These were the first operating systems to be designed as 32-bit operating systems. They support NTFS, but they do not support FAT32.

Windows NT 3.1Edit

On July 27, 1993, the first Windows NT operating system was released. Two versions of Windows NT 3.1 were made -- Workstation and Advanced Server.

It supports computers such as i860, x86, MIPS, and Alpha. This is also the first to support 32-bit applications. Like Windows 3.1, all of the 16-bit Windows NT operating systems also support Internet Explorer versions 2 through 5.0. They also support something called "Internet Explorer 1.5", which was designed mostly for Windows NT computers.

But unlike Windows 3.1, some applications are not available, and therefore, also has applications that don't support DOS-based Windows programs, including the NTFS file system, and the name "Command Prompt".

You can install Windows NT 3.1 with a CD-ROM, as long as your CPU has a CD-ROM drive. This Windows NT kernel goes up to Service Pack 3, released on November 10, 1994.

Windows NT 3.5Edit

This was the next Windows NT operating system in line, released on September 21, 1994. Like the previous Windows NT, it was released in two versions -- Workstation and Server. And also like that Windows NT, it had three service packs. The latest service pack (Service Pack 3) was released on June 21, 1995.

Windows NT 3.51Edit

The last Windows 3.x operating system was released on May 30, 1995. Unlike the previous Windows NT OS's above, this one can also handle Microsoft Office 95/97. For at least one year, Windows NT 3.51 was built with up to five service packs, with Service Pack 5 released on September 19, 1996. And like all other Windows 3.x operating systems, you could only install Internet Explorer versions 2 through 5.0.

Some applications have changed, such as the design for Media Player and Sound Recorder (which both now look like the ones from Windows 95), as well as additional options for the Control Panel.

Like Windows 95, all Windows 3.x and previous versions of Windows dropped support by December 31, 2001.

The maximum hard disk space you can have for any version of Windows NT 3.x is 4 GB, especially when you use NTFS.

Unfortunately, I wouldn't recommend installing any of these Windows NT operating systems on current-day Virtual PC programs. You just might experience huge problems while installing these kind of programs.


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