said Tiff. "Perhaps you can draw the picture of the book cover."

"I can do that," said Amy. "But I'm going to need a sketch book and some crayons first. I'll go get them."

Amy went up to her room and took out a sketch book and a box of crayons from her closet, then went back downstairs to the living room.

"So what should the picture look like?" she asked.

"Well, you could draw a picture of a black and white cat walking on a sidewalk, and you could put some green bushes in the background," Tiff suggested.

"I think that's perfect," Amy said. "But wait -- if I draw a black and white cat, then wouldn't I not need the crayons?"

"Actually, since the paper isn't that white, you might want to try using a black crayon and a white crayon for the cat," said Buto.

"I guess that'll work," said Amy.

While Tiff and Buto wrote more of the story, where in the third chapter, Agnes starts to run away from home, Amy drew the picture for the book cover. She started off by drawing the cat, then she put in the entire background around the cat. After that, she put in the colors by using the crayons.

At the same time, Amy, Tiff and Buto all finished what they were currently working on. "Did you finish the picture, Amy?" Tiff asked.

"I sure did," Amy said. "Wanna look?"

"Okay," Buto replied.

"Here it is," Amy showed her two friends the picture. The picture now looked 100% colorful, with lots of details. Not only it had the cat, but there was also plenty of green grass, a red toy ball on the upper left corner of the picture, and a blue sky.

"Amy, that looks beautiful," said Tiff. "I think we should use it for the book when it's complete."

"Great! By the way, how much of the book is done?"

"We only did one more chapter," said Buto. "We wrote that while Theresa was in school, she accidentally left the door open, and the minute after she got in the school bus, her cat Agnes began to walk out the door and started to run away from home."

"That looks good so far," Amy said. "It's the official climax of the story!"

"It definitely is," Tiff said. "In fact, we'll need it for the description on the back cover of the book."


"Every novel has to have a description, Amy, even this story. Without a description, how can people know what the story's about?"

"Oh, I see. So what words should we use?"

"I know just the ones," said Buto. He flipped over to the last page of the notebook and wrote:

Theresa has just adopted a cat and named her Agnes. She trained her cat to do lots of tricks. But one day, after the door is left open, Agnes starts to run away from home and out into the city. When Theresa notices this, she is shocked! Will she ever get her cat back... OR NOT?

Amy read the description to herself, then said, "It looks fabulous, but why did you put 'OR NOT' in capitals?"

"That's to show how what would happen if readers thought if the cat would never be seen again," Buto said.

"I see," replied Amy.

The three friends worked almost all day on the book. But because they gradually began to run out of ideas on what to write, it eventually took them at least 3-4 hours each day to finish one chapter.

Halfway through Chapter 6 on the first of those days, Tiff realized it was time to go home. "We'll see you tomorrow, Amy," Tiff said as she and Buto packed their things.

"Don't worry about the story," Buto added. "We'll finish the chapter we're on for the rest of the night."

"Fine with me," said Amy.

"Bye, Amy," said the couple as they went out of their friend's house. The only thing they did not take with them was the picture that Amy drew for the front cover of the book. She picked it up and opened the door, then called, "Hey, guys! You forgot the picture for the book cover!"

"We didn't make the cover," Tiff called back. "You did!" And she and her boyfriend disappeared into the city.

Amy quietly closed the door and carried the picture up to her bedroom. She stared at it while sitting on her pink bed. Just five minutes later, Sonic returned home.

"Amy?" Sonic called. Hearing her boyfriend's voice, Amy went downstairs, carrying the picture with her. "What's that you've got, Amy?"

"This? Oh, nothing..." Amy tried to hide the picture from Sonic.

"What do you mean, nothing? Let me see what it is!"

"All right, all right, I'll tell you!" Amy cleared her throat. "It's a picture that Tiff, Buto and I are going to use for the book cover of the story they're writing, Looking for Agnes."

"Looking for Agnes? What kind of a story is that?"

"It's about a little girl named Theresa who lost her pet cat Agnes."

"Is that so? Where can I find the book?"

"Didn't you hear what I just said, Sonic? Me, Tiff and Buto are the ones who are making the story, and because of that, the story is not even finished yet, so you technically can't read it right now."

"So when will it be done?"

"I don't know," Amy said. "It may take weeks, because after the drafting's done, we still need to proofread it and then revise it to make it better."

"I didn't know that," said Sonic.

"Maybe you didn't take English class, that's why," Amy told her boyfriend. "I've been studying English since I was very little."

"You have? Who taught you?"

"I forgot the teacher's name, but either way, we're gonna get this story done, so just you wait! It's gonna sell really well!"

When the days passed by, the three friends were running out of ideas even quicker than they thought. When they got to Chapter 9, it took them almost a whole DAY to finish one chapter.

"This is harder than I thought it would be," Tiff said.

"Tell me about it," said Amy. "The more things we write, the more new ideas we need to come up with that we can't think of."

"I have an idea," said Buto. "Let's go to the library and maybe we can find some ideas from there."

"Good thinking, Buto," said Tiff. "The library can certainly help us!"

The three friends took their story making materials and headed towards the Station Square Library. The minute after they got there, Buto set down all the materials on a nearby table, while Amy and Tiff browsed through the bookshelves. They took out all the books they could find that was enough research for more ideas for the story.

"Now the story can progress on even faster with help from books like these," said Amy.

"Then let's stop chattering and get to work!" Tiff said.

The three friends resumed writing down more stuff on Tiff's notebook, and whenever they couldn't think of something, they used the library books to get some information. Finally, by 3:00 in the afternoon, the story has completed drafting.

"Now for the next step -- we must look through the entire story from the beginning to the very end and see if we can make it look a lot better," said Buto.

"I wish we could do that now, Buto, but my arms are getting tired," Tiff said.

"Mine too," Amy added. "And besides, I haven't seen Sonic all day."

"Then here's what we can do," Tiff told her friends. "Tomorrow, we'll all meet at my dad's living room, and we'll edit the whole story first thing in the morning. Got it?"

"Got it," Amy and Buto said in unison. They slapped hands, and left the library in a flash.

The next day at Castle Dedede, in the living room of Sir Ebrum, the three friends worked together to make revisions to the first draft of Looking for Agnes. They started off by reading every whole chapter from the first to the last. Amy used a red pen to see if any mistakes were made on the draft.

For example, she made corrections on the sentence:

Theresa really just wanted to see Agnes again.


Theresa wanted to see Agnes again.

"There's gotta be a ton of mistakes in this whole thing," Buto said.

"You tell me, Buto," said Tiff. "Every author has to do something like this or else the book wouldn't sell."

It took them another week to make sure the story looked perfect. After all the corrections were made, and everything was error-free, the friends typed up the whole story in a computer at the library. The story was so big that almost half of all the paper from the printer was used up.

"Now what do we do?" Buto asked.

"Now we need to find a literary agent to help us publish this book," said Amy. "It won't be easy for us, since this is the first time we've ever done this."

Amy, Buto and Tiff went straight to a computer and turned on an internet browser. They searched for the best publishers they could find on the web.

"Here's a good one," Tiff said, pointing at a publisher's name. "Bestselling Novels, Incorporated."

Amy clicked on the link, and started putting in stuff in a survey for publication of the book that popped up in the browser. Finally, she submitted the story that she and her other two friends wrote, then logged off.

"I can't wait for our book to appear in stores!" Amy said excitedly.

"Me neither," Buto added.

"And me," said Tiff.

Another week later, after submission of the story (including the picture that Amy drew), followed by the printing phase, the book began to sell its first copies all across the country.

Virtually every single person, especially in Station Square and Cappytown, were enjoying the story, from young children to adults.

Vanilla the Rabbit had bought one copy of the book for her daughter Cream. Every day, Cream would read the book out loud to Cheese. "Tiff and Amy are the best writers I've ever known," Cream thought.

Cosmo bought her own copy of the book, and she read it out loud to her own cat, Rosie. When she got to the part where Agnes began to run away, she turned to her pet. "So you see, Rosie, if you start to wander off into the street like Agnes did, you could get hurt. So whatever you do, don't ever run away from home. OK?"

Rosie meowed with agreement. "That's my girl," Cosmo said, petting Rosie on the head.

When Tails and Tuff got in line for the book, Tails asked, "What's the book about, Tuff?"

"It's a cool adventure about a girl who looks for her lost cat," Tuff told him. "Tiff told me about it."

When they made it to the front of the line, they each got copies for free from Amy and Tiff. "Since you two are very special in us, we're gonna give both of you guys a free copy!" said Amy.

"Wow! Awesome!" Tails exclaimed.

"Here you go," Amy said as she handed the boys each a copy of Looking for Agnes. The boys looked at the cover.

"Looking for Agnes," Tails read. The words 'Buto Ebrum, Tiffany Ebrum, and Amy Rose' were also written on the book cover along with the picture of the black and white cat. Then Tails asked, "Who's Agnes?"

"That's the name of the cat in the story," Tiff said.

"Who's her owner?" asked Tuff.

"Read it and you'll find out," Buto said.

"Cool! Thanks!" said Tails. "Come on, Tuff, let's go read this book!"

Tails and Tuff headed out to the Station Square City Park and started to read the book. They took turns reading it out loud. They even laughed at some parts.

"You know, Tuff, for a book I've never read before, this one is the best," Tails said. "It's even better than the Pappy Pottey books!"

"And a lot shorter than the Pappy Pottey books," added Tuff.

"I want to read this book every day," Tails continued. "The story's so adventurous, I can't stop reading it!"

"Neither can I!" Tuff said.

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