(Narrator: Amy)

One afternoon, I was watching my television set. I flipped to Channel D.D.D.

Instantly, the Channel D.D.D. bumper played on the screen. Escargoon's voice could be heard saying, "This is Channel D.D.D.! Today, His Majesty has something special for all of those who are tuning in to this show."

Then Dedede appeared on the screen. "Listen here, my stupid, sorry, parasitic people of Cappytown! Since I don't got no more monsters to treat y'all with, I will open my castle to the public from seven in the mornin' to nine in the evenin', even to that little Kirby, free of charge! No outsider trespassers allowed, though!"

Dedede cackled on TV. Just the thought of no trespassers allowed in made me really mad. "Well, I'll show him that he must treat everyone equally!"

So the next morning, I decided to call Tiff again. "Hello?" Tiff answered as she picked up.

"Hey, Tiff. Listen, I tuned in to Channel D.D.D. yesterday, but I was a little shocked to see that he wouldn't allow outsider trespassers like me."

"I know," Tiff said. "I felt upset, too, about that because I also felt that you wouldn't be allowed in either." Then Tiff had an idea. "Say, what if I showed you around Cappytown, and maybe we can save the tour around the castle for last?"

"That's great!" I cried.

"But -- I must warn you, if the King sees you, he'll certainly want to kick you out, so let's make sure that doesn't happen. Meet me at the bench after lunch. Bye." And she hung up. 

I sure couldn't wait to see Tiff again, but was also worried about the tour around the castle. 

Later at around 1 p.m., we met at the bench between Station Square and Cappytown. 


"Amy! It's nice to see you again!" We hugged for a bit. 

Then Tiff asked, "So, Amy, want me to show you what's all around Cappytown?" 

"You bet! I would love to meet your family!" 

"Okay! But I have to warn you again, in case you forgot -- King Dedede lives there, and he won't be happy to see you. But don't worry, I've made a plan on how you can visit the castle. In fact, we'll save it for last. 

I agreed, and we left the bench again, and into the beaches of Cappytown. 

Tiff showed me around and said, "This is the beach. Tuff and his friends enjoy swimming in the sea, and I like to collect seashells from the grounds of these beaches. Maybe someday, you can bring Sonic with you and we could all go together." 

Then from nowhere in the ocean, a blue sunfish with yellow fins and an open mouth with thick orange lips appeared. "Hello there, Tiffie!" called the sunfish.  Kine the ocean sunfish

"Hey, Kine!" Tiff waved at him. "Meet my new friend, Amy. She's visiting my hometown for today." 

Kine's heart was suddenly filled with even more love. "She's so... beautiful! I just can't choose between the two of you to date with!" 

"Well, Sonic's already my boyfriend, so you can't date me, Kine," I said. 

"She's right," Tiff added. "Besides, we have to go; I wanna show Amy all around Cappytown." And we left Kine behind, without saying good-bye to him. Kine felt dejected again, ever since the first time he met Tiff. 

Next, we went across a field of green grass, where bees buzzed, birds were singing, and there were lots of wild animals everywhere.

Along the way, Tiff and I met a round hamster with white fur and an orange head and back. Tiff introduced me to the hamster. "Hey, Rick, meet Amy. She's my new friend since two days ago."

"You seem a lot familiar to me," Rick said.

"That's 'cause I don't live here," I declared. "I live in a neighborhood close to Station Square." 

"Oh really? That's fair enough. Well, my name's Rick. I live in a forest ruled by Whispy Woods. If you're gonna take a tour around there, you might wanna be careful. As Coo always says, there's so many trees that all look alike, and you'll never tell where you're going! One wrong turn, and you'll end up walkin' around in circles." 

"Don't worry, Rick," Tiff said. "It's not nighttime now, and I have been in the forest several times myself. Besides, Amy and I going on a tour around Cappytown." 

"Suit yourself," Rick told us. 

"Bye, Rick," Tiff called out as she and I started to walk away and headed towards Whispy Woods Forest. 

"Hey, Amy, let me tell you some things about Whispy Woods," Tiff said along the way. "The first time I went into this forest, the reason why we got lost is because it was nighttime, so we're lucky it isn't nighttime now. You also don't want to build fires here, because the trees' leaves are weakened by fire. I also remember when King Dedede was planning to cut the forest down and build his own golf course. I told him that messing with nature is not a good thing."

"Wow," I said. "I wish Cream was with us to see this forest." 

"Me too," Tiff said. "It would be nice if you brought your old friends to Cappytown someday. Other than that, there was also the time when Acore, the oldest tree in the forest, was in danger. I mean, he's at least 800 years old now, and you know how important it is to take care of trees, no matter how old they get. Tuff and his friends drove the animals away from their homes because they were trying to help Acore their way, but I told them that animals help trees by living in them. The trees give the animals a place to stay so they can eat the harmful insects and enrich the soil."

"That's pretty fascinating," I answered. 

"You bet it is," Tiff told me. "And I remember that eco tour we had. King Dedede was still trying to build his golf course that time. I even told my friend Honey that picking flowers isn't the right thing to do, and it would be better to appreciate nature and treat it with care by just admiring the flowers." 

"Well, my friend Cream just LOVES flowers," I told her. "I mean, one time she was picking flowers because she wanted to make a flower crown for her mom. I even remember when they were in the backyard of Chris's house, and a servant robot handed Cream a bouquet of flowers. I was watching from Chris's balcony, hoping that Sonic would give me a bouquet someday." 

While we were still talking, we finally reached the forest. We eventually came to a wise-looking giant tree with bright red apples. 

"Hello, Tiff," said a deep voice. It came from the tree.

"It's a pleasure to see you again, Whispy," Tiff said with respect. "Amy, this is Whispy Woods. He's the ruler of the forest." 

I carefully stepped forward to the wise tree and bowed. The tree reacted to my show of respect to nature. "My, you look like you're a true helper of this forest," he said. 

I raised my head and stepped back. "My name is Amy Rose. I'm actually a visitor of Cappytown for today. Tiff is showing me all around town, and we came over to stop by and visit you." 

Whispy was proud to see someone he's never seen before. "I am Whispy Woods. I have ruled this forest for many years, and thus cared about the animals and plants that live here." 

"Everyone knows that, Whispy," Tiff said. 

"Would you like to eat some of my delicious, sweet apples?" asked Whispy. 

"Yes, please," I said to the tree. 

"Then help yourselves," Whispy replied, and let down few of the apples from his branches. Tiff and I each caught one. I took a bite of the apple. "Mmm! This is one of the best apples I've ever had!" I turned to Whispy. "Your Highness, your apples are the best, much better than mine." 

Whispy chuckled. "Why, thank you, Amy Rose. The rain helps my apples stay fresh every day." 

Before long, it was time to leave the forest. As Tiff and I walked back out into the meadows, we heard a loud screech. I covered my ears. "What was that?"

"Don't worry, Amy," Tiff said. "That's just Dynablade. She's a legendary bird who's lived in the edge of Cappytown for hundreds of years. I remember the day when her chick was born. Dynablade thought that Kirby was eating the egg she laid, but all along, Kirby was taking care of the chick. Oh, here she comes!" 

A shadowy figure of a bird, a hundred times larger than an ordinary bird, appeared. The shadowy black figure changed to an enormous white and red bird with rainbow colored feathers. With amazement, Tiff and I watched the bird fly past us fast as the speed of light. 

"Whoa! She's almost like Sonic!" I cried. 

"Well, she really can't fly that fast," Tiff told me. "But she sure is a fast bird indeed!" 

Later on, we walked along the roads of Cappytown. First, we visited Mayor Len's house. "Hi, Tiff!" said the Mayor. "Who have you brought today with you?" 

"This is Amy. She's my new friend and a visitor of Cappytown for today." 

"Hi," I said while waving my hand at the same time. 

"You're such a nice girl for someone who doesn't live in Cappytown. Please, come in," the Mayor said, and he let us inside his house. "I've been married with my wife Hana for at least 40 years, and I also have a huge flock of sheep in my backyard." 

"You do?" I felt quite surprised about it. "And I thought no one in the whole WORLD would have a flock that big!" 

"And we have three grandchildren who lives with us," the Mayor added. 

I was even more surprised about the thought of the Mayor having grandchildren. "Three grandchildren? Whoa! Well, one of my friends, Chris Thorndyke, is a grandson to our greatest scientist ever, Chuck Thorndyke. He's as old as you are, I think." And we all laughed. 

Our next stop was Chief Bookem's house, which was much like a police station. 

Before we went in, Tiff told me, "I gotta warn you, Amy - before you go in, don't act in an uncivilized way. He just might book you if you do!" 

She knocked on the door softly. A police officer-like man opened the door. It was Chief Bookem. "Why, it's Tiff. Come on in," he said. Tiff and I walked inside. 

"So what brings you here?" asked Chief Bookem. 

"Well, Chief Bookem, my new friend Amy is taking a tour with me around Cappytown as a visitor for today. And we came over to visit your police station." 

"That's very nice of you, girls," said the policeman. "I've lived in this place for quite a while, and I'm still doin' my job. I also used to be part of the military, known as the Rough Ranger Corps - well, not exactly, because it actually turned out to be a false story that I told to the children in Cappytown. It was really my brother who has part of the military." 

"So, are there any criminals living in your cells today?" I asked. 

"Well... nobody but one," the Chief said, pointing to a jail cell with a plain Cappy inside who is the sole reason why Chief Bookem is always in business.

"Goodness, he looks like he's stayed there for a long time!" I said. 

"But he always tries to break out and steal things. One time he stole Lady Like's ring from nowhere and I had to catch him wherever he went. Normally, it takes me at least an hour to catch him and put him back every time." 

"Wow, that's a hard job for a policeman!" 

Later, we visited Mr. Curio's museum. 

"Come on in, Tiff," said an old man with a green shirt and orange bowtie. He turned to me. "And what's your name?" 

"My name's Amy Rose. I'm visiting Cappytown for a day, and I'm Tiff's new friend since a few days ago." 

"You are? Well, welcome to Cappytown, Amy," said Mr. Curio. "Let me show you around my museum filled with ancient artifacts." 

We followed the elderly man to a room filled with old painted jars, cups, pots, and many other things he probably collected since his childhood. Most of the artifacts were stored in shelves. 

"Sometimes things break easily because they're always delicate. I spend a lot of time trying to put everything together, but I've lived for so long, that it's becoming harder nowadays." 

"I wish I could help you, Mr. Curio," I said to the old man, "but I came here to visit Cappytown, not to help people rebuild things. You see, I'm not really good at putting things back together either." 

"That's okay, young lady. I've done my job for a long time anyway." 

The next stop was Chef Kawasaki's restaurant. Inside, Kawasaki, an orange man with a chef's hat was busy in the kitchen when he heard the doors from far behind him slide open. He turned around and saw us waiting at the entrance. 

"Hey, Chef Kawasaki!" Tiff said. 

"Oh, Tiff! It's you! And is that a new customer of my restaurant you have?" 

"Oh, we're not here to order any food. We just stopped by for a visit. This is Amy. She's my new friend and she's visiting Cappytown for today." 

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Kawasaki," I said. I shook his hand, then looked around the restaurant. "You have a nice restaurant, but why aren't there any customers?"

Kawasaki suddenly felt sad. "Well, no one comes here often because my foods just taste awful every time. I'm not a very skilled cook, but at least Kirby loves my food. He's the only one who comes here every day." 

"Did he come here today?" Tiff asked. Kawasaki was still feeling down. "Well, not today, but--" 

Then a squealing voice came from a long distance. "I think we hear a customer coming this way now," Tiff told Kawasaki. 

Kirby appeared behind the entrance. "Amy!" he said. 

"Kirby!" I replied back, and gave Kirby a lift in my hands, then hugged him. "It's been a while since we last met," I said, then put him down on the ground. 

"Did you come here for a big snack, Kirby?" asked Kawasaki. Kirby nodded yes. "Well, I have some leftover French fries just for you!" 

He went back into the kitchen. Minutes later, he came back with a huge plate of Cajun French fries. "I reheated them since they got cold," he said. 

Kirby hopped to a nearby table. Kawasaki put the plate down next to him. "Dig in and enjoy," he told the pink puffball. Kirby inhaled all the fries in just 3 seconds and gulped. 

"Like I've heard, that guy's got a BIG appetite," I told Tiff. "I mean, that day when he ate his breakfast all up in 10 seconds... he sure gets hungry all the time!" We all laughed, even Kawasaki. 

Taking Kirby with us, Tiff and I also took tours around other places such as Tuggle's grocery store, Gengu's toy store, and even Bibli's bookstore. Eventually, there was only one place left to tour around -- Castle Dedede. 

Before we crossed the drawbridge, though, we stopped for a moment. Tiff asked, "Are you sure you want to go inside the castle, Amy? 'Cause remember what Dedede said -- he doesn't allow what he considers as outsider trespassers." 

"Of course I do! I wanna see what your room looks like," I told her. 

"Okay," Tiff said. "But first, let's make sure there's no guards near the drawbridge." 

As we walked over to the drawbridge, the coast was clear - no guards. We all ran across the bridge. King Dedede didn't even see us -- he was busy watching TV and eating junk food. 

Out in the courtyard, we found Tuff and his three Cappy friends (Iroo, Spikehead and Honey) playing soccer. In midair were two round creatures, Fololo and Falala.

"Hey, guys!" Tiff called from far away. 

"How you doing, Tiff?" Tuff called back. When they saw Amy, though, they suddenly stopped their soccer game, amazed to see someone they're never seen. "Who is that?" Tuff asked. 

"Guys, this is Amy," Tiff said while introducing me to everyone. "She's a visitor of Cappytown and a new friend of mine." 

I shook the kids' hands. "Are you really Amy Rose?" Tuff asked. 

"Of course," she replied. 

"Amy, this is Tuff, my little brother, and these kids are Iroo, Spikehead, and Honey." 

Iroo said, "You must be Sonic's girlfriend! I've seen you in video games before." 

"At least you're seeing me in person now," I told Tuff's friends. And we all laughed. 

"Well, I have to show Amy around the castle," Tiff said. "I'll meet you guys later." 

"But what about that rule King Dedede laid out?" Tuff asked. 

"I'll take care of it," Tiff told him. And she, Kirby and I left the kids behind, resuming their soccer game. 

We went into the entrance and upstairs to Tiff's room. "This is my room," Tiff said as she showed me the interior of her room. 

"Looks nice," I said. I looked at the vase of flowers near the windowsill, the seashells that Tiff collected from the beach, her bookshelves with lots of books, and the easel with a picture colored with paints. "I wish my room was like this," I said to Tiff. 

Then we went into the living room. Inside, Mrs. Ebrum, Tiff's mother, was watching a cooking show on TV, and Mr. Ebrum (er, Sir Ebrum) was reading a newspaper. 

"Mom, Dad, I'd like you to meet my new friend, Amy Rose," Tiff said as she introduced me to her parents. 

We shook each other's hands. "Nice to see you, Amy," Sir Ebrum said to me. 

"You too, Mr. Ebrum," I said. 

"That's Sir Ebrum," he corrected me. 

"Sorry," I replied. "I'm just confused with names sometimes. Tiff told me all about you and Cappytown." 

"She did? That was a nice thing of her," said Sir Ebrum. 

"At least that's what friends are for," I said. Everyone laughed... until Escargoon, a purple snail with a green shell, could hear us from the living room. He opened the doors, startling everyone. 

"What's going on here?" he yelled. Then he caught his eyes on me. "Hey, you! You don't belong in this castle!" he yelled. 

But just as he headed straight for me, Tiff stopped him. "Hold it! You can't just throw out people who you haven't met before!" 

"What in the world do you mean?" Escargoon asked. 

Tiff replied, "Let's take this from the top. This is my new friend, Amy. She's a visitor of Cappytown, and she's got a good heart." 

I added, "Yeah, I would never do things that would hurt other people, unless they really annoy me and go too far!" 

Escargoon didn't fall for what we said. "Well, guess what. You're the one who's annoying us! I'm taking you to King Dedede right away!" And he dragged me away from the room. 

"Wait!" Tiff cried, and started going after him.

Thinking that she was going to catch him, Escargoon started to speed up. Tiff tried to catch up with him as fast as she could -- up the stairs, across the hallways, and into a large throne room where King Dedede's monster transmitter used to be. 

Inside, King Dedede was still watching DVDs on his satellite TV, which was formally also used to communicate with the salesguy from Nightmare Enterprises. He didn't notice Escargoon arriving to the throne room. As Escargoon got there, he threw me onto the floor. 

Hearing the noise, King Dedede turned off the TV, put it away, and the lights turned back on. He turned the throne around to the opposite direction, then gasped as he stared at me, still on the ground. 

"Hey! What's a girl like you doing in my castle?" Dedede asked. 

I got up on my feet and said, "My name is Amy Rose. I came to Cappytown just for a visit. I'm also Tiff's new friend. We first met in Station Square when we accidentally bumped into each other..." 

Then Tiff came over, out of breath because she could hardly catch up with Escargoon. She could hear me saying my protests against the king. 

"...and I didn't come here to hurt or harm anybody in Cappytown. So please, watch what you're saying, Your Majesty!" 

King Dedede didn't want to hear another word. "Listen here, girlie! I told those foolish people to not invite any outsider trespassers to the castle, and that means YOU! So get outta here before I call the guards myself!"

I got so mad, flames surrounded my whole body from head to toe. King Dedede began to shudder. "HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO A LADY THAT WAY!" I shouted. My voice was by far the loudest of all, that electric bolts crackled around my body.

"Holy Calamari!" Dedede cried to himself. "It's like she's a higher rank than I am!" 

After the yelling stopped, I spoke up. "That's what you think! Good kings should treat their servants, even their people, in a way they want to be treated! And the way you just talked to me like that, you're treating everyone like little bugs!" 

"She's right!" Tiff added. "And if you don't stop picking on her, you're going to get hammered!" 

"Oh, really?" Dedede snapped. He grabbed his large star-studded hammer next to his throne. "Well, your hammer ain't no match for mine!" 

"We'll see about that!" I summoned my Piko Piko Hammer, which was a bit larger than Dedede's hammer. 

"Whoa!" Dedede was afraid when he saw my hammer. 

"I'll bet a million dollars that your hammer isn't as strong as mine!" I said.

Dedede, who tried to regain his courage, spoke to me. "Fine! We'll have a hammer wrestling tournament tomorrow night! If you win, I'll double your money and I won't treat you like this anymore! But if you lose... I'll take all of your money and spend it on a better partnership with Eggman!" 

"Good deal," I said calmly. Then we both put away our weapons. "Now get out of my face and buzz off!" Dedede commanded. 

Later, when it was time for me to go, Tiff and I talked with each other in the castle grounds this time. "Amy! You're not really going to challenge Dedede, are you?" 

I told her, "I have to. We made a deal, and if I don't take the challenge, he'll take away my money and use it to help Eggman. We don't want that to happen." 

Tiff reacted to these words and said, "I see." 

"But don't worry, Tiff -- no matter what happens, I'll always be your friend. I'm on your side." 

"I'm on your side too, Amy," Tiff said. And we hugged each other again. "I'll call you tomorrow morning, and we'll do some training together. That sound good to you?" 

"Sounds like a plan," I replied. "Well, I must go home now. See you tomorrow, Tiff, and thanks for the tour!" As I waved good-bye to Tiff, I started running down the road across Cappytown and back to Station Square. 

"Bye, Amy!" Tiff called, then went back inside the castle. 

Who will win the tournament -- me or King Dedede? And what will become of the friendship between Tiff and I?

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